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June 14th, 2016 Movie – Muppets Most Wanted

muppets most wanted

When you have a hit movie with an established franchise, it’s only natural to do a sequel, or, as Bunsen points out, a seventh sequel. When this movie came out, I was on the fence about seeing it in theaters, not because I didn’t want to see it, but because movies are so freaking expensive nowadays. I wound up waiting until it hit the dollar theater to see it but I still continued my trend of watching Muppet movies in the theaters if I was able too, with the exception of Muppets From Space. So here is the last, but hopefully not final, Muppet theatrical movie, Muppets Most Wanted.

The plot: Picking up where The Muppets ended, The Muppets are trying to figure out what they should do next and as they are singing a song about a sequel, Dominic
Badguy suggests they go on a world tour. Meanwhile, a frog named Constantine, who looks just like Kermit except for a mole on his right cheek, escapes from a Siberian Gulag and a news story breaks about the escape, calling Constantine the world’s most dangerous frog. Meeting the Muppets for dinner, Dominic offers his services as a manager and tries to convince them to work with him. During the meeting, Dominic receives a call from Constantine, who refers to Dominic as Number 2, and agrees to meet him in Berlin. Kermit seems reluctant to the deal but all of the other Muppets wish to do it so he agrees and the head to Berlin. Arriving in Berlin, Kermit wants to perform at some smaller venues but Dominic has booked them at the Berlin National Theater. Kermit tries to get the group ready to perform and wants to do the acts they are good at but everyone starts wanting to do new acts. Stressing out over all of the different requests, plus Piggy’s constant harassing him to marry her, Kermit lashes out at Piggy. Feeling bad about it, Kermit follows Dominic’s advise and goes for a walk along the canal but while he is walking in the fog, he is approached by a hooded Constantine, who slaps a fake mole onto Kermit and then hops away. When people see Kermit, they believe he is Constantine and he ends up being arrested and taken to Siberia. Back at the theater, Constantine pretends to be Kermit and apologizes to everyone but Animal, realizing that Constantine isn’t Kermit, yells out “Bad Frog” and attacks him and has to be pulled off. Dominic asks Constantine if he has studied the tapes of Kermit and Constantine says he doesn’t need to but when he goes to introduce the show, he freezes up and passes out. causing Scooter to go out and do the introductions. While the show is going on, Dominic and Constantine use the sound of the acts to cover their breaking into the museum next door, where they steal several paintings and as they leave, Dominic leaves a coin on the floor. The next day, CIA agent Sam Eagle meets with Interpol Agent Jean Pierre Napoleon and the two discuss the crime and Jean Pierre believes it to be the work of the Lemur, the 2nd most wanted criminal, and sees the coin Dominic left as proof. On the train, Dominic and Constantine examine the back of one of the paintings and find a hidden message written on it and determine the next place they need to go is Madrid. Meanwhile, Kermit arrives at the Gulag and the other prisoners, believing him to be Constantine, bow to him and give him the ceremonial crown to be King of the prison yard but when he says thank you, they realize that he is not Constantine and go to attack him. Kermit is saved by Nadya, the Gulag’s warden, who shows Kermit around the Gulag before telling him that he will never escape and throwing him in his cell. Back on the Muppets’ train, Dominic and Constantine are planning their next heist when Piggy interrupts them and Constantine yells at her. Dominic convinces Constantine to apologize and he goes after her and apologizes. When the rest of the Muppets start asking Constantine which acts they should do, he tells them to do whatever they want which excites all of them except Walter, who is worried that it is a bad idea. During the show in Madrid, Dominic and Constantine once again use it to cover their breaking into the museum next door, where they break all of the busts in the museum looking for a key that is hidden inside one of them and learn that the next place they need to go is Dublin. Sam and Jean Pierre arrive in Madrid to investigate and when Sam notices a poster for the Muppets, he realizes that there performances have been right next to the crime scenes and they catch the Muppets before they leave. Taking them to the station for questioning, Sam and Jean Pierre believe the Muppets are incapable of being the crooks but choose to follow them to their next performance in Dublin since their venue is right next to the bank. Back in Siberia, Kermit tries escaping but is foiled each time by Nadya. Nadya convinces Kermit to help her with the annual talent show and Kermit agrees, as the punishment would be to get stuck on the wall outside. Back on the train, Walter is starting to get suspicious of Constantine but when he asks the others, they all say they don’t notice anything. When they arrive in Dublin, Walter notices Dominic sneaking off the train and when he follows him, he sees Dominic paying off the reviewers to give the show a great review and bribe the audience to attend. Walter heads back to the train to tell Fozzie and Fozzie shows him a newspaper with Constantine’s picture on it and shows that if you cover up the mole, it looks like Kermit. Walter realizes Constantine might have replaced Kermit and he and Fozzie go to Kermit’s room to find proof. Inside Kermit’s room, they find a lot of bombs and plans for a bank heist and then Walter discovers some green paint and realizes that the Kermit on the tour is really Constantine. They go to tell the others but Constantine shows up to stop them but is attacked by Animal, who never trusted Constantine. When Constantine recovers, the three are forced to jump onto a passing train to escape and decide to go find the real Kermit. Constantine and Dominic tell the other Muppets that Fozzie and Walter quit and convinces them to continue with the show. As they break into the vaults, they find the locket they were looking for but they are almost caught by Sam Eagle. Constantine heads back to the theater and then interrupts Piggy’s performance to propose to her and when she accepts, he announces that they will be married at the Tower of London. Sam and Jean Pierre find the rubber chicken that Dominic had left to fram Fozzie and believe that Fozzie is the Lemur and plans on stealing the Crown Jewels. Meanwhile, Walter, Fozzie, and Animal manage to get into the Gulag to free Kermit and Kermit is hurt at first when he learns that Animal was the only one that knew he had been replaced. When they hear the news that Piggy is marrying the disguised Constantine, they come up with a plan to escape during the finale of the talent show and head to London. When they get there, they split up to find Piggy and Kermit and Fozzie manage to find Constantine’s dressing room. When Constantine arrives, they are forced to hide, with Kermit pretending to be Constantine’s reflection in a broken mirror, and they overhear Dominic and Conctantine’s plans. When they leave the room, they are captured by Sam and Jean Pierre and Sam is forced to handcuff them to Jean Pierre’s car when Jean Pierre decides to go on his vacation but Kermit and Fozzie manage to escape. Dominic, with the help of some baby jewel thieves, manages to steal the jewels. Meanwhile, the wedding starts and as the vows are being spoken, Kermit and the others try to stop the wedding. Everyone seems confused by the fact that there are two Kermits but Piggy is able to figure out which one is the real Kermit. Constantine reveals himself to the crowd and then activates the timer for a bomb on Piggy’s ring. Dr. Bunsen Honeydew uses his bomb attracter suit that Beaker is wearing to attract the bomb and they manage to get it off Piggy but Beaker is knocked out of the window and into the Thames, where the bomb explodes but Beaker is safe inside the suit. Constantine grabs Piggy to use as a hostage and takes her to the helicopter, where he sees Dominic dressed up as a lemur inside. Dominic says he is double crossing Constantine but Constantine uses a small explosive to kick Dominic out of the helicopter and tries to take off. Kermit and the others reach the roof and Kermit manages to jump and grab onto the helicopter while the other Muppets form a Muppet ladder and manage to keep the helicopter from flying away. Kermit gets inside and faces Constantine, who threatens to shoot him, but Piggy breaks free from her restraints and beats up Constantine. The Muppets bring the helicopter down and Sam and Jean Pierre arrest Dominic and Constantine and as the Muppets start apologizing to Kermit, Nadya arrives to take Kermit back to the Gulag. The other Muppets say that she will have to arrest them as well and Nadya relents and says Kermit is free to go and as thanks, Kermit and the Muppets perform at the Gulag.

Muppets Most Wanted met with mostly positive reviews from the critics, earning a certified fresh rating of 79% on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is that, “While it may not reach the delirious heights of The Muppets, Muppets Most Wanted still packs in enough clever gags, catchy songs, and celebrity cameos to satisfy fans of all ages.”

Not as good as the previous movie but it was still a good Muppet movie to watch. The acting was good, with Ricky Gervais (Dominic), Tina Fey (Nadya), and Ty Burrell (Jean Pierre) all did a good job with their roles and interacting with the Muppets. The story was decent and I did like how they kind of interjected some of the humor from the original Muppet Show with the various skits they perform in their shows, such as Gonzo’s Indoor Running With The Bulls act, to the main plot of the movie. There also seemed to be a ton more celebrity cameos in this movie than the previous one, which either added to the humor or was one of those, “was that?” moments when they showed up. The puppet work was pretty good with the Muppets and they did a good job interacting with the human cast. A solid entry into an enduring franchise.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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