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July 21st, 2016 Movie – Next Avengers: Heroes Of Tomorrow

next avengers heroes of tomorrowEver wonder what would happen if superheroes had kids? They do occasionally touch on the subject in the comics but they don’t always do it for every hero and many times, the stories tend to end in tragedy. Today’s movie is one of the Marvel animated movies and focuses on a what if involving the Avengers and if some of them had children. So let’s see how these children do in today’s movie, Next Avengers: Heroes Of Tomorrow.

The plot: An aged Tony Stark is telling four children a story about the Avengers and how after saving the world, they went on to have lives of their own and several of them ended up having kids. However, when the evil robot Ultron set out to conquer the world, The Avengers tried to stop him but were killed. However, they had sent their children to safety so that Ultron would not find them and kill them as well. 12 years later, James (the son of Captain America and the Black Widow), Toruun (the daughter of Thor), Azari (the son of the Black Panther and his queen (Storm)), and Pym (the son of Giant-Man and the Wasp) are now teenagers living in a hidden compound and raised by Tony. When an alarm sounds, Tony has the children head into Jame’s bungalow while he checks what is going on. The children are curious about what is going on, though James thinks it is merely a malfunction, when they are surprised to see a damaged Vision phase into their room. Tony tells the children to stay in the bungalow while he helps Vision but the children follow him and see him head into a secret area underneath a fountain. Following him, the children come discover robot versions of Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Black Panther, Giant-Man, and Hawkeye. Azari and Pym continue looking for Tony but as Toruun starts to follow, she turns back to find James just staring at the robot version of his dad. As Tony works on repairing Vision, Vision tells him that Ultron has conquered Europe and is making ready to attack Asia. He also informs Tony that Hawkeye’s son is still alive, which shocks Tony. Back in the other room, James, who has been missing his father, wonders if the robots have his voice or memories and accidentally turns it on. The robot accesses it’s mission data and activates the other “Iron Avengers” to destroy Ultron. Tony sees Azari and Pym just as the Iron Avengers launch from the base. Telling Azari and Pym to grab Vision’s head, Tony pulls up the radar to watch the Iron Avengers and sees Ultron heading towards them. He tells the children to head to the control room and as they go, the hear reports that the Iron Avengers are going offline. Wondering what is going on, Vision explains that Ultron has the ability to take control of other machines and after dealing with the Iron Avengers, will be heading there. Just then, Ultron smashes through the roof of the compound and on seeing the children, is about to kill them when Iron Man appears and blasts him away. Iron Man reveals himself to the kids to be Tony and tells them to get to the control room while he keeps Ultron busy. When the kids get to the control room, Pym places Vision’s head on a console and they prepare to go help Tony but Vision takes command of the control room, which is actually a Quinjet, and he takes off, despite the children’s protests that they have to help Tony. Managing to tap into the security feed, they see Ultron capture Tony but Vision says that his programming is to keep the children safe. When he runs out of power, the children start to argue about whether they should try to rescue Tony but James, feeling responsible, decides to help Tony. Managing to sneak into Ultra City, they try to come up with a plan but Toruun rushes in and begins fighting with Ultron’s drones. When she starts to get overwhelmed, James, Azari, and Pym go to help her when the Iron Avengers appear and prepare to attack the children. Suddenly Azari, Pym, and James are grabbed and dragged into openings in the wall while Toruun is rescued by a boy named Francis, but her sword is left behind. When the kids regroup, they learn that Francis is Hawkeye’s son, who had thought that he was the last Avenger. Francis leads them to where the Scavengers, humans hiding in secret in Ultra City, live and James says they need to rescue Tony. Francis says that Ultron doesn’t take prisoners and that Tony is probably dead but an old woman says that Tony is alive and that Ultron will have him in the Citadel. James asks Francis to help them, or at least lead them to the Citadel but Francis initially refuses but changes his mind when he sees the dejected look on Toruun’s face. Leaving Vision’s head with Francis and the Scavengers, James, Toruun, Azari, and Pym make their way to the Citadel. Inside, they find a trophy room that houses the costumes and weapons of all of the heroes Ultron has killed, including those of the Avengers and Tony’s armor. The children eventually find Tony, who chastises them for walking into Ultron’s trap just as Ultron and the Iron Avengers appear. Ultron prepares to kill James first, saying that he is the most dangerous of them due to his being able to inspire people just like his father, but Francis and the Scavengers arrive and help them to escape. Back at the Scavengers’ base, Tony tells them about how he built Ultron to be a peace keeping machine but it rebelled against him, deciding that the only way to maintain peace was to control everything. The old woman, who Tony recognizes as Betty Ross, says that the Hulk survived and is hiding in the desert, James asks if the Hulk can beat Ultron and Tony comes up with a plan. Using a wrecked drone, Tony, James, Toruun, Azari, and Pym, along with Francis and Betty, head to the desert to find the Hulk. They find Bruce Banner in a cave who yells at them to leave so that he won’t hurt them and after Betty calms him down, Bruce tells them that the Hulk won’t help them. When the other children wonder what they should do, James says that they have to fight Ultron and decides to bring Ultron there in order to fight the Hulk. Toruun, having lost her confidence after being beaten earlier, says they should run and flys off to be alone. James has Azari power up the drone, which Ultron picks up on his sensors and sends the Iron Avengers to deal with them. Toruun heads to a nearby cliff and asks her father for help in saving her family and friends and when her sword flies off from Ultra City and lands nearby, she thanks him. Toruun returns to the cave just as the Iron Avengers arrive and begin attacking the children. Finding themselves at a stalemate, James tells Pym to go to Bruce and make him angry so the Hulk will emerge. Pym heads back to the cave and begins using his stings on Bruce but he was followed by a swarm of robot Wasps and they blast Bruce. Betty grabs Pym and tells him to run, just as the Bruce transforms and destroys the robot Wasps, as well as Giant-Man. Ultron appears and begins attacking Hulk while the James, Azari, and Francis manage to destroy the robotic versions of their fathers. When Ultron manages to overpower the Hulk, the children face off against him but are easily overpowered. As Ultron is about to kill James, Pym starts yelling insults at Hulk to try and wake him up, eventually succeeding when he says that Ultron is stronger than the Hulk. The Hulk saves James and rips Ultron in half, then turns his attention to the children but after Betty calls out to him, the Hulk tells Pym not to sting him again, then leaps up to where Betty is and jumps away with her in his arms. Ultron starts to repair itself so Toruun grabs the two pieces and flies into space, hurling them in different directions before she succumbs to the lack of oxygen. Torunn is rescued by her father, who tells her that he left her on Earth with the other children so that she would learn what it means to be human. Thor tells her that it is now time to return home and Toruun tells him that her home is on Earth and he says that she will always be welcome in Asgard. Toruun returns to Earth in full Asgardian armor and tells Tony her dad says hi, then they get ready to head out and help free the people in Ultra City.

This could have been much better, but I still liked this movie. The voice acting was pretty good and did a good job of portraying the children and showing them to be the heroes they were destined to become. The story was not all that original in it’s theme but it was done in a somewhat unique way. I liked how even though they never mentioned her by name, they basically acknowledged Storm being the Black Panther’s queen in the comics as shown by Azari’s powers. I also liked the Iron Avengers being shown in the movie as they were also in the comics in the alternate universe storyline of Earth X. The animation was pretty good and I really liked the look of the Hulk as an old man. It’s not the best of Marvel’s animated movies but it’s a fun movie to watch.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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