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July 16th, 2016 Movie -Nazis At The Center Of The Earth

nazis at the center of the earth

I am absolutely exhausted for some reason and I don’t know why. Made watching today’s movie a little difficult because I kind of dozed off a few times while watching it, hence why this is coming out a bit late. So this was one of the Asylum movies that I bought when they had a warehouse sale a few months ago. The movie is considered a mockbuster of Iron Sky since both movies focus on a group of Nazis that managed to survive WWII by relocating to a remote location. So let’s see how good of a job the Asylum did in today’s movie, Nazis At The Center Of The Earth.

The plot:In 1945 Germany, Dr. Josef Mengele arrives at a secret airfield and has a machine placed on board a waiting airplane and despite Allied forces attempts to stop them, he manages to board the plane and fly off. In present day Antarctica, Dr. Paige Morgan and Dr. Mark Maynard, 2 members of a research team based out of Niflheim Station, are taking a core sample of the ice when their drill hits metal. Brushing away the snow, they find a large piece of metal adorned with a swastika, just as three men in Nazi uniforms and wearing gas masks confronts them. Mark is knocked unconscious when he tries to protect Paige and the two scientists are taken prisoner while their vehicle equipment are destroyed. Back at Niflheim Station, Dr. Lucas Moss has just found out that Dr. Adrian Riestad, a researcher known for controversial incidents, has brought a flesh eating bacteria into the station. As the two men argue, they are approached by May, who tells them that Paige and Mark have not checked in. Getting the rest of the team together, they head out to where Paige and Mark were supposed to be but all they find are some blood as well as footprints and a drag trail. Lucas follows the trail on foot, with the others following him in the snowcat. Meanwhile, Paige and Mark come too and find themselves in a locked room and as they try to figure out what is going on, the Nazis enter the room and take Mark with them. Mark is strapped to an operating table and Mengele appears and uses a scalpel to cut along the edge of Mark’s face before ripping the skin off. Back on the surface, Lucas follows the trail to a large opening and the group decide to rappel down the hole. Reaching the bottom, they find a tunnel underneath the ice, with the area being warmer than it should be, and they continue following the tunnel down into the earth until the come to an even larger tunnel in the ground. Back in the hidden base, a guard brings Paige some food and as he is leaving, Paige grabs the fork and uses it to keep the door from locking, allowing her to escape. Racing down the hallway, she comes to a door and opens it to reveal an operating room. Approaching a body on the table, she starts whispering to Mark that things will be okay when she hears someone calling for help on another table. Approaching the second table, she is horrified to discover that the person on the table is Mark, with all of his skin removed, and the person she thought was Mark is actually wearing his face. Trying to run for it, Paige ends up in a storage room, where she finds other bodies that have been used for parts, before she is captured again. Meanwhile, Lucas prepares to make his way down the tunnel and Adrian, though he cautioned against it, allows him to go 100 feet and if he doesn’t find anything then they will pull him back up. When he reaches 100 feet, Adrian and the others ask what he sees but they receive no answer and instead, the rope suddenly goes slack. Pulling up the rope, the discover that Lucas unclipped himself from the rope and even though they call out to him, they receive no answer. Adrian prepares to go down and look for him but Silje volunteers to go instead, arguing that she is lighter and it will be easier to pull up both her and Lucas if need be. When she reaches 100 feet and doesn’t see Lucas, she decides to unclip herself and slides down the tunnel. When she reaches the bottom, she sees an opening and goes through it to find Lucas staring at an underground world. Back in the Nazi base, Paige is strapped to the operating table and Mengele is about to operate on her when she starts discussing his transplant issues, prompting Mengele to begin questioning her further. Outside, Adrian and the others slide down the tunnel and as they are all staring at the underground world, Adrian comments on the legends of secret Nazi bases in the area. As they explore the area, they come across a hangar and walk inside, only to be captured by Nazi soldiers. Mengele approaches the group and thanks Adrian for keeping his word and as the others look on in stunned silence, Adrian explains that he was captured by the Nazis when he first arrived in Antarctica 10 years ago. When Adrian mentions Mengele’s name, one of the group, Aaron Blechman recognizes the name but says that Mengele died. Mengele explains that he replaced most of his body, which was falling apart, with artificial parts that kept him alive, then uses a disintegrator to kill Blechman. Mengele then tells the others that they will help keep him and his troops alive in order to unleash the 4th Reich but when Lucas refuses, Mengele is prepared to shoot him until Paige, wearing a Nazi uniform, approaches Mengele and convinces him not to kill them. Lucas and the others are placed in the holding cell and several members of the group want to help the Nazis in order to survive but Lucas says they should only play along until they get a chance to escape. Escorted to a laboratory, they see the Nazi soldier wearing Mark’s face sitting there and as Lucas exams him, he believes he figured out the problem with the rejection. As they work on the infection, May and Angela slip Lucas some tools to hide but Silje sees them. As the group is escorted out of the lab, the girls are separated from the others and taken to the showers. Once there, Silje moves away from the group as she had reported what had happened to Adrian, and Mengele takes May away while Angela is left in the shower and is killed so her skin can be used on the Nazi soldiers. Lucas is escorted down a hallway, where he sees a crying Silje and as he goes to ask her what’s wrong, they see a guard, with a patch of Angela’s skin with a tattoo grafted to his neck, pushing a covered body on a gurney. Forced to follow the guard, they find the body is May, with the top of her skull removed, and Adrian joins Mengele in testing a machine. When the machine fails, Mengele rips May’s brain out of her head and yells at Adrian. Silje vomits and when Adrian questions her, she tells him she is pregnant and he apologizes before punching her. When Silje comes too, she is strapped to an operating table and though she pleads with Adrian, he proceeds to use a vacuum to remove the fetus to use on Mengele’s machine. Returning to the room, Adrian injects the fetal stem cells into the machine, causing it to activate and reveal Hitler’s head attached to a robot body. Lucas, Brian, and Rahul are taken outside where they see the robot Hitler give a speech to the soldiers before Mengele signals a giant flying saucer to rise up. Mengele tells Lucas and the others that they are no longer necessary and Rahul tries to run but he is decapitated by Hitler. Lucas and Brian are taken on board the saucer and Lucas is strapped to an operating table when Paige and Mengele enter the room. Hitler orders the saucer to take off and it begins melting the ice above them so it can take flight. In the operation room, Mengele tells Paige to use Lucas’ flesh to repair his rotting flesh and Paige heads towards Lucas but uses the scalpel to free Lucas, then slash Mengele’s throat while Lucas kills the guard. They head off to free Brian, who is in another operating room with Adrian about to cut him open. As Lucas blasts open the door, Adrian grabs Silje and escapes down a side tunnel. Lucas fights with the Nazi wearing Mark’s face and when the soldier gets the upper hand, Brian manages to stab it in the back and Lucas rips off Mark’s face, killing him. The flying saucer breaks through to the surface, and is spotted by a military plane which radios it in to base before it is destroyed. Adrian and Silje reach the control room and tell Hitler about the other’s escaping and Hitler leaves to deal with them. Lucas, Paige, and Brian go to save Mark but find that he is barely alive after being scavenged for parts and when he begs them to kill him, Paige mercifully does. They reach the bomb room and discover that the bombs are filled with flesh eating bacteria, which Hitler plans to drop on the countries of the world. They find a lifeboat and are about to go in when Hitler appears and kills Brian. Back on the bridge, Adrian and Silje watch as the Nazis take out a flight of fighter jets and head towards the Falkland Islands when Silje uses a grenade she grabbed from a guard to disintegrate the bridge. Lucas and Paige manage to get in the lifeboat and escape and they watch the flying saucer crash into the ice but Hitler managesd to get free of the wreckage and pursues them. Brian and Paige try to escape but when Hitler catches up to them, they manage to infect Hitler with the flesh eating bacteria, which kills him and as the robot thrashes around, it ends up breaking through the ice and sinking into the sea. As Lucas and Paige sit and rest, Lucas pulls out the ring he planned to propose with and Paige agrees to marry him as they wait for the rescue choppers to arrive.

This was a pretty decent movie in the whole, “so bad, it’s good” sense. The acting was pretty decent all around with Jake Busey surprisingly not playing the part of a crazy man…to a degree. The story was definitely interesting and using a known Nazi war criminal as one of the characters added a bit of realism to what was a basically a normal sci-fi/horror movie. The special effects were about what you would expect from an Asylum movie and while I did think the Nazis’ rotting skin was a good plot device, I was disappointed with the Hitler robot. Not exactly my normal style of movie but a decent movie to watch if you are in the mood for something different.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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