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September 29th, 2016 Movie – Killersaurus


Every time I get some movies from Amazon, it is almost always a mix of the normal B-movies I enjoy, and the more legitimate/mainstream movies. On Tuesday, I received a package containing some movies I had pre-ordered and today’s movie just happened to be one of them. Now I saw this movie when I was on Amazon looking for some other movies and, being the dinosaur movie lover that I am, decided to add it to my cart. So let’s see if my random urge was worth it as I watch today’s movie, Killersaurus.

The plot: At a secret lab, Professor Peterson and his team are attempting to use bio-printing to clone a dinosaur but have not had much success yet. During their latest test, Peterson calls his chief programmer, Kayleigh Ma, up to his office to discuss the high cost of the experiment but it is really a thinly veiled attempt to keep her safe, which she sees through and heads back to the main area. When the latest test is completed, Kayleigh’s friend Amy goes to check on the specimen but as Peterson yells for someone to get her out of there, Amy is heard screaming just before her head goes flying and lands on Kayleigh’s desk and Peterson has the chamber door sealed as the worker that tried to stop Amy is also killed. Afterwards, he calls a doctor to ask about someone but is distraught to learn that Suzie (his wife or daughter) died. 3 months later, the project has been shut down due to lack of funding and Kayleigh is still having nightmares about the incident, which troubles her boyfriend Jed Bailey, a wanna be journalist. As Jed pressures her for information about what happened, she says she can’t tell him because she signs a non-disclosure agreement but eventually relents and says she will take him to the site. As Kayleigh goes back to sleep, Jed calls the local paper and discusses what he knows with the editor and agrees to try and get pictures to back up his story. The next day, they arrive at the facility and find the doors all locked, with Jed’s passcodes no longer working. Meanwhile, Peterson is inside and contemplating suicide, apologizing to a picture of Suzie for failing her, but stops when he hears Jed speaking on the intercom. When Peterson answers, Kayleigh speaks to him and though he tells her to leave at first, Jed’s persistence causes Peterson to let them inside. In Peterson’s office, Peterson reveals that they were doing bio-printing, saying that he was their first success when he bio-printed new fingers for his hand after he was injured in an accident. When Jed pressures him about the incident, Peterson tells him to go take a look and when Kayleigh is worried, Peterson says that it can’t have survived. As Kayleigh and Jed leave, Peterson receives a video call from Mr. Andrews asking why Peterson has been avoiding his calls. When Peterson says that they had a successful build, Andrews is ecstatic and then asks about Tier 2 but when Peterson explains about the deaths and how he ran out of funds, Andrews says he is going to come there and see the data for himself. Meanwhile, Kayleigh and Jed head to where the incident took place and as Kayleigh briefly opens the door, Jed produces a camera and starts taking pictures. As Kayleigh admonishes him for lying to her, Jed feels something and pulls out the arm of one of the dead workers. Returning to Peterson’s office, Peterson explains to Jed that they had produced a Tyrannosaurus, explaining everything that they had done to create it. After hearing it, Jed says that he has to write about this and heads back down to the chamber to get pictures of the creature. Peterson tells Kayleigh he can shut the doors from his office and initiates the lockdown but Jed manages to make it in the chamber before the doors close. Inside, Jed comes face to face with the Tyrannosaurus, which ends up trapping him inside the chamber. When Kayleigh tries to get Peterson to open the door, calling him out for his favoritism over her, and Peterson explains that the reason he did what he did was because her appearance and mannerisms were just like his daughter, who had died. Kayleigh convinces Peterson to open the door but as she goes down to rescue Jed, Peterson hears Andrews calling out over a loudspeaker outside. Kayleigh heads down to the chamber and manages to tell Jed how to get past the Tyrannosaurus but just as Jed starts to crawl out the door, he is grabbed and killed by the carnosaur. Peterson shows up to warn Kayleigh just as Andrews shows up and reveals that Peterson was being funded by a black ops program to create super soldiers for the military. While Andrews goes with Peterson to see his data on Tier 2, he leaves the sergeant that accompanied him to guard Kayleigh. Inside his office, Peterson explains that all of the research is theoretical and so Andrews decides to test it on Kayleigh. Heading back to the chamber, Andrews tells Kayleigh to get inside but Peterson shows up and attempts to shoot Andrews in order to save her. A brief gunfight ensues between Peterson and the sergeant during the course of which Peterson is wounded and accidentally activates the Tier 2 procedure just as the sergeant enters the chamber to avoid being hit. Andrews grabs Kayleigh to use as a hostage when the procedure finishes and he opens the chamber door to reveal the sergeant has become mutated into a half man, half dinosaur creature. The creature kills Andrews and starts to head towards Kayleigh but the Tyrannosaurus makes it’s way through the doorway and kills it. As the Tyrannosaurus starts to break completely free from the chamber, Kayleigh and Peterson manage to get to safety and, realizing the dinosaur will completely destroy the lab, leave so they can figure out a way to stop it.

For a low budget movie, this was pretty decent. The acting was ok for the most part but there was nothing over impressive with anyone. The story itself was a fairly typical sci-fi fare, with a scientific experiment being used for a military purpose that ultimately goes awry. With a limited budget, there obviously wasn’t much in the way of special effects but they did a good job with what they had, only showing brief glimpses of the Tyrannosaurus pretty much the entire movie. I will say that the Tier 2 creature that the sergeant turns into was a little disappointing. It’s not the greatest movie ever, but it was good enough to keep me interested for 75 minutes.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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