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August 11th, 2016 Movie – Ninja Champion

ninja champion

You are going to see a bit of a pattern in the movies for the next couple of days, Granted, that is not exactly something new but in this case, I can tell you that I only deliberately bought two out of the next nine movies. The others were all part of the Martial Arts box set that I own. To be honest, it shouldn’t have really surprised me to find that many movies starting with the word ninja in that set because, let’s face it, ninjas will always be popular in regards to martial arts movies. So let’s get started with today’s movie, Ninja Champion.

The plot: Three men in Kabuki face paint attack and beat a couple, George and Rose, raping Rose in the process. Some time later, a woman is escorted to see a man named Robert and it is revealed that they are part of a diamond smuggling ring. Robert asks her to join his operation and invites her to a party for his brother William Wong to celebrate his winning the Asian Boxing Championship and the woman ends up dancing with William. The next day, Donald and Gordon, two Interpol agents, are discussing the diamond smugglers as well as the men that raped Rose and make plans to help them, and one of them is tasked with keeping an eye on George’s father-in-law Larry, who they believe might be involved. That night, William shows up at the woman’s hotel room and they start having sex when he starts convulsing and thinks the wine was drugged. The woman, who is revealed to be Rose, says she had poison placed on her nipples and says she recognized William as one of the men that raped her, due to a pendant that he wears, and starts asking him about the other two. Afterwards, she begins torturing him and finally castrates and kills him. Donald goes to see George and tells him that he has to help Rose, as he would be able to kill the rapist without repercussions but just as they finish speaking, George receives a call from Rose. George goes to meet with Rose and the two talk, with George trying to get back with Rose but Rose says it is too late since he abandoned her when she needed him. As she leaves, she encounters two men from the smuggling ring and when they try to grab her, they end up ripping off her top and she starts screaming rape as she runs away. The two men go to chase her but George shows up and starts fighting them while Rose ends up being picked up by a police officer. Elsewhere, three red clad ninjas are talking to their master, who tells them not to do anything as Rose is killing the men that they are after, then warns them about an Interpol agent named Donald. Meanwhile, the police officer turns out to be another of the rapists and Rose is able to fend him off but the man is seriously injured in the encounter. As the man is recovering in the hospital, Rose sneaks in and learns the identity of the third rapist and then shoots the man in the head. Meanwhile, Donald, dressed in white ninja garb, locates and attacks one of the red ninjas and kills him. Rose calls George and meets with her, and tries to get her to leave with him but Rose says she cant and tells him that she learned who the third man is and asks that George kill him if she fails. Rose meets the third man, Walter, in a club and tries to kill him when they get to his home but he turns the tables on her and captures her, then informs Robert. Meanwhile, Donald locates and kills a second red ninja. Walter and Robert learn that a diamond was delivered by one of Morris’ men and they decide what to do, since they are planning on joining with Larry and going independent from Morris. Robert and his bodyguard go to meet with Morris’ agent Cherry, who turns out to look like Rose did when she first approached him. As Robert and Cherry argue about the diamonds, Cherry’s bodyguard ends up beating Robert’s bodyguard and then takes Robert hostage. Robert’s bodyguard goes to tell Walter what happened and Walter doesn’t believe him as he believes he killed Rose but when they check the box they placed her body in, all they find is a cassette tape. George is looking around town and sees Rose and starts following after her but loses sight of her. He goes to confront Larry about his working with Robert and tells him that he will arrest him and divorce Jenny, Larry’s daughter. Meanwhile, Donald locates and kills the third red ninja. Walter leads a group of men to where Robert is being held but instead of rescuing him, Walter kills Robert but is then captured by Cherry. Cherry reveals that she is Rose’s twin sister and is simply finishing what Rose started. She learns that Larry ordered Rose to be raped and is about to kill Walter when she is captured by Larry’s men. Cherry asks Larry why he ordered the rape and he tells her it is because Jenny was in love with George and he figured the rape would drive George away from Rose and allow Jenny to get him. Larry is about to have Cherry killed but George shoots the hand off the Larry’s henchman and frees Cherry. Cherry grabs the sword and that Larry’s man dropped and kills Larry, and a shootout occurs. George is wounded during the shootout and Cherry and her bodyguard save him, while the police begin to show up. Cherry takes George to where two coffins are and shows him Rose’s body and explains their history and George says he will stay by Rose’s side forever. Donald goes to confront the red ninja master, who turns out to be Morris, and after Morris explains that he had organized that happened with Rose, the two begin to fight, with Donald eventually killing Morris.

When I first looked up this movie, I got an idea as to what I was going to get and this movie did not disappoint in that regard. This movie is absolutely a confusing mess and I honestly can’t decide if it was intentionally supposed to be funny or not. The acting and the dubbing were both decent but nothing especially noteworthy. The story was confusing as hell and a large part of it is the way the director made the movies, splicing several fight scenes from different movies together and then making a story out of them. To be honest, I got confused very quickly as to what was going on and who was who. The couple of martial arts scenes were a mix of being funny and good. The first three fights with Donald and the three ninjas were very short and somewhat pointless while the last fight with Morris was longer and a bit more interesting but also looked just as stupid at times. If you ever watch this movie, just shut your brain off. You will thank yourself later.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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