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June 18th, 2016 Movie – My Bloody Valentine 3D

my bloody valentine 3d

I pretty much told all of you what today’s movie was going to be so this shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Anyways, in the mid 2000’s, it seemed that there was a mass resurgence in 3D style movies. While most of these movies were more animated or children oriented films, some more adult styled movies started hitting the screens. When I first heard about today’s movie, I was intrigued because the original movie was one that never really got talked about much unlike the more popular slasher movies like Friday The 13th, Nightmare On Elm Street, or Halloween. Still, I was curious to see what they did and found myself fairly entertained by it. So let’s get right into today’s movie, My Bloody Valentine 3D.

The plot: On Valentines Day in 1997, a cave in at the Hanniger Mine traps 6 miners in one of the northern tunnels. As efforts are made to rescue the miners, it is discovered that the cave in was accidentally caused by Tom Hanniger, the mine owner’s son, who forgot to bleed the methane lines. When the rescue teams finally find the miners, they find that only Harry Warden had survived, by killing all the other miners so he could breathe before he fell into a coma. One year later, Harry Warden wakes up and goes on a killing spree in the hospital. When Sheriff Burke and his partner arrive at the hospital, they see all the bodies, as well as the heart of a nurse placed in a candy box, and wonder where Harry has gone. At the mine, a party is going on at the tunnel where the accident occurred and Axel and Irene are waiting for Sarah and Tom, though Axel is not happy about the fact that Tom is coming. When Sarah and Tom get there, Irene takes a picture of the two of them and then she and Axel head into the mine and Sarah asks Tom if he is ok being there and he says he is fine and tells her to go ahead while he goes back to the car to get the beer they brought. Sarah makes her way down into the mine and encounters a kid that tries to scare her but he is then killed by Harry. Sarah runs and sees the bodies of several other dead partiers before she is grabbed by Axel and, along with Irene, they hide in a recess to avoid being seen. When Harry kills another partier, they make a run for it but Axel trips and ends up cornered by Harry. Sarah strikes Harry with a shovel but Harry grabs it from her, then turns around and uses it to kill another girl that was trying to escape. Axel and Sarah manage to get away and run into Tom, who is shocked to see Harry but manages to run after them. Axel, Irene, and Sarah reach Axel’s truck but Sarah tries going back to help Tom after Harry grabs him and throws him against the wall but when Harry throws a pickaxe at the truck and it bursts through the windshield, nearly stabbing Sarah in the head, Axel starts the truck and drives off, leaving Tom behind. Tom tries running from Harry but is trapped and Harry is about to kill him when he is shot by Sheriff Burke. Harry drops to his knees and stares at Tom, then gets up and heads down the mine, collapsing part of the tunnel to cover his escape. Sheriff Burke checks on Tom before he follows his partner in chasing after Harry. 10 years later,  Axel is now the county Sheriff and married to Sarah and they have a son, Noah, but Axel is cheating on Sarah with Megan, a girl that works at Sarah’s grocery store. After having sex at his father’s old house, Megan gives Axel a box of Valentines chocolate and then tells him she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Tom returns to town in order to sell the mine, which he inherited after his father’s death. He meets with Ben Foley, the mine’s manager, who tells him the signing was pushed back to Monday and tries convincing him not to sell but Tom says he is selling it regardless of what anyone thinks. He heads to the Thunderbird Motel to check in for the night and finds his room next to a couple who are loudly having sex. In the next room, Irene is having sex with a truck driver named Frank but gets pissed when she learns that he has been recording their encounters. Frank leaves and Irene grabs a gun out of her purse and confronts him but when Frank says he knows it isn’t loaded, she throws it at him and hits him in the face. Frank goes to get in his truck but a miner appears inside and kills him with a pickaxe. Irene runs to the managers office to try and call the police but seeing the miner approaching, she goes in the bedroom and hides under the bed. The miner searches for her and kills Selene, the dwarven motel owner, by impaling her through the skull into the light fixture. Seeing this, Irene makes a sound and the miner tries dragging her out from under the bed but when he cant, he takes the mattress off and though Irene tries to ust the frame as a shield, the miner kills her. The next morning, Axel and his deputy, Deputy Martin, arrive at the scene and as they are checking the motel check-in book, Axel recognizes Tom’s name in it. As they are reviewing the camera footage, Deputy Ferris hands Axel a Valentines box that was delivered to him and inside they find Irene’s heart. That night, Some of the locals are drinking at the bar when Tom walks in and he is assaulted by some of the locals, who blame him for the recent deaths as well as the ones 10 and 11 years ago. At their home, Sarah finds Axel watching the video footage and he tells her that Tom is in town, and she says that he visited her at the store, and he shows her the footage of Tom walking by the motel room while Irene was having sex and warns her that he might be involved. The next day, Tom goes to see Sarah before the store opens and apologizes for leaving as he did and Sarah berates him for selling the mine, saying that the whole town depends on the mine to survive. Tom goes to the mine to speak with Ben and he is taken down into the mine by Red, who had assaulted Tom the night before. Reaching the stopping point for the mine carts, Red uses the call box to get Ben and Tom looks around but is soon attacked by the miner, who locks him inside a cage before attacking and killing Red. The other miners hear the commotion and race down to find Red’s body and free Tom from the cage before asking him what happened. Sarah is delivering Valentines gifts to the hospital when she sees Tom there getting stitches and talking with Ben. Tom tells her that he decided not to sell the mine and Axel arrives and questions why. He then tells Tom the truth about how Harry died and Ben, along with Tom and Axel’s father buried him and Sheriff Burke covered it up. Axel and Deputy Martin take Ben, Sarah, Tom, and Burke to where Harry was buried but they find an empty grave. Axel takes Tom back to the station to question him and Tom comments about Sarah settling for Axel, causing Axel to strike him and he wants to lock Tom up but Deputy Martin says the miners confirmed that Tom was trapped in the cage so someone else must have killed Red. Tom leaves the precinct and heads for the mine to look for the miner and ends up at Axel’s father’s old house and sees all of the Valentines candy boxes. Back in town, Ben hears something outside his house and goes to check it but doesn’t see anything, only to be attacked and killed by the miner when he goes back inside. The next day, Axel and Deputy MArtin locate Ben’s body at Harry’s gravesite and Axel says that he wants Tom and Burke located as they are the only two people, aside from himself, Sarah, and Deputy Martin, that knew where Harry had been buried. Sarah and Megan are closing up the store when the miner attacks them. They barricade themselves inside Sarah’s office and try escaping out the window but the miner doubles back and grabs Megan as she is partway through the window, then attacks Sarah. Sarah sounds the alarm and races outside, where she runs into Axel, and they check the alley behind the store and find Megan’s body with “Be Mine 4 Ever” written in her blood on the wall above her. As Sarah is being tended to, she wonders why the miner killed Megan and believes he did so to get to Axel, saying she knows about Axel and Megan. At the Palmer’s house, the miner shows up and kills the nanny. Burke shows up and tells Deputy Ferris, who was sitting outside in her car, that the killer is in the house and she heads inside while he looks around outside. Ferris sees Noah and tells him to hide, then finds the nanny stuffed in the dryer and screams for Burke, but Burke is attacked and killed by the miner. Tom calls Sarah and when she says that Harry attacked her, he says that he doesn’t think it is Harry and says that he has to show her something. As they are driving, Tom tells her that he believes Axel is responsible for the murders but Sarah doesn’t believe him. Sarah gets a call from Axel, who tells her that Tom had spent 7 years in a mental institution and had gone after Noah and tells her to get out of the car. When Tom refuses to take Sarah to Noah, she grabs the wheel and causes the car to wreck, then heads off into the woods. She calls Axel and he tells her to hide at his dad’s house. When she gets there, she discovers the Valentines card from Megan as well as the picture of her and Tom together, plus dozens of empty Valetines candy boxes. When the miner enters the house, she thinks it is Axel and manages to escape when he attacks her. Sarah makes her way to the mine, followed by the miner, and eventually runs into Axel. She grabs his gun and asks him about all of the candy boxes at his dad’s house but Axel says that Tom is framing him. Tom appears and Sarah points the gun at both of them. When Tom says that the words written above Megan’s body are the same as in her card, Sarah realizes that he is the killer and aims the gun at him. Tom starts saying that Harry is there and tells Sarah to shoot him but there is nobody there. Axel says that Harry is there and hiding inside Tom and Tom smirks and says he is right there, revealing Tom to have developed a split personality. Axel and Tom start fighting and Tom wounds Axel with the pickaxe but Sarah shoots at him to drive him off. Sarah pulls Axel to safety and then confronts Tom, shooting him in the side but the bullet passes through him and strikes the tanks behind him, causing an explosion. Later, a rescue worker finds Tom and yells for help but before anyone arrives, Tom kills him. Sarah and Axel are taken out of the mine and Deputy Martin asks where Tom is and Axel says that Tom is dead but unseen by all of them, a rescue worker walks away from the mine and is shown to be Tom when he takes off his mask.

My Bloody Valentine 3D met with mixed reviews from the critics, earning a 57% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The rating was much higher than the original movie, which only received a 40% rating. The critical consensus on the site is that, “This gory, senses-assaulting slasher film is an unpretentious, effective mix of old-school horror stylings and modern 3D technology.” The movie was the first R-Rated film to be shown using RealD technology and to have a wide screen release. The movie was a box office success, earning over $100 million off of a $14 million budget.

On the whole, this was a pretty decent horror movie. The acting was pretty good and while Jensen Ackles (Tom) and Kerr Smith (Axel) were good in their roles, I think Betsy Rue, for better or worse, was the character that most people remember just for how she portrayed Irene. That is not a knock on her acting ability, I’m just saying that when the majority of your screen time is spent completely nude, it makes you stand out. The story was fairly close to the original movie, with some differences but they did a good job of keeping some things from the original, such as the pivotal love triangle between Tom, Axel, and Sarah. I also liked some of the smaller nods to the original movie, such as the body being found in the drier and the clothes dropping from the ceiling in the mine’s shower area as Sarah is running through there. The special effects involved in the blood and gore, as well as the 3D aspects, were very good but I have to admit that watching the 3D now, while it was definitely good back then, I think the 3D technology has advanced enough that this pales in comparison to some more recent movies. All in all, this is a sold horror movie and great for watching on a stormy night.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5


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