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August 9th, 2016 Movie – Night Of The Sharks

night of the sharks

It’s been a while since I have watched a shark themed movie. Ok, that is a lie because I watched a LOT of shark themed movies on Syfy during their Sharknado week. Anyways, in the realm of natural horror movies (a.k.a. killer animal movies), shark movies would have to rank as my number 2 killer animals, with dinosaurs being number one. So if a shark plays a major role in the movie, I am going to wind up seeing it. So enough stalling and lets bring on the sharks in today’s movie, Night Of The Sharks.

The plot: David Ziegler is lying in a hammock next to his beach hut in Cancun when he sees a boat chumming the waters off the shore. Talking to Paco, his friend and business partner, he learns that the boat owners payed him $100 to tell them about Cyclops, a one-eyed great white shark that lives in the waters and David considers a personal nemesis. David berates Paco and gets in his boat and heads out there, just in time to rescue the diver who had been attacked by Cyclops. Meanwhile, David’s brother James is on the run from Tony, the enforcer of a shady businessman named Rosentski. David has taped conversations between Rosentski and the President and is blackmailing Rosentski for $2 million in diamonds in exchange for the disk containing the conversations. Rosentski agrees to pay the blackmail but what he doesn’t know is that James had mailed a copy of the disk to James for safe keeping. Back in Cancun, David is reading a story about the man he saved when he sees Cyclops swimming nearby. When Cyclops grabs the anchor line for his boat and starts dragging it out to sea, David jumps in the water and swims out to the boat to retrieve it, nearly getting eaten when Cyclops starts attacking the boat and knocks him into the water. Back in Miami, Rotenski has a tracking bug placed in the container of diamonds and has one of his men meet with James to get the disk. After the exchange is made, Tony and his men see James get into a winnebago and follow it as they listen to the disk. Learning that the disk is only a copy, they force the winnebago off the road but James and the diamonds are gone, leaving only the driver and the case behind. Tony learns that James has rented a sea plane and flown to Cancun and makes plans to hire some men to kill him in Cancun, but Rosentski doesn’t like the idea of killing James but is finally convinced to have it done. In Cancun, David receives the package containing the disk and waits for James to arrive in Cancun. When his plane lands near his dock, he tells Paco to go get him when someone starts shooting at James and causes the plane to explode. David swims out to grab James, dragging him to his boat before Cyclops can get to them and then, with Paco’s help, he carries James inside his hut and lays him in his bed. James manages to tell David about the diamonds before he dies and later, David is warned by a priest friend, Father Mattia, that the men who killed James will come looking for him. Back in Miami, Rosentski tells Tony to go down and get the disk from David and as insurance, he gets in touch with David’s ex-wife Liz and offers to pay off her business debts if she can persuade David to return the disk. Liz flies down to Cancun to talk to David and tries to convince him to give the disk to Rotenski but David feels that if he did, he would still be killed like James was and he has his own plan in mind to stay alive. Liz convinces Paco to help her and together they go to the mission, where  Father Mattia gives Liz the disk. Liz takes the disk to her hotel and places it in the hotel safe, unaware that she was being followed by one of Tony’s men. When his men tells him that the disk is in the hotel safe, Tony says he will go down personally to get the disk but tells the man to kill David, going against Rotenski’s orders. David is taking a boat out and is shocked to find Liz on board, who tries to convince him to leave with her to Panama. David refuses, saying that he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder, just before noticing smoke coming from the engine and finds a bomb hidden in the engine. David and Liz jump and start swimming for shore, as Paco and some other fishermen see the explosion and head out to rescue them. David sees Cyclops swimming towards them and tries to draw it’s attention away from Liz but the shark swims right past him and attacks and kills Liz. Tony arrives and gets the disk that Liz placed in the safe, but then tells his men that he wants to get the diamonds from David as well before he kills him. David has Paco take his housekeeper/girlfriend Juanita to Father Mattia’s, telling Paco to stay there as well but Paco comes back to help David deal with the men. When Tony and his men arrive, David and Paco manage to lure them away from his hut and into the jungle, where they throw some moltov cocktails at the cars, killing one of the pursuers and blowing up a jeep. Tony sends Garcia and the other men into the jungle after David, but has one man go with him, and they grab Father Mattia and Juanita and takes them out on a boat. Paco’s leg is injured when David wrecks his jeep so David heads out on his own and manages to deal with the rest of the pursuers. After collecting Paco, they head to the beach, where David plans on getting a nearby boat to take them to safety but Tony starts shooting at them. David uses the last of the moltov cocktails to distract Tony and then has Paco get to safety while he lures Tony away. David gets in a boat and heads out to see, with Tony in pursuit, but David places his injured arm in the water to attract Cyclops to where they are and Cyclops ends up attacking the boat Tony is in and killing him. David swims to the boat that Father Mattia and Juanita are being held prisoner on and fights with their guard, eventually killing him when they both fall overboard. The next day, Father Mattia tells David that Rosentski is coming to Cancun the next day so David and Paco head out to where James’ plane exploded. David dives down and retrieves the lock box that contains the diamonds, then tries and kills Cyclops but as Paco looks down from the boat, all he sees is blood filled water and David’s dive vest floating to the surface. When Rosentski arrives at the mission, Father Mattia gives him the disk and shows him the fresh grave for David but after he leaves, it is revealed that David faked his death in order to get them to stop hunting him.

Not really a bad movie but kind of “meh” on the whole. The acting was decent, with Treat Williams (David) and Antonio Fargas (Paco) doing a good job but, and this could be because of the dubbing, John Steiner (Rosentski) and Stelio Candelli (Tony) were terrible. The story was decent and had enough drama to keep you intrigued but some plot lines and seemed to get jumbled or left off in the editing that made it a little hard to keep track of things. The action scenes were ok but the underwater scenes and the scenes with the shark were really good, though it is funny to see all the different stock footage close ups of sharks and seeing different sharks each time. It’s a decent 90 minute time suck but that is about all it is good for.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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