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August 28th, 2016 Movie – Octopus 2: River Of Fear

octopus 2 river of fear

I feel the need to be completely honest here. I have been sitting at my computer for over an hour trying to figure out how to introduce today’s movie. Normally I will bring up when I first saw it or some random movie that the movie triggers but for today’s movie, I got nothing. What further complicates things is that I have been distracted by various alerts on my phone so I will switch my focus for a minute that soon becomes several minutes. Anyways, Since I have now wasted another 50 minutes trying to explain my lack of ideas, I’m just going to go ahead and get on with today’s movie, Octopus 2: River Of Fear.

The plot: In New York City, a couple is walking along a dock on the East River when some giant tentacles reach out and drag them into the water, all of which is witnessed by a nearby homeless man. Meanwhile, four New York Harbor police are on a boat when they see a suspicious boat and believe it to be some drug smugglers. Nick and Walter use scuba gear to swim out to the boat, taking the two people on board by surprise. When they don’t see any drugs on board, they notice a dive meter and realize someone is underwater and quickly head back into the river and capture the third person. The next day, Captain Hensley berates them as the person the arrested was a New York judge and while Nick tries to plead his case, Walter quickly takes the blame for the incident and Hensley tells them to go check on some underwater power cables for the electric company and dismisses them. As they leave Hensley’s office, Nick questions Walter about one of Hensley’s comments and Walter admits that he is transferring to a new department and has recommended Nick to be his replacement as team leader. Checking out the underwater cables, the two cops find the dead bodies of the couple and quickly surface so the can call it in. As the bodies are dragged out of the water, Nick and Walter are examining the damage to the dock when they encounter Rachel Starbird, the mayor’s assistant, who is interested in how the case is progressing since the city as having a big 4th of July event soon and the mayor is expecting over 50,000 tourist to attend. Nick gives an abrupt statement and then heads over to where another officer is picking up a bottle of liquor and Nick recognizes the brand and realizes that they might have a witness to the incident. Nick and Walter head down to some old sewer systems where the homeless tend to gather and speak with Mad Dog, who eventually tells them that a giant octopus killed the people but Nick and Walter don’t believe him. That night, the octopus attacks a tug boat in the East River and causes it to explode. When Nick and Walter return to the station, they see video footage of the explosion and go to suit up but Hensley says he sent two other members of the team and tells them to go home but Nick stays behind and looks up information about octopus and gets harassed by Tony, who feels that he should be promoted instead of Nick. At the mayor’s office, the mayor is watching the video of the explosion and asks Rachel, who is there to get his signature for a children’s event, to head to the harbor precinct in the morning and find out what is going on. The next day, Nick goes to Hensley with his theory but Hnsley tells him he is crazy and kicks him out of his office. When Rachel shows up to ask about the explosion, Nick tells her that it was a faulty engine and that there is nothing to worry about so she can make the mayor happy. When Rachel returns to City Hall, she learns that due to a miscommunication, she is the one that will be chaperoning the kids around for the 4th of July celebration and she finds herself stressed out but winds up bonding with Anna Lee, a young girl in a wheel chair. That night, Nick and Walter are on patrol and head over to a dock where a man says his friend Bert had fallen in. Walter dives down to look for the missing man, leaving Nick on the boar, and is attacked by the octopus. Walter manages to break through part of the dock and briefly scream for help and Nick dives down to help Walter, repeatedly stabbing the tentacle holding Walter but it has little effect. Running out of air, Nick swims back to the surface and tries to use a nearby crane to catch the creature but the creature gets away and Nick dives after it just in time to see it drag Walter away. The next day, Nick is given a psych review and Hensley tells him that Tony is investigating the incident. As Nick is cleaning out Walter’s locker, Rachel shows up to offer her condolences and Nick snaps at her but then apologizes and the two talk briefly about Walter before she leaves. The next day, Tony approaches Nick in an attempt to bury the hatchet between the two and says that he has a lead on the dead tourist case. Someone has been using one of the tourists’ credit card and when they get to the hotel, they find Mad Dog there. Tony arrests him and at the precinct, Nick tells Hensley that Mad Dog is innocent but Hensley says to let the matter drop, then holds a press conference about the incident. Nick later tries talking to Tony as he is celebrating solving the case but Tony believes Mad Dog is guilty since he had the tourists credit cards. Meanwhile, another cop is called to check out the sewers and ends up being attacked and killed by the octopus. The next day, Nick tries to convince Rachel to talk to the mayor and she reluctantly agrees but when she gets to City Hall, the mayor refuses to make time to talk to her. That night, Rachel and Nick are walking along the river, as Nick says the octopus prefers to attack that area at night. Seeing a shape in the water, Nick and Rachel follow it and check out an old treatment plant on the water’s edge and end up being attacked by the octopus but manage to get away. Returning to the precinct, Nick, Rachel, and Hensley call the mayor to tell him what is going on but the mayor refuses to call off the 4th of July event and doesn’t want the media alerted and cause a panic. Nick and Rachel try to figure out where the creature’s lair is but Nick receives a call from Tony about the judges boat being dead in the water and Rachel has to take the children to Brooklyn so they plan on meeting back at the station. Nick and Tony head out to the boat and find a female passenger hiding in a storage area, saying that the octopus got the judge and that their friend is still in the water. Tony and Nick dive down and find the dead man, as well as the drugs he was picking up but the octopus shows up and the push the body towards it so they can escape. Heading back to the precinct, Nick and Tony meet with Rachel and Hensley to call the mayor but the mayor refuses to close the river or warn people about the creature and insists that Nick and the dive team deal with it while he tells Rachel to get the kids to Brooklyn for his photo op. Nick, Tony, and the rest of the team head out into the water where they believe the creature’s lair is but the octopus attacks them and kills several members of the team. Nick fires an explosive spear at the creature, which drives it off but the explosion weakens part of the wall for the Brooklyn Tunnel, causing a collapse that traps Rachel and the kids inside. Nick and Tony are the only members of the team left and Nick has Tony, who is injured, head back to the boats while he goes after the octopus and succeeds in killing it. As he goes to leave, he hears screams coming from the tunnel and tells Tony to call for help while he finds another way into the tunnel. Reaching the tunnel, he sees Rachel and the kids and starts having them climb up the emergency exit to safety. Just as everyone reaches safety, the octopus suddenly emerges but Nick and Tony shoot it with explosive spears and finally kill it for good.

On the whole, this was about an average, to slightly sub-par movie. The acting was decent but nobody really stood out among the main characters. The story was ok but there were several random bits that didn’t make much sense, like the old lady in the tunnel that they saved but had to rescue her dog too because she was freaking out about the dog. That and the random plot line about the judge that was involved in drug smuggling which was such a minor plot line lasting all of 5 minutes in the two scenes it was featured in. The special effects actually weren’t that bad for a B-movie but I have seen better. I will say that the effects during Nick’s dream were some of the worst out of the whole movie (on a side note, Lady Liberty loses her head once again in a movie). Not the worst killer octopus movie out there but then again, there aren’t really that many to choose from.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5



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