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July 7th, 2016 Movie – The Hatching

the hatching

Part of me feels bad for watching this movie right now, given the whole incident at Disney an all. However, natural horror movies have always been some of my favorite movies to watch and in spite of the fact that life sometimes imitates fiction, that is probably not going to stop anytime soon. Besides, I ordered a used copy of this movie before the incident occurred and it only recently came in. Anyways, I always thought that there were not enough killer crocodile movies (don’t judge), since this is an animal that is incredibly deadly. So when I saw that there were some new killer crocodile movies listed on Amazon, I decided to buy one and place the others in my cart. Let’s see if I made a good choice with today’s movie, The Hatching.

The plot: After his father goes to sleep, Tim Weber and his two friends, Baghi and Nick, sneak out of the house and head to the Zoological Gardens. Sneaking into the herpetology building, Tim and the others find the room where they hatch the baby reptiles and grab some eggs from the incubator. When the alarm sounds, they quickly run for it but Nick trips and ends up being eaten by a crocodile. After the incident, Tim and his father leave town and Baghi hands Tim a gift before they leave. 15 years later, Tim and his girlfriend Lucy return to Tim’s childhood village of Somerset due to the death of his father. After getting settled in, Tim ends up running his dad’s factory, though some of the employees seem less than thrilled about it, particularly his uncle Stan. Later that day, Tim goes fishing but when something strange snags the line and his dog Betsy acts nervous, Tim heads back to shore when something strikes the boat and Betsy jumps in the water and disappears. The next day, Lucy, who is a school teacher, is taking her class to the river for a field trip. When Baghi’s kid Ravi goes missing, Lucy goes looking for him and eventually finds him on a bend in the river and takes him back to the rest of the class, neither of them seeing the crocodile in the water nearby. Meanwhile, two teenagers, Russell and Lardy, are fishing on a dock along the river when they see a sheep by the river and Russell comments about some sheep being killed a few years ago. Hearing a loud splash, they turn to look at the sheep but see that it is missing it’s head and the two scream and run off. Tim, Lucy, and Baghi attend a play that Lucy’s class is doing but after seeing a song/performance about crocodiles, Tim and Baghi get uncomfortable. and step outside, where Baghi shows him part of a tooth that Ravi had found near the river. That night, Tim and Lucy goes to the local pub for drinks and Tim sees Stan and asks him about the tooth fragment but Stan says he can’t help him, saying that the factory should have been left to him. Lucy gets mad and walks home so Tim ends up getting drunk and as he is driving home, his car stalls out and he passes out inside. Meanwhile, after leaving the pub, a group of teenagers end up fooling around near the moors and when Britney, Russell’s sister and Lardy’s girlfriend, goes off to use the bathroom, she ends up being attacked and dragged away. The next morning, an old woman walking her dog sees Tim asleep in his car but before she can check on him, she is attacked by a crocodile. Tim is woken up by the sound but seeing nothing around, tries starting the car again before he ends up walking home. When he gets there, he apologizes to Lucy just as their caretaker comes in talking about what happened to Britney. Tim looks up crocodiles on the computer so he can compare the tooth, then heads out with Baghi and Ravi to where Ravi found the tooth. As they walk over to where Tim was fishing, Tim wonders if Stan had actually taken the crocodile that hatched from the egg he stole back to the zoo. Heading out on the dock, the realize the warm water would suit a crocodile and as they are leaving, Ravi notices a crocodile swimming in the water and tries to tell his dad but he ignores him. As they walk back into town, they see some police searching the area and try talking to one of the constables as he enters the pub. The constable announces that they found the head of Mrs. Dunstan and says that Tim had found a crocodile tooth on the moors so he warns everyone to stay away from the animal if they see it. The next day, a reporter comes by the house to ask questions about Tim and the incident where Nick died, which Tim had never told Lucy. Later, Tim fashions a makeshift spear and heads out with Lucy and Baghi to hunt the crocodile but it winds up dragging the boat they are in and they are forced to jump to safety. The boat ends up going adrift and beaches itself near where Russell and Lardy are trying to hunt the crocodile. The two boys fall asleep but when they wake up, they see the crocodile approaching the sheep they are using as bait. Russell tries killing the crocodile with a spear but misses and hits the sheep instead and as the crocodile approaches him, Lardy manages to stab it in the head with a pitchfork. The two boys bring the crocodile back to town, where everyone celebrates theirs killing the creature, but someone heads out into the moors and dumps some fresh meat into the water, where another crocodile is seen swimming around. Meanwhile, someone opens a trash can to reveal Britney, who is drugged and taken to a building where she is laid out on a butcher’s table. As a reporter is questioning Russell about how they killed the crocodile, Tim and Baghi show up and the reporter asks if this is one of Tim’s crocodiles, as the eggs where never recovered and Tim says he never hatched a crocodile before leaving. Meanwhile, Britney wakes up and sees several dead bodies in the room, as well as someone sharpening a blade nearby. She manages to escape and make a run for it, eventually arriving at Tim and Lucy’s house. A news story breaks about Britney not being dead and everyone apologizes for blaming Tim for her disappearance. As Russell and his mother are visiting Britney in the hospital, her mom asks Britney who kidnapped her. Britney doesn’t answer but she bends one of the fingers down on her hand, causing Russell to run off. Meanwhile, Lucy is talking to Mrs. Wembridge about the crocodiles, and she says that there were two eggs that hatched and that the butcher’s son used to feed them scraps of meat but lost a finger one time as he was feeding them. Caesar has just delivered a bunch of meat pies to the pub and watches Tim and Baghi eat start to eat them. After he leaves, Baghi finds a bejeweled fingernail in his pie and Tim and Baghi realize that Caesar is the one that grabbed Britney. Tim calls Lucy, who was walking to the pub and when she says that Caesar is going to giver her a lift, Tim tries to warn her but is too late as Caesar drugs her and places her in his truck. Meanwhile, Russell goes to get Lardy and they head off to get revenge on Caesar for what he did to Britney but when they get to the butcher’s shop, they see Caesar pushing a leg into the meat grinder. Caesar throws a cleaver at them, slicing off one of Lardy’s ears. Russell faints when he sees the ear on the ground and Lardy tries to attack Caesar but trips over the leg and ends up knocking himself out. When Tim and Baghi reach the butcher’s shop, they find Lardy’s ear but no sign of Lucy, Caesar, Russell, or Lardy. When the rest of the village arrives at the shop, Tim tells them what happens and they head off to find them. Meanwhile, Russell and Lardy are tied up and Caesar is discussing what to do with them with Stan, who has been using the body parts to feed his reptiles. They end up taking the two boys out into the marsh and drug them, leaving them for the other crocodile to feed on. Tim and Baghi head to the building and find Stan there sawing up some of the rotten body parts and, seeing Lucy chained to the table, they attack Stan. Stan overpowers them and is about to kill Tim but Tim manages to stab him in the foot with a sickle. Caesar tries running off and Tim chases after him and manages to kick him in the balls before pushing him into a boat and sending it adrift. Stan makes a run for it but is chased by the mob and he tries to swim away but the crocodile, which had been about to attack Russell and Lardy, swims after him and rips him apart. Tim, Lucy, and Baghi are given a ride back to town by the police but after the police, Baghi, and Mrs. Wembridge leave, Caesar attacks Tim inside the house. Tim and Lucy fend off Caesar, who is finally stopped when Mrs. Wembridge returns and smashes him in the head with an iron. The villagers catch the other crocodile 2 days later and everyone goes on with their lives, but Tim, who was committed to a psychiatric hospital, manages to escape.

Not quite what I expected but this was a pretty decent movie. The acting was pretty good although since this was a British movie, some people might not get all of the phrases or jokes that were used. The story was pretty good, though part of it did remind me a little of the Lake Placid movies, mainly the whole people feeding the crocodiles and keeping them secret part. I did think they overplayed the whole Caesar going psycho bit, as the last scenes with him attacking Tim at his house, then escaping from the asylum during the credits, really seemed a bit of overkill. The special effects regarding the crocodiles were definitely on the cheap end as the crocodiles themselves looked pretty bad at times but that actually made the movie more entertaining for me. A decent movie to watch if you are in the mood for a killer animal movie.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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