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August 27th, 2016 Movie – Octopus


You know, it’s kind of a shame that there aren’t more giant octopus/squid movies made. I mean, the Kraken is a sailing legend for centuries and has inspired so many stories. So I don’t know why you can’t make more movies about a subject like that. Oh, maybe today’s movie has something to do with that. Is it possible that a movie can be so bad that it causes people to not want to make any more movies on that subject? Well, the answer is obviously no but today’s movie, Octopus, certainly didn’t help matters.

The plot: During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the U.S.S.R. Leningrad, a Soviet nuclear submarine, is traveling towards Havana with a cargo of toxic material comes into contact with an American submarine that orders it to surface. When the Soviet captain and refuses and attempts to run from the ship, the American sub fires on them. The torpedoes strike the ship, ripping open a hole in the sub and causing it to sink and releasing the toxic materials into the water. 38 years later, CIA analyst Roy Turner and his partner Henry are at the US Embassy in Bulgaria discussing the “old days” when they decide to head out to get a snack. As they leave, they pass an old lady, who goes around handing out baked goods to some of the staff but leaves her bag behind. Seeing the woman exit the embassy, Henry notices she doesn’t have the bag and he and Roy turn just as the embassy explodes. Henry and Roy chase after the woman, who starts taking off her clothes to reveal she is a terrorist named Casper. When Casper starts shooting at Henry, Roy notices the bomb hidden in the discarded clothes and tries to warn Henry just as it explodes. Roy aims his gun at Casper but Casper calls his bluff about shooting and gets into a car and starts to leave, but Henry manages to shoot the car and cause it to crash before he dies and Roy is able to pull the unconscious Casper out of the car. Wanting to quickly get Casper out of Bulgaria so he can trial for his crimes, their only option is a US sub that is in the area, captained by Jack Shaw, a somewhat disgraced Navy Captain. After boarding the sub, Shaw introduces Roy to some of the crew as well as Dr. Lisa Finch, an oceanographic scientist who is on the sub to study an area of ocean known as the Devil’s Eye, where 27 ships have mysteriously disappeared. Meanwhile, a woman meets with her handler, who gives her a picture of Roy and tells her she will be placed on a cruise ship along with some other agents who will take control of the ship and alter it’s course to intercept the sub carrying Casper so they can rescue him. When the sub suddenly suffers an impact and stops moving, a pair of divers are sent out to investigate the damage and are attacked by a giant octopus. Not knowing what they are facing, Shaw has the sub attempt to dive down to get away from what killed the men. Roy is called to the brig, where Casper is apparently going into convulsions but as Roy warns the sailor to be careful, Casper suddenly reveals that he got free from one of his restraints and grabs the sailor, threatening to kill him unless Roy frees him. Roy reluctantly does so and Casper kills the sailor and then attempts to kill Roy. Meanwhile, Lisa manages to get an image of the creature and tells Shaw about it and he attempts to kill it but the creature evades the attack and attacks the ship again, causing it to crash into some underwater mountains at the crush depth of the sub. Trying to figure out their next step, Shaw and Lisa find Roy, who tells them that Casper escaped and Shaw gets yells at Roy but when Roy yells back saying that he is not a field agent and shouldn’t even be on the assignment, Shaw calms down and goes with Roy to find Casper. Lisa goes to her workstation and encounters Casper, who forces her to help him launch a signal buoy in order to stay alive. When Shaw and Roy show up, Casper launches the buoy, which causes the octopus to start attacking the ship again. Shaw, Roy, and Lisa take Casper towards the bridge but they find some men trapped in a section of the ship. As they try to help them, a tentacle suddenly breaks through the hull and starts attacking the men. Casper makes a run for it and traps them in that section of the sub, which is starting to fall apart from the pressure so Shaw leads Roy and Lisa to the emergency exit hatch. As they try to escape, a tentacle grabs Shaw and starts to drag him towards the window but Lisa manages to shoot it off him. Making their way to the bridge, they find that Shaw’s second in command, Brickman, is the only person still there. Brickman tells them he managed to launch a remote camera and as they watch the image, Roy recognizes the Leningrad and believes that the containers it was carrying caused the creatures mutation. When they don’t get a response from the engine room, Shaw and Rickman head down thee to find that the head engineer is dead so Shaw works on getting the engines working while Roy continues looking for Casper. Roy finds Casper in the cargo hold and the two start fighting. Casper manages to get the upper hand but Roy grabs his gun and points it at Casper and threatens to shoot him but Shaw stops him, saying that the ship is about to explode. Heading back to the bridge with a captive Casper, Lisa tells them that the water contained samples of the anthrax virus, which is what caused the creature to mutate. Lisa comes up with a plan to lure the creature away long enough for them to get to another part of the ship where Lisa’s minisub is stored and escape. Shaw leads the way and they head to the minisub but Brickman is grabbed by a tentacle and is killed. They manage to get the minisub launched just before the sub explodes and head towards the surface, where they find the cruise ship on the surface. Heading to the bridge, Shaw, Roy, and Lisa introduce themselves to the captain but before they can say anything else, Casper’s men take control of the ship and take them prisoner. As a helicopter heads towards their location to pick up Casper and his men, the octopus shows up and starts to attack the ship. Meanwhile, Casper is planning on killing Roy and the others, leaving a bomb to blow up the ship as well but after he leaves, Roy and Lisa manage to take out the guard but Shaw is accidentally shot in the leg. Shaw tries to disarm the bomb while Roy and Lisa go after Casper. Roy catches up to Casper but is unable to shoot him and Casper manages to climb up to the helicopter and taunts Roy one last time but the octopus attacks the helicopter and kills Roy as it brings the chopper down. Heading back to Shaw, they learn that Shaw couldn’t defuse the bomb and they decide to try and feed it to the creature. Roy takes the bomb and uses the minisub to head towards the creature and manages to bail out just as the creature swallows the sub. The bomb explodes and destroys the creature and Roy makes it back to the surface, where Lisa and Shaw celebrate his safe return.

I wish this was a more entertaining movie but this is just bad. The acting was absolutely terrible and the bad dialogue certainly didn’t help any. The plot was somewhat interesting but I think it is one of those times where they tried to hard to be serious and it backfired. The special effects regarding the octopus was about 50/50 on being good or bad. Sometimes the effects were really good but there were just as many instances that it looked completely stupid. A good example is when the octopus attacked Brickman, as the tentacle CGI tentacle looked terrible next to Brickman. Not one of Nu Image’s better movies.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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