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July 4th, 2016 Movie – Bigfoot Vs. Zombies

bigfoot vs zombies

First of all, Happy 4th of July to everybody. Let me give you a little backstory on how I came to own today’s movie. A few month’s ago (Memorial Day Weekend actually) I had a Campy movie marathon with some of my friends, where we watch several of the B-movies I own. While we were watching Airplane Vs. Volcano, my friend Emily, knowing that I am a big fan of the whole “Vs” movies, asked if I owned a movie called Navy Seals Vs. Zombies. Well, I didn’t at the time but I very quickly fixed that problem that day. Now as anyone that has ordered anything off of Amazon knows, they tend to give you recommendations for other movies to purchase based on what you have bought or looked at. Well, one day this movie popped up and the concept of it was so interesting that I just had to put it in my cart and ended up buying it a few days ago. I honestly thought it wasn’t going to get delivered until Tuesday but it surprisingly showed up today which is why I am starting my 4th of July with today’s movie, Bigfoot Vs. Zombies.

The plot: In the forest of Wyoming County, Alicia is walking through the forest taking some nature photos, unaware that she is being followed by Bigfoot. Bigfoot heads through the woods to where a body farm is located, sensing something is wrong there but is unable to head inside due to the security fence around the installation. Inside the body farm, Dr. Peele talks to his assistant Renee about the bodies not lasting as long as they used to but says it is good business for them since they get more bodies from the hospital, and more money, that way. Heading into his private lab, he checks a sample of a formula that he is working on which makes the bodies deteriorate even faster but what he doesn’t know is that his serum has started resurrecting the dead bodies. Stu, along with his new intern Ed, are taking the latest pair of bodies to the body farm, and Stu is telling Ed all about what they do at the body farm. Alicia comes across the fence for the body farm and decides to sneak in and take some pictures but ends up getting killed by a zombie. Andy returns to the main building and after flirting with Renee, tells Dr. Peele about a body missing from where it was buried and that some sort of animal must have dug it up. Dr. Peele is pissed about that and makes a call to a friend he knows that hunts big game to deal with the problem. Stu and Ed arrive at the Body farm and after Ed is introduced to Andy and Renee, they help move the bodies into Dr. Peele’s lab. After Renee takes Ed and Stu back up front to get them a receipt, Dr. Peele injects the bodies with his new serum and tells Andy where to place them. At the front gate, Duke Larson arrives and as he is waiting to get clearance to head inside, Bigfoot sneaks into the back of his jeep and when Duke stops at the main building, the Bigfoot makes his way behind one of the buildings but Ed sees him but the others don’t believe him and Andy heads off to bury the new bodies. Stu and Ed go to leave but their van breaks down so Ed goes inside to ask Renee for some tools to fix it and she offers to help. At the gate, the security guard sees a zombie at the gate and, thinking it is a trespasser, goes to confront him but ends up being attacked and killed by some zombies. Ed and Renee find Stu taking some drugs and when Renee says she will get some tools, Stu offers to go so he can get some fresh air. Duke talks with Dr. Peele, who offers him a bonus to deal with the problem today, and then is given a map of the compound and, after flirting with Renee, he heads off while Renee ends up fooling around with Ed in the back of Stu and Ed’s van. Stu heads into the maintenance building to look for the tools and ends up being attacked by the zombies. Andy is also killed when the bodies he drops off suddenly come to life and attack him. A zombified Stu returns to Ed and Renee and after striking Ed with a wrench, he tries to bite Renee but she is saved when Bigfoot suddenly shows up and kills Stu. Bigfoot seems to be attracted to Renee and as she and Ed run back to the building, Bigfoot is surrounded by zombies and ends up getting bit in the arm and manages to run off. Back inside, Dr. Peele thinks Bigfoot is what has been digging up the graves but Renee and Ed point out the zombies and they find themselves unable to call for help and are forced to wait for Duke or Andy to return. Duke ends up being attacked by the zombie security guard but manages to shoot him, as well as several other zombies before he decides to return to the main building. Once there, he manages to get inside and they discuss using his jeep to escape but witness the zombies setting fire to the jeep, as well as knocking out the power. Andy returns to the compound as a zombie but still retaining his intelligence. He begs them to kill him before he kills them and when Duke hesitates, Andy bites him, then heads into Dr. Peele’s lab and injects himself with Peele’s serum, reducing himself into nothing but bones. As Dr. Peele tends to Duke’s injury, Bigfoot shows up and Renee tends to it’s injury. When Duke turns into a zombie, Bigfoot kills him, then fends off the other zombies and leads the group to safety in the maintenance building. The next morning, Bigfoot shows them a leaking drum and they realize that Peele was dumping his serum in the body farm which caused the zombies. Peele panics and decides to use Renee as a hostage to try and escape but he ends up being killed by a zombie. Ed, Renee, and Bigfoot make a run for it and find Andy’s truck and Ed is forced to hotwire it so they can make their escape. They make it to the gate and are about to part from Bigfoot but when it is attacked by the remaining zombies, Ed and Renee grab some tools from the back of the truck and help kill them. Ed and Renee then drive off while Bigfoot heads back into the woods but as he is walking in the woods, he is shot by a hunter and as the hunter goes to examine the body, Bigfoot suddenly comes back to life.

This is one of those low budget independent movies that you will either love, or hate. Personally, I thought that this was a great concept and the low budget nature made this pretty entertaining. The acting obviously wasn’t the greatest and was kind of robotic at times from some people. The story was really interesting and I could actually see this being remade with a bigger budget. The special effects was mostly costume work and that is where a lot of the humor was because while some zombies did have some make-up applied to them, several of them were just people in bad Halloween masks. The Bigfoot suit was also pretty cheap looking but I will admit that it looked better than some CGI Bigfoots I have seen. This is definitely not for everybody but if you enjoy watching low budget movies, then this is worth watching.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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