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August 15th, 2016 Movie – Ninja Death III

ninja death 3

I really hope that I am not setting myself up for a big let down by this movie today. I mean, the previous parts were a lot of fun to watch but I have this feeling that unless this conclusion is an absolutely epic fight, it will simply be a let down. Still, I have invested two days into this epic movie so there is no reason not to continue with it. So let’s get right into it and see how this all turns out with today’s movie, Ninja Death III.

The plot: After being able to escape Devil Mask when he was re-captured by the Grandmaster and his men, Fuchiko returns to Mariko and apologizes for failing in his mission and offers to kill himself but Mariko stops him and has her two bodyguards help him. Meanwhile, Tiger is talking with Shikora and after she leaves, Blind Master asks Tiger if he likes Shikora, then has Tiger follow him to a temple. Inside, Tiger is challenged by the masters of the temple, of which Blind Master is one of them, and when he is beaten, Blind Master tells Tiger that he cannot challenge Grandmaster now or else he will die. At the Grandmaster’s lair, Mariko’s two bodyguards manage to sneak in and give some medicine to a chained Devil Mask, saying it will take three days for the medicine to take effect. As they try to leave, they witness the Grandmaster practicing with his maces when he calls the two men out and fights with them as they try to run. The Grandmaster kills one of them but the other escapes, only to be chased by some of the Grandmaster’s ninjas. Blind Master and Tiger are walking back to their training camp when Tiger sees the bodyguard being chased by the ninjas. Tiger wants to go help but Blind Master tells him to keep going and he heads out to save the bodyguard, then asks him to take him to see Mariko. Meanwhile, a disguised Mariko confronts Tiger and challenges him to a fight and Tiger is curious as to how she knows the Royal style of Kung Fu. When Mariko defeats Tiger, she says that he is being a fool and will die if he faces someone that knows the Devil’s Sky Hammer. Meanwhile, Blind Master, Shikora, Fuchiko, and the bodyguard are discussing the fact that the Grandmaster knows the Devil’s Sky Hammer, which the Royal style has no defense for, and Fuchiko says he has a plan but will need all of their help. Later, Shikora talks with Tiger, who is feeling down about losing to the woman, and tells him his way of thinking is wrong as he should be concerned with winning as it will mean he will stay alive. Blind Master goes to see the princess and apologizes for not teaching Tiger well enough but she says it is not his fault and hands him a book containing an ancient Shaolin style, saying that if they combine it with the Royal style, they might have a chance. Blind Master takes the book to Tiger and tells him he won’t be able to help him but Tiger’s base should be good enough to learn it. Tiger begins practicing the Shaolin style when Shikora comes to check on him and they talk for a bit before Shikora leaves. Tiger heads out to his rematch with the disguised Mariko, who brings the bodyguard with her, and the two fight using maces similar to Grandmaster. When they manage to get the upper hand on Tiger, Mariko stops the fight and tells Tiger that if he were to meet someone that used weapons similar to theirs, he will die. When Mariko, Blind Master, Fuchiko, and Shikora are meeting, Tiger interrupts the meeting and learns that Mariko is his mother. Tiger gets upset over the fact that Mariko had abandoned him for 18 years and Mariko apologizes, saying that she had no choice and the two reconcile. Tiger wants to know what the plan is and Mariko nods to Shikora, who holds a knife to Blind Master and escorts him away, and Mariko tells Tiger it is part of the plan. Shikora takes Blind Master to the Grandmaster’s lair, then  leaves with some ninjas to find Tiger, leaving the Blind Master to be tortured by Grandmaster. As Shikora takes the ninjas to the woods, the ninjas are attacked and killed by Fuchiko and Mariko’s bodyguard and they return to Mariko and Tiger to tell them the news. Meanwhile, Blind Master leads Grandmaster to his temple, where his fellow masters attack him but Grandmaster had his ninjas follow them and as he distracts the masters with a smoke bomb, the ninjas use their bows to kill the masters. That night, Tiger meets with Mariko and Shikora and Mariko tells Tiger that he needs to sleep with Shikora, saying it is known as the Warlord’s style, which will help relax his mind and allow him to focus the next day on the battle. Tiger goes back to his room to talks to Shikora, who says she loves Tiger and will do anything to help him and the two end up having sex. Afterwards, the two talk and Shikora voices her concern that Tiger will forget her if he wins his fight and comes into power and Tiger promises he will never forget her. The next day, Fuchiko and Shikora go to the Grandmaster and beg his forgiveness for failing him but ask that they be allowed to worship before they kill themselves. Grandmaster agrees and they start the ceremony but it was merely a distraction that allowed them to sneak Tiger and Den Mo into the compound. The four fighters begin fighting the Grandmaster and his ninjas and manage to defeat all the ninjas but Den Mo is killed during the fight. Tiger, Fuchiko, and Shikora manage to corner Grandmaster but when they beat him, they realize he was a decoy as the real Grandmaster emerges and begins to overpower them. The three retreat into the woods and the Grandmaster follows them and continues fighting them. The Grandmaster manages to kill Fuchiko and as Tiger and Shikora continue fighting, Shikora is injured. Seeing her hurt, Tiger starts fighting even harder and manages to injure the Grandmaster but when the Grandmaster uses his maces, he quickly regains the advantage. Suddenly, Devil Mask appears and begins fighting the Grandmaster and Tiger quickly goes to help him. The Grandmaster still seems to have the upper hand due to his weapons but when Tiger and Devil Mask manage to disarm him, Devil Mask is able to hold Grandmaster long enough for Tiger to deliver the fatal blow. Mariko rushes to the fallen Devil Mask, who is able to say goodbye to Mariko before he dies from his wounds. Later, Tiger, Mariko, and Shikora are kneeling next to the graves of Devil Mask and Fushiko and saying their goodbyes.

It was good, I will say that. I think if I watched all three parts one after the other, I probably will like it a lot more. The acting and dubbing were obviously the same as the previous two parts although for some reason, they were referring to Shikora as Sakura in this part, and I honestly don’t know which is correct since there were really no credits for the movie. The story was good although I will admit that the ending seemed rather abrupt and could have done more to give the entire movie some closure. The fights were really good and had a lot of fast paced action that was a lot of fun to watch. There are better martial arts films out there, but rather it is in three separate parts or watched all together, this is still an entertaining movie to watch.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5


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