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August 25th, 2016 Movie – Oasis Of The Zombies

oasis of the zombies

Today I am starting a new letter for movies and it happens to be one of the letters that I don’t own a lot of movies for. Come to think of it, as I get further into the alphabet, the number of movies per letter is going to start going down, with some notable exceptions obviously. When all is said and done, I might go back and see how many movies I have for each letter, but that is a task for another day. Right now I need to start watching today’s movie, Oasis Of The Zombies.

The plot: Two women are driving across the desert in Africa when they come to an oasis and decide to rest for a bit. Going for a walk among the trees, one of the women notices some old weapons buried among some fallen trees and decides to try and grab some of them but the other woman is unnerved by the noises coming from the oasis and decides to head back to the car. The scared woman is running to the car when a pair of hands reaches out of the ground to grab her, causing her to scream, just as something attacks the other women. Some time later, Colonel Kurt Meitzell goes to see Captain Blabert to ask about where a German WWII convoy that was carrying a shipment of gold was intercepted, as Blabert is the only man that knows where it is. Blabert pulls out a map to show him, commenting about a legend that Kurt’s troops still guard the treasure, but Kurt says he doesn’t believe in legends and after Blabert shows him where the convoy was ambushed, he kills Blabert by injecting him with a poison. Some time later, Captain Blabert’s son Robert receives a telegram about his father’s death and when he gets home, he reads through his father’s journal where he wrote the details about the convoy attack and how he was the only man who survived. Blabert was found by some merchants traveling the desert and his wounds are tended to by Sheik Mohamed Al-Kafir and his daughter Aisha and during his stay at their place, Blabert and Aisha fall in love. When he is recovered, Blabert returns to the nearby Allied base and returns to service for another two years but when he returns to Mohamed’s place, he learns that Aisha had died giving birth to his son. After finishing the journal, Robert talks to his friends about the story and they decide to go to the oasis and try to find the gold. Meanwhile, Kurt, his wife, and two men head out to the oasis to look for the gold and while Kurt and his wife sleep in their tent, one of the men gets greedy and convinces the other man to go with him to look for the gold. As the greedy man starts digging, they are attacked and killed by zombies. Kurt hears what is going on and tries talking to the zombies, as he was the commanding officer that sent them on the mission but they don’t respond to him and attack and kill his wife. Kurt is attacked by one of the zombies but manages to get away, but soon crashes his car and starts stumbling towards town as his wounds overtake him. Robert and his friends arrive in the area and meet with Professor Deniken and his group, who are tending to the injured Kurt and they manage to see Kurt but he dies before he can answer Robert’s questions. Robert goes to see his grandfather, Sheik Mohamed, and after introducing his friends Sylvia, Ronald, and Ahmed, Robert asks for Mohamed’s help in finding the oasis. Mohamed reluctantly agrees and after leading them into the desert as far as he is willing to go, he points them in the direction of the oasis. Robert and his friends arrive at the oasis and see Deniken’s car there but no sign of the professor, Erika, or the others in their group so they split up to look for them. They soon find the dead bodies of the professor’s assistants as well as an injured Erika and an injured Deniken soon stumbles up to them, saying that the dead came out of the sand to attack them. Robert and his friends decide to stay the night just outside of the oasis and keep a guard posted but while Ahmed is standing guard, Ronald decides to use the time to sleep with Erika, as they had been flirting with each other before the two groups had split up. Hearing some sounds coming from the oasis, Ahmed goes to investigate and ends up being killed by some zombies. The others wake up and see the zombies heading towards them and Deniken suggests using fire to keep the creatures at bay. Using some gas from the vehicles, Robert, Ronald, and Sylvia make a ring of fire and fashion some moltov cocktails and torches to fend off the zombies but Erika and Deniken are attacked by zombies and Ronald ends up being killed when he tries to save Erika. as dawn breaks, the remaining zombies disappear and Robert and Sylvia stumble out of the oasis before collapsing onto the sand, where they are soon found by Mohamed. After they regain consciousness, Robert retrieves his jeep and they follow Mohamed back to his house.

This is one of the worst zombie movies I have seen in quite a while. I can’t really tell if the acting is good or bad since this is a foreign movie but the dubbing was pretty bad. The basic plot was interesting and there are parts of it that make me wonder if the creators of Dead Snow might have used this movie as inspiration, but the overall movie was a little confusing. The costume designs were ok at best, with some of the zombies looking better than others. The camera work was absolutely terrible, going in and out of focus at times and switching between day and night in the middle of the same scene. There are lots of zombie movies out there for you to enjoy so if you want to skip this one, you really won’t be missing anything.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5


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