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June 28th, 2016 Movie – Naked Massacre

naked massacre

Well I have finally reached the second half of the alphabet in my collection. It only took almost two and a half years to do so. So, how do I start off a new letter? Well apparently I start with a movie from the Chilling Classics box set. I think it may be too early in the morning for the disappointment this movie might bring me. But I must proceed in my self-imposed endeavor so let’s continue with today’s movie, The Naked Massacre.

The plot: Cain Adamson is a Vietnam vet making his way home when his ship stops in Belfast as the city is gripped in the ongoing violence between the Catholics and Protestants. Cain decides to stop in a church but during the sermon, a bomb goes off, injuring and killing several people and Cain just sits there at first until the priest finally convinces him to help. Trying to find another ship to take him home, Cain finds out that there is nothing coming for a month and he is forced to figure out what to do for money. While hanging out at a bar, he notices a large group of nurses sharing a house across the street. After staying the night at an army base, he talks with another man from Vietnam and wonders why he left Vietnam or why he even went in the first place. Later, he winds up rescuing a hooker from two men and she takes him back to her place as thanks but when the hooker tries to take off his pants, he ends up kicking her away and leaves. Cain ends up walking by the nurses’ home just as they are having a birthday party for one of the nurses, but one of the nurses had gone out shopping and ends up getting trapped by a shootout until she is pulled to safety by the police. Cain leans on the side door to the house and when it opens, he finds himself in the kitchen just as one of the nurses enters it. Cain asks for some food and the nurse gives him some but is nervous about Cain being there and commenting that she looks like his wife and after he leaves, she quickly locks the door. That night, Cain breaks into the nurses’ house and takes all of the girls there hostage, demanding money so he can get back home. When he learns that one of the nurses is on night shift that night, he plans on tying up the girls, saying that their friend can free them when she gets home. Suddenly, they hear a drunk loudly trying to get into the bar across the street and when the bar keeper tells him to leave, the drunk makes his way to the nurses house. Cain grabs one of the girls and takes her to the door, threatening her with a switchblade before allowing her to open the door and hand the drunk a bottle of champagne before quickly closing the door. After tying up all the girls, he takes Amy, the one girl that he said reminded him of his wife, and leaves the room with her. He talks with her a bit and tells her that his wife had gotten pregnant by an friend of his who had been discharged before him, then proceeds to try and rape her but when she fights back, he ends up strangling her. Returning to the room with the girls, he grabs another girl, Jenny, and has her show him where the bathroom is and tend to the wound Amy gave him. Returning to the room, he notices a music box on a table outside it and when Jenny says that Christine gave it to her, he grabs Christine and takes both her and Jenny from the room, leaving the other girls to worry about what will happen to them. Downstairs, Cain has Jenny and Christine dance and then he has them undress. He then forces Jenny to go down on Christine but when she refuses, he proceed to whip he with his belt. Christine tries to grab the switchblade and stab him but he stops her and then he places the knife in Jenny’s hand and forces her to stab Christine. He carries Jenny to the kitchen to wash the blood off of her but she starts screaming and he ends up strangling her. Cain decides to gag the other girls as the last nurse, along with a friend, comes home. Cain quickly disables the lights and as the two nurses try to find their way in the dark, he quickly kills both of them. Returning upstairs, he notices one girl is missing and ends up finding her in a closet and stabbing her. Returning to the room, he stabs another girl then takes another one downstairs, who has been driven mad by everything and ends up killing herself. Cain goes back upstairs and lays down on the bed, not realizing that another girl was there and is hiding under the bed as he sleeps. In the morning, Cain wakes up and leaves the house. Later, he returns to the bar as he notices all of the ambulances and reporters at the nurses’ house. As he is listening to the conversation around the bar, he hears that there is one girl that survived but is in shock and he quickly pays the bar keeper what he owes, takes his bag and leaves. The police issue a reward for his capture, stating that the only thing they really have to go on is the killers tattoo on his arm that says “Born To Hell”. Later that night, Cain tries to kill himself by slitting his wrist and he passes out over the toilet. When he comes too, he finds himself restrained to a bed while the doctor tends to his wound. As the doctor cleans off Cain’s arm, he notices that tattoo and realizes Cain is the killer and Cain comments that 5000 pounds is a lot for a man that just wishes to die.

Wow. That’s about the best way to sum up what I watched, and that is not meant to be taken in a good way. This is a pretty twisted, messed up movie right here. Now I know that this movie was based on the real life events in Chicago, where a man named Richard Franklin Speck killed 8 student nurses at the dormitory they lived in. As for this movie, it was a pretty dark movie but it had some good things going for it. It is hard to really judge the acting on this one because the dubbing was absolutely atrocious in this. I mean bad to the point you hear the words or sounds before the people’s lips move. The story was good, albeit very dark. The main thing this movie had going for it was imagery, and there was a lot of powerful imagery at play here. Having the setting in Belfast and showing the violence that was occurring there added to the violence in Cain’s mind and the violence he would wind up inflicting. Definitely not something most people will want to watch.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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