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July 19th, 2016 Movie – Never Cry Werewolf

never cry werewolf

Yet another movie that I randomly saw on Syfy years ago that I decided to buy. I remember catching the tail end of this movie when it first debuted and thought it was a rather ridiculously funny movie. However, I never was able to see the whole movie so I didn’t know if the rest of the movie was as funny. Then, a few years ago, I went on one of my random Amazon binges and decided to go ahead and buy this movie just for the heck of it. So here is hoping that I will enjoy all of today’s movie, Never Cry Werewolf.

The plot: Late one night, Kyle is woken up by his dog scratching at his door and after letting her in, he notices a strange fog moving down the street. Kyle wakes his sister Loren and as they stare at the fog, they notice that the house next door has been sold before they go back to bed. Meanwhile, the fog ends up surrounding the house of a sex offender, who is woken by the barking of all the dogs in the area but as he looks out the window, he hears something only to be killed by a werewolf that got inside his house. The next day, Loren and Kyle are talking about the new neighbor with their mother before they head off to school. Loren starts heading to school when she is spooked by the new neighbor’s dog, as well as Kyle’s attempt to scare her. When her friend Angie pulls up to give Loren a ride to school, they spot the new neighbor as he walks out the door before they drive away. The new neighbor, Jared, introduces himself to Kyle and then offers him a lift to school on his motorcycle, causing a commotion when they arrive at school. Loren and Angie are introduced to Jared and as she shakes his hand, Loren hears a voice in her head whispering the name Melissa, but she shakes it off and head to class. As Loren and Angie walk off, Kyle is approached by his friend Steven, who has a crush on Loren, and asks about Jared as well as talk about the dead sex offender. Some time later, Loren sees Kyle helping Jared do some work around the house and when her mom asks her to get Kyle for dinner, Loren heads next door but stops just after entering the house due to Jared’s dog barking at her. Jared tells the dog that Loren is welcome and it stops, making Loren feel like it understands Jared. When Loren tells Kyle to come home for dinner, he asks if Jared can come but when Loren is hesitant to answer, Jared says he has plans already. That night, Loren sneaks into Kyle’s room and borrow his telescope and she watches Jared shower and shave his palms when he suddenly looks up at her and as he turns out the lights, his eyes seem to glow. Later that night, Loren wakes up when she hears Jared’s motorcycle and sees him returning home with a woman on the back of his bike. The two head inside the house and as they are kissing, Jared turns out the light and Loren hears a scream come from next door but can’t see anything. The next day, Loren watches Jared’s interaction with her mom and Angie’s mom, Christie and after seeing a news report about a missing prostitute, and recognizing her as the woman she saw with Jared, she starts to believe that Jared is a werewolf. Looking up everything she can about werewolves, Loren tells Angie her theory but Angie seems skeptical. When Loren comments about the missing prostitute, Angie suggests they call in an anonymous tip to the police about it. Later that night, the girls see a police car drive by the house but no one approaches it, and Loren freaks when she sees Jared watching her through the window, knowing he knows they called the police. Later, Angie leaves to meet up with his boyfriend and Loren decides to sneak into Jared’s house while he is gone. Entering through a basement window, she heads up into the kitchen and notices a pot of stew on the stove, where she finds a human eye inside. Hearing Jared pull up and seeing a woman with him, Loren quickly spray paints something above the doorway of the kitchen, then heads back down the basement, almost getting caught by Jared’s dog. The woman sees what was spray painted and hurries out of the house, macing Jared in the process and when he sees what was spray painted, Jared screams in rage. Later that night, Angie is making out in her car with her boyfriend, Guy, when they are killed by Jared, in werewolf form. The next morning, Kyle mentions going to see Jared but Loren tells him she doesn’t want him to go there, causing them to fight over it. The police arrive to talk to Loren about Angie, telling Loren that both Angie and Guy have been missing and Loren tells them that she believes Jared did something to them. The police and Loren head over to Jared’s house to question him and Jared shows them around but they don’t see anything. When Loren tries telling them that Jared is a werewolf, they don’t believe her and leave, apologizing to Jared for bothering him. Kyle, who somewhat hero-worships Jared, is upset at Loren for trying to get Jared in trouble. When their mom stays at Christie’s house to care for her, Steven delivers some food to Loren and Kyle, then goes up to talk to Loren, offering to help her, in the hopes that she will go out with him, and Loren asks if he can take her shopping in the morning. Loren and Steven head to a gun store and Loren tries to get a gun but because she doesn’t have a gun license, asks to see a crossbow instead. Jared, who had overheard Loren’s plans, pretends to be a blind man in order to bring his dog with him as he enters the store. Spotting Loren and Steven, he tells his dog to attack Steven while he goes after Loren but the dog ends up attacking an innocent man first, maiming his hand. Jared punches a security guard and a few other people as he tries to go after Loren but loses sight of her. When the dog goes after Steven, it is shot and killed by Redd Tucker, a famed hunter with a late night television show that was there for an autograph signing. As Redd approaches the dog, it suddenly gets up and transforms into a monstrous creature, prompting some customers to run while others try shooting it. Loren manages to grab a shotgun and loading some silver bullets into the barrel, manages to shoot the creature and it explodes. Jared catches Steve and when his dog dies, he decides to bite Steven and turn him into his new pet. Loren tells Redd what is going on and when Jared throws Steven through a wall Loren manages to shoot him with a crossbow and he runs off when the police show up. Loren and Steve leave to tend to Steven’s wounds and realize that he is starting to turn into a werewolf and Steven ends up locking himself in the bathroom to keep from hurting Loren. Jared shows up and confronts Loren, commenting about his dead wife Melissa, but Loren manages to get away after kicking him in the crotch. Loren heads back to the gun shop to get Redd’s help but Redd explains to her that he is not a real hunter, merely an actor that plays one on TV. Returning home, Loren starts working on modifying the crossbow bolts by adding her mom’s silver to them. When a partially transformed Steven shows up, Loren fires a warning shot at him to get him to leave so she doesn’t hurt him. Loren receives a call from Jared, who says that he has Kyle in his freezer and offers his life in exchange for Loren. Loren finishes making her weapons and heads next door only to be surprised by Redd, who offers to help her kill Jared. Heading into the basement, Loren breaks the lock on the freezer but finds it empty and Redd says they walked right into a trap. Heading upstairs to look for Kyle, Loren finds him and walks into the room only to have Jared close and lock the door behind her, locking Redd out. Loren tries to shoot Jared but misses and he takes the crossbow from her and after throwing Kyle into the closet, he ties Loren to a chair and starts to transform. Redd leaves the house but ends up being chased up a tree by Steven but when they hear Loren scream, Steven runs inside the house. Jared bites Loren on the shoulder but when Kyle manages to get free and tries attack Jared, followed by Steven, Loren manages to get free. Redd fashions a torch and throws it to Loren, who uses it to fend off Jared as she saves Kyle but when the torch goes out, Redd shoots Jared with his gun. Jared runs off but Loren tells Redd to watch out, just as Redd shows up and shakes Redd out of the tree. Loren tells Kyle to run and hide, then heads over to help Redd, who is being held hostage by Jared. Jared speaks telepathically to Loren, telling her to join him but she manages to fight his influence and shoots him with her crossbow. As Jared approaches Redd and Kyle, Loren shoots him again, then jumps out of the way as Steven drives his van and pins Jared to a tree, seemingly killing him. Redd approaches the body to make sure but Jared grabs him and scratches him in the neck. Out of bolts, Loren grabs the barrel of Redd’s gun, which is silver plated, and fires that into Jared’s mouth, causing him to explode just before midnight, breaking the curse on both her and Steven. When Steven falls out of the van looking back to normal, Loren approaches him and the two kiss, grossing out Kyle while Redd stares up at the full moon.

This is one of those movies that for some reason, I found oddly entertaining even though I know it is one of those silly teenage drama movies. For a somewhat introductory horror movie, it wasn’t too bad. The acting was ok, with Nina Dobrev (Loren), and Peter Stebbings (Jared) both doing a good job in their roles and while Kevin Sorbo (Redd) and Sean O’Neill (Steven) did add a fun bit of comic relief with their characters but I honestly thought that Spencer Van Wyck (Kyle) was just annoying. The story was not exactly original but they did a good job of fitting it into a teenage drama. The werewolf makeup was decent looking but for some reason, I feel like I have seen it before. I know you might think it crazy but to be honest, there aren’t really that many werewolf movies out there so it isn’t that far fetched. The effects with the dog transforming into the demonic creature were honestly not as good as they could have been but the design did look pretty good. Not the greatest horror movie ever, but it is a decent time killer.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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