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September 9th, 2016 Movie – P-51 Dragon Fighter


I am not looking forward to today because I know it is going to be a somewhat insane day at work. So knowing that, I am glad that I can start the day with a movie I can enjoy. Now today’s movie is one that came up as a suggestion on Amazon due to my browsing/purchasing habits. Apparently, if you look up a lot of dinosaur and dragon movies, then you obviously get a bunch of them recommended to you. Today’s movie was one of the more interesting ones in the bunch that I saw that time so I decided to put it in my cart and that is how I came to own P-51 Dragon Fighter.

The plot: In 1942’s North Africa, Dr. Heinrich Gudrun, a German crptozoologist, is leading an expedition in the desert, where they discover a nest of dragon eggs. Some time later, an Allied tank and spotter jeep call in a report of some decoy vehicles in the area when they are attacked by a dragon. A squadron of planes are sent out to assist them but they are killed by the dragon as well, but not before one of the members manages to warn the Allied base about what is going on. Some time later, Lt. John Robbins is getting drunk in a bar when a MP escorts him back to base. Once there, he is shown footage from the nose cone of one of the planes that was destroyed and is asked to take command of a squadron to deal with the dragons but Robbins says he will do things his way. Robbins assembles some of the best pilots in the Allied air force to make up his squadron and though one member is late getting there, they meet at the base and are shown footage that was taken from a captured Nazi spy plane showing a group of women called vrill, who are able to control the dragons. Later, the squadron is at a bar and Robbins dubs them the Ghost Squadron, since they officially don’t exist. Robbins and his men end up getting in a bar fight but it is cut short when they hear the air raid sirens going off and see some dragons flying overhead. Robbins and his men head back to base and while his squadron takes off, Robbins is forced to give orders from the command tent as he has not been cleared to fly yet. Warning the men that the dragons don’t show up on radar, Robbins has them check out a canyon that he believes they are using for cover. Two pilots go into the canyon and one of them is killed by the dragons and the other one flies back to the group with the dragons on his tail. Ghost Squadron is ordered back to base and told that anti-aircraft fire will be used to deal with the dragons.One squad member is killed by the flak and another one panics and leaves formation, with two dragons chasing after him. Flight leader Lt. Drake Holdrin goes to rescue the man and then leads the dragons away, managing to kill one of them by exploiting their inability to match the plane’s climbing speed, but he is killed by the other dragons. Back at the base, the men are sharing a drink for their fallen comrades and Robbins grabs a bottle and goes to see nurse Rachel McKee, who has a relationship with, and he ends up telling her what happened to cause him to be grounded. The next day, General Irwin Rommel and his aide meet with Gudrun, another general, and the vrill out in the desert and Gudrun gives a demonstration on how the vrill are able to control the dragons by making one of them chase after Rommel’s aide. Rommel and Gudrun then head inside Gudrun’s lab, where Gudrun explains that the dragons reproduce parthenogenically, meaning they don’t need a mate, and that all of the dragons they control are female. When Rommel asks if a male is ever born, Gudrun admits that it does happen according to legend but when it does, it usually means the end of civilization. Meanwhile, Rommel’s aide is given some water by one of the vrill and as he stands up, she grabs his satchel and places some papers in it before handing it to him and saying it is for Rommel. Elsewhere, Robbins and three of his men head out to locate the body of the dragon that Holdrin shot down but after they discover the body, they are captured by some Nazi soldiers. The men are taken to see Rommel, who explains that he doesn’t trust Gudrun’s control of the dragons and believes that he has a male egg in his lab. Rommel gives Robbins blueprints to the lab and says that he has a man inside that can help a commando team get inside and open the air vent, which would allow for a bomb to be dropped inside and destroy everything. Robbins takes the information back to base and as the mission is laid out, he convinces the general to reinstate him so he can lead the attack. Ghost Squadron escorts a B-17 Flying Fortress to where the lab is and attack the dragons when they fly up to intercept them. Meanwhile, the commando squad manages to infiltrate the lab with the help of Rommel’s inside man, which turns out to be one of the vrill, and after subduing or killing the guards, manage to open the vent. With the vent open, the bomber begins it’s initial run but Gurdun has the dragon’s grab the bombs and take them back towards the planes. Ghost Squadron manages to kill all of the dragons, losing 5 members in the process, so the lead vrill summons the male dragon, which kills Gurdun before taking flight after the planes. Robbins attempts to take out the dragon as the bomber makes it’s run but he is knocked down and the dragon attempts to grab the bombs but is killed when the bombs reach the lab and explode. The last member of Ghost Squadron, Lt. Marks, radios the success of the mission but says that Robbins had gone down so a rescue team is sent to look for him. Robbins is found by the commando team and taken back to base, where he goes to see Rachel and the two kiss and embrace.

This was a pretty decent movie to watch but I honestly expected a little more from it. The acting was good, with Scott Martin (Robbins) and Robert Pike Daniel (Rommel) giving the best performances in the movie. The story was a little out there to be honest. I didn’t have a problem with the Nazi’s recovering and breeding dragon eggs to use as weapons, but the bit about the vrill was a little far fetched. The special effects with the dragons were pretty good and I liked how they did the fight scenes with the planes and the dragons as it kept them from looking too obviously fake. A good movie to watch when bored and you want to kill some time.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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