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June 21st, 2016 Movie – My Super Ex-Girlfriend

my super ex-girlfriend

To be honest, I don’t remember why I got this movie. I honestly think it was one of those times where I was bored and not really thinking and decided “what the hey” and grabbed it. Anyways, it is always interesting to watch a superhero movie that features an original character and see how much the character is patterned after already established heroes. Besides, the trailers had some funny bits in it so this will probably be a good movie, right? Guess we will see with today’s movie, My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

The plot: A group of thieves rob a jewelry store and try to get away but G-Girl, the city’s resident superheroine, picks up their getaway car and carries it to the police station so they can be arrested. The next day, Matt Saunders and his friend Vaughn Haige are reading about the events in the paper as they ride the subway and discussing what superpowers they wish they had. Spying a woman sitting by herself, Vaughn convinces Matt to go talk to her in the hopes it will help Matt get over his latest break-up 6 months ago. Matt attempts to talk to the woman, who rejects him, but as the subway makes a stop at a station, a man snatches the woman’s purse and runs off the train. Matt chases after the thief and when the thief is almost hit by car, he drops the purse and keeps running. Matt picks up the purse and yells at the thief, who comes back to confront Matt. Matt runs and hides in a dumpster and the thief starts hitting it with a pipe but when it suddenly stops, Matt jumps out to find the woman standing there and no sign of the thief. The woman thanks Matt for getting her purse back and after introducing herself as Jenny Johnson, she asks Matt out to dinner. At dinner, Jenny excuses herself to the bathroom when she hears something and secretly changes into G-Girl and leaves to take care of a burning building, then returns to the restaurant. Talking about his date at work with his colleague Hannah Lewis, she tells him to avoid Jenny but Vaughn convinces him to go out with her again. The two go out again and end up back at Matt’s apartment but as they are making out, a robotic pigeon is recording them, allowing G-Girl’s nemesis, Professor Bedlam, to see what they are doing. Jenny and Matt end up in bed and are having sex and end up breaking Matt’s bed during the act. The next day, Matt is meeting Vaughn at a bar to tell him what happened when Hannah walks in and gives Matt her Ipod, which has some phrases in Chinese she downloaded for him to use in an upcoming meeting but when he says he is leaving to go meet with Jenny, Hannah looks hurt because she has a crush on Matt. As Matt leaves the bar, he is grabbed by two men and thrown into the back of a car, and Bedlam starts asking Matt questions about Jenny and when Matt refuses to say anything, they tie him to the torch of the Statue of Liberty. Jenny receives a text from Bedlam about Matt’s predicament and rushes off to save him and while she is gone, Bedlam and his men break into her apartment and steal some of her hair from her brush. Later, Matt is talking to Jenny about what happened and Bedlam’s interest in  her when Jenny is struck by a car after she saves a little girl from getting run over. Jenny is unharmed and quickly brings an amazed Matt to her apartment and reveals that she is really G-Girl. and gets Matt to promise not to tell anyone her secret. Jenny then tells him her history with Bedlam, whose real name is Barry, and how they were friends in high school since they were both social outcasts. One night, they were going to have sex when a meteorite crashed to Earth and when they went to investigate, Jenny touched the meteorite and it explodes and the radiation ended up changing her and giving her super powers. Afterwords, people started noticing her and Barry stopped talking to her. The next day, Matt and Hannah are at a job site when Jenny shows up and starts acting jealous towards Hannah and to defuse the tension, Matt suggests a double date with Hannah and her boyfriend. That night, Hannah shows up and says that her boyfriend can’t make it and the three sit down for dinner. Jenny starts asking Hannah some questions about how long she has been working with Matt when a news story breaks about a missile heading towards the city. Jenny doesn’t want to leave Matt alone with Hannah but Matt convinces her to go take care of the missile and she flies off to do that and when she returns, she sees Hannah hugging Matt in celebration after the missile is shown to be destroyed. On the drive home, Jenny accuses Matt of wanting to sleep with Hannah and starts getting very possessive. Matt talks to Vaughn about it and says that he doesn’t even love Jenny because he is in love with someone else, but won’t say who. Taking Vaughn’s advise, Matt breaks up with Jenny, who doesn’t take it well and promises to get back at Matt for this, before flying off through Matt’s ceiling. Matt is worried about what Jenny might do and it starts to affect him at work. Matt receives a call from the parking garage and when he goes down there, he finds that his car has been stolen and even though he knows who did it, Matt can’t tell the police who it was. That night, G-Girl blacks out his building and uses Matt’s telescope to show him his car in orbit and then uses her heat vision to burn the word “Dick” on Matt’s forehead before she leaves. The next day, Matt is giving a big presentation to the Chinese investors when G-Girl uses her super speed to strip Matt naked, causing him to get fired. Matt heads back to his apartment and starts packing to leave the city when Bedlam and his men show up. Bedlam tells Matt he has a way to remove G-Girl’s powers and want Matt to help him do it but Matt refuses. When Matt gets a call from Hannah saying something terrible happened, he rushes over to her apartment thinking that Jenny had done something to her only to learn that Hannah had caught her boyfriend cheating on her. Matt takes the opportunity to tell Hannah how he feels about her and Hannah kisses him and the two wind up in bed together. The next morning, Matt is shocked to see G-Girl hovering outside Hannah’s window and G-Girl throws a great white shark through the window to attack Matt but he manages to avoid it and it jumps through another window and falls to the street. Hannah wants to know what is going on but Matt says that she needs to get out of town where she will be safe and he leaves and heads to Bedlam’s home. As he is waiting for Bedlam, Matt notices a room that has been turned into a shrine for Jenny but Bedlam quickly closes the door to the room. Bedlam then explains that he has a meteorite that can absorb the radiation from Jenny and make her normal again but he needs Matt to get Jenny close enough to it to get it to work. Matt heads to Jenny’s work to apologize and convinces her to come to his place for dinner that night. As they are eating, Hannah arrives and sees Jenny sitting in Matt’s lap and the two women start arguing just as Vaughn shows up. When Hannah and Jenny start to fight and Hannah pulls off Jenny’s wig to reveal that she is G-Girl, Matt grabs Jenny and tells Vaughn to open the box, revealing the meteorite and it begins to drain Jenny’s powers. Bedlam and one of his henchmen show up and Bedlam says that he plans on taking the powers for himself. Matt keeps Bedlam from touching the meteorite and tells Hannah to keep Jenny from it but as Hannah and Jenny are fighting, the both touch the meteorite and it explodes, sending both women flying off the roof. Jenny flies back up and threatens to kill Matt but Hannah, with powers of her own now, shows up and the two women begin fighting. Matt and Bedlam chase after the women, catching up to them at a fashion show and Matt convinces them to stop fighting. Matt then explains to Jenny that Bedlam is in love with her and convinces Bedlam to admit it to Jenny and when he does, the two reconcile and hug while Matt and Hannah leave together. The next day, Matt and Hannah are leaving Matt’s apartment when they see Jenny and Bedlam waiting for them with Matt’s car, which Jenny brought back to Earth. When Jenny and Hannah hear a plane in trouble, Jenny agrees to work with Hannah and the two women fly off, leaving Matt and Bedlam holding their purses and the two guys decide to go grab a beer.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend met with mixed to negative reviews from the critics, earning a 40% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is that, “My Super Ex-Girlfriend is an only sporadically amusing spoof on the superhero genre that misses the mark with a nerd-turned-superwoman who embodies sexist clichés.” The movie was a modest success at the box office, earning $61 million off a $30 million budget.

This movie definitely takes the whole “psycho ex” thing to a new level, but that’s about all it has going for it. The acting was pretty good among the main characters, and Uma Thurman (Jenny) did a good job playing the various emotions that Jenny went through, but for the most part, there was nothing really special with anyone. The story was decent but it honestly didn’t get really funny until after Matt broke up with Jenny and then it got pretty funny with all of the things Jenny would do to Matt but that was only for about 15 minutes at most. So there was almost an hour of setup for 15 minutes of laughs. The special effects were ok but nothing really spectacular compared to most other superhero movies. It’s not a bad rom-com but I wish there was a lot more comedy in it.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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