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July 15th, 2016 Movie -Navy Seals Vs. Zombies

navy seals vs zombies

I am so glad that my friends look out for my movie collecting well-being. Back in May, while hosting a campy movie marathon, my friend Emily asked if I owned this movie. Now she would never watch this movie herself because she doesn’t like especially bloody horror movies but she knew this would be right up my alley. So what do I do, I immediately go on Amazon and buy this movie, because this was definitely a movie that I should own. I do love a good “Vs” movie so let’s see how today’s movie, Navy Seals Vs. Zombies, really is.

The plot: In Baton Rouge, a police officer has stopped to check out a mysterious van when he is attacked by three people. Meanwhile, a Navy SEAL team is on a training mission to break in their new teammate AJ, who messes up when he tries to clear a room by himself. As punishment, he is tied to the front of a truck for a few hours and after he is let down, he is told about how the SEAL he is replacing was killed and welcomed to the team. Returning home, AJ takes some video of his sleeping wife before she wakes up and the two lie in bed talking for a few minutes before AJ falls asleep. Back in Baton Rouge, Vice President Bentley is making a campaign stop in the city and is answering some questions at a press conference in the state capitol building. Outside, one of his Secret Service detail sees some suspicious movement but when an agent is sent to check it out, nothing is there. As the Vice President is leaving, a woman is attacked by a zombie and the Secret Service quickly shoot it. When more zombies start attacking other people, Vice President Bentley is rushed back inside the building. AJ receives a call from Lt. Cunningham, the SEAL team leader, and he heads to the base for a mission briefing. At the base, Commander Sheer tells the team that something happened in Baton Rouge while the Vice President was there and an FBI team was sent in but have gone dark so they are being sent in to rescue the Vice President. As they are gearing up for the mission, Cunningham expresses some concern about AJ joining them but Chief, his second-in-command, says he will do fine. As the SEASs get in a plane to fly to Baton Rouge, CIA Agent Stacy Thomas enters the control room and tries to talk to Commander Sheer but he ignores her in order to focus on the mission. The SEALS make it to Baton Rouge and head towards the state capitol building but when they get inside, they don’t see anyone there. After calling it into the base, Cunningham continues searching with AJ and Carl while Chief and Billy secure the perimeter. Heading down a hallway, Cunningham and the others find the Vice President and some other survivors locked in a room. AJ is sent to help Chief secure the perimeter and Billy, the team’s medic, is sent in to check over Vice President Bentley while Cunningham contacts the base to arrange the evacuation. Bentley tells Billy that one of his Secret Service agents is injured in a store room so Billy goes to check on him while Cunningham asks another agent what happened. Amanda, a local reporter, tells Cunningham that her cameraman Dave caught footage of the attack and shows it to him. Suddenly, the wounded agent tries to attack Billy, as well as Cunningham when he tries to help, and when it starts to leave the room, it is shot in the head by another agent. Back at the base, Agent Thomas convinces Commander Sheer to listen to her and tells her that what is happening in Baton Rogue is a biological attack and that anyone who is bitten will be infected. Sheer relays the information to Cunningham, who gets everyone ready to leave and asks if anyone was bit but everyone replies no, but as they are leaving, one of Bentley’s staff is revealed to have been bitten. Back at the base, Thomas tells Sheer that she has a team in Baton Rouge that was researching a potential biological weapon that turns people into zombies and that the Vice President’s trip to Baton Rouge was actually to view the research and Sheer begins to blockade the city to keep anyone from leaving. Outside the state capitol building, Chief is attacked by a zombie and despite Billy’s efforts to save him, he dies. Inside the building, a zombie FBI agent attacks and kills the last Secret Service agent before Cunningham is able to subdue it. When the helicopter lands, the SEALS get Bentley and his two aids on board but as it takes off, Billy notices some blood on his hand and realizes it came from the one of the aids and realizes she was injured and didn’t say anything. As they watch the zombies chase after the helicopter, they see the helicopter start flying erratically before it crashes. Sheer then tells them to head to the CIA lab and retrieve the scientists that are there. The SEALS, along with Amanda and Dave, start heading towards the lab but when they are attacked by some zombies, AJ, Amanda, and Dave get separated from the group and are forced to take shelter in a house. Inside, they are confronted by the owner, who threatens to shoot them, but AJ manages to disarm him and they leave. Meanwhile, Cunningham, Billy, and Carl hotwire a car and even though they aren’t happy about leaving AJ, they continue towards the lab. Inside, they find that their communications are cut off so they can’t contact their base. They locate a security guard named Larry, who shows them video of the stairwell closest to the lab, which is full of zombies, forcing them to use a stairwell further from the lab. AJ, Amanda, and Dave are hiding from some zombies when a little girl suddenly appears. As AJ tries to talk to her, Dave grabs a broken bottle so he can kill her and as AJ struggles with him, he ends up being bit. Managing to restrain the girl, AJ gives Amanda a gun in case he turns, then uses her cellphone to call his wife, Emily, and have her connect him to the base. Contacting the base, AJ learns that they will be completely sealing off the city so they hurry to reach the lab but Dave is killed along the way. At the lab, Cunningham and the others find the scientist and they learn that there isn’t a cure but she might be able to make a vaccine if they can get her samples of an infected person so they open the door and manage to kill some zombies and cut the fingers off of one to take to the scientist. Seeing AJ on the video cameras, Carl goes down to get him while Cunningham and Billy escort the scientist and Larry to the roof, where the rescue helicopter is waiting. As they make their way up the stairs, Carl ends up getting swarmed by zombies and is unable to get up to the roof, making a last stand on a lower floor. On the roof, Amanda, Larry, and the scientist get on the helicopter but when AJ refuses to go since he was bit, Cunningham and Billy refuse to leave him behind and convince him to get on board. In Washington DC, a congressional hearing is held to discuss what happened in Baton Rouge and Agent Thomas is there to answer their questions. She says that AJ unknowingly held the secret to the cure because he never turned and the scientists learned that it was due to the series of shots that all of the SEALS were given, which somehow rendered the zombie infection inert. AJ returns home to Emily and the two embrace.

To be perfectly honest, this was a kind of boring movie, which is a little disappointing. The acting was ok for the most part but nobody really stood out. The story was interesting at first, with the SEALS having to rescue the Vice President, but after that, it felt like they were trying to cram a second movie into 40 minutes of movie. I will admit that I thought the whole “7 series shots” to explain how AJ didn’t turn was a rather weak way to end the movie. The special effects and zombie make-up were decent but nothing earth-shattering new. My biggest problem with this movie but it is not so much with the movie itself, but an alternate title for this movie. See, you can currently watch this movie on Netflix but it is listed as Navy Seals: Battle For New Orleans. Seriously, the movie is set in Baton Rouge, which is 80 miles away from New Orleans. So why give it that title? I honestly think that whoever came up with that title had no idea what the movie plot, just that it was based in Louisiana, so he used the only city he knew was in Louisiana. If you want to see yet another zombie movie, then feel free to wade through the rest of the zombie horde in order to see this.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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