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May 24th, 2016 Movie – Morons From Outer Space

morons from outer space

Just a few more days till the weekend. I think I can make it. Now today’s movie is one that I thought I had seen before but it was merely a case of mistaken titles. So now I have a new movie to watch and the only thing that scares me about this is that it is in the Sci-Fi Invasion collection. Now I will say, that at least this seems to fit the criteria for being in this set as opposed to some of the other movies that I have watched in this set. So lets see how good, or bad, today’s movie, Morons From Outer Space, is.

The plot: While docked at a refueling station, Desmond Brock puts on his space suit and, after several accidents (such as getting his air hose caught in a door and having a trash chute dump garbage on him), he returns to his ship and tells the rest of the crew (Bernard, Julian, and Sandra) that he can’t find the fuses. Julian and Sandra believe that they are stranded in space but Bernard says not to worry and decides to go out and play spaceball in the recreational area. While he is playing spaceball, Desmond starts messing with the controls and ends up separating the ship from the station and, leaving Bernard behind, they end up flying off on a collision course with Earth. A US tracking station in Alaska picks up the ship’s approach, causing the station’s crew to get excited, and they believe the ship will be landing in the Indian Ocean. However, the ship crashes onto a highway in London, causing several accidents as it skids along the highway before finally crashing into a field. When the authorities are informed, they head to where the ship crashed and tell the media that it is an experimental aircraft that went off course and crashed. Inside the ship, Desmond, Julian, and Sandra make sure they are ok and Sandra tells Desmond to start the engine so they can leave but Desmond says he can’t because it is broken. Meanwhile, Bernard is picked up by an alien but when it discovers that he is a man, the alien ejects Bernard from his ship, where he plummets to Earth and lands in a state park in Arizona. Meanwhile, the ship is transported to a warehouse, where the military and scientists study it. A reporter named Graham Sweetley manages to sneak inside the warehouse and disguises himself in a decontamination suit in order to report on what is going on. Hearing sounds coming from inside the ship, one of the scientist starts playing music and singing in an attempt to communicate with whoever is inside the ship. When the door to the ship falls off and Sandra goes to try and fix it but notices the military pointing guns at her and quickly calls Desmond and Julian to come see what is happening. Graham tries calling his boss to report what is happening but is forced to hang up when people enter the room and the lead professor says that the aliens are essentially human, just from a different planet. Meanwhile, Bernard has been living off small rodents in the woods when he comes across a trashcan and, believing it to be an intelligent species, asks for it to bring it’s leader the next night. The next night, he shows up and sees a lighted sign for a garbage can and believes it is the leader but as he approaches it, a truck runs over his foot. An ambulance arrives and takes Bernard to the local hospital but when he continues trying to talk to garbage cans, they have him sent to a mental hospital. Meanwhile, Desmond, Julian, and Sandra are given various tests and the scientists claim they are morons and believe they are harmless but Col. Raymond Laribee, a CIA operative observing the aliens, believes they are merely acting stupid to lure everyone into a false sense of security. Laribee attempts to torture Desmond and get information from him but when Commander Matteson, the project’s head, stops him, Laribee has Matteson removed from command and then leads a group to kill the aliens. Graham overhears Laribee and manages to sneak the aliens off the base but Laribee and another soldier try to shoot them and are shot by Matteson instead. Matteson tries to convince the aliens to return to the base, pledging his love to Sandra, but Graham continues driving off the base. Graham hides the aliens in his apartment, and his boss tries to convince him to let him interview them as it will be the biggest news story of the century. Matteson arrives and has the place surrounded and Graham begins barricading the doors and windows. Back in the mental hospital, Bernard sees the news story about the others and starts getting excited, causing the staff to take him away to be given shock therapy in order to calm down. Back in London, Graham yells at the crowd after a brick is thrown through his window but when the aliens exit the building after Desmond sets Graham’s stove on fire, Graham goes to put out the fire while the crowd rushes up and carries the alien’s away on their shoulders. Meanwhile, Bernard manages to escape with the other inmates and then he attempts to make his way to England by hitchhiking, but the first person that gives him a ride throws him out of the car when he says he is an alien. Back in London, the aliens are treated as celebrities, with Graham serving as their manger. Bernard, trying to steal some food at a diner, sees the others on a TV show just before he is kicked out of the diner. On the show, the aliens mention Bernard, causing Graham to freak out when he realizes that there is a 4th alien out there. Meanwhile, Bernard tries committing suicide but when a passing motorists mentions that the others had talked about him, he gets some hope and, hearing that the others would be coming to New York, he heads there to try and find them. At the show, Bernard manages to get backstage and greets them after their performance but Sandra acts as if she doesn’t know him and has him escorted from their dressing room. As the crowd chants for an encore, a spaceship appears and lands in the arena. Desmond, Julian, and Sandra approach the ship as another alien exits and wants to know where their ship is, as it was supposed to be returned 5 weeks ago. When they say that it crashed, the alien offers to take them back home and the three wave to the crowd before entering the ship. Bernard watches as the ship takes off and sits down as the arena empties but he is approached by Graham, who starts trying to talk him into a deal.

This is one of those movies that is not really good but is kind of funny in it’s sheer stupidity. The acting was good and I thought it was funny how not just the aliens, but everyone on Earth was acting like complete idiots. The story was not your typical alien crashing on Earth since they did not have any advanced knowledge to share or plans to capture the Earth. The special effects were ok but nothing to really write home about. To be honest, this is a pretty average movie but the stupid humor in it makes it entertaining to watch.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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May 23rd, 2016 Movie – Moon Of The Wolf

moon of the wolf

I am so ready for this weekend to get here but unfortunately have an incredibly busy week to get through before that. It would be nice if I had a good movie to start out watching but unfortunately, today’s movie is from the Sci-Fi Classics set (not to be confused with the Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection) so I don’t have much hope for that. Reading the booklet for the set, today’s movie is a made for TV movie from the early 70’s. Great, my expectations dropped a bit lower. Oh well, here’s hoping that the worst thing that happens today is that I have to watch today’s movie, Moon Of The Wolf.

The plot: In the Louisiana bayou town of Marsh Island, an old man is woken up by the sound of his dogs barking at something in the swamp. Waking his son, the two men grab their shotguns and follow the dogs into the swamp, where they find the body of Ellie Burrifors, a local woman. The son calls Sheriff Aaron Whitaker, who arrives on the scene and berates the son for calling other people about the body without his approval. As the doctor is examining the body, Ellie’s brother Lawrence shows up and after looking at the body, demands to know who killed her and the old man that found her said wild dogs but the brother doesn’t believe him. Aaron has everyone leave while he arranges for the body to be taken to the hospital and Doctor Druten determines that she was struck by a left handed person that either killed her or left her dazed enough for wild dogs to finish the job. Aaron heads out to the Burrifors home to speak with Lawrence and his ailing father Hugh. Hugh keeps mumbling about Ellie and a “Loug Garog” but neither Aaron or Lawrence know what that means. Aaron questions Lawrence, who says that Ellie was dating someone from the “quality” area but he doesn’t know who. When he mentions he struck her to discourage her, Aaron has Lawrence show him how he hit her and Lawrence obliges, revealing that he is left handed. Aaron heads to the home of Andrew Rodanthe, the last of an old wealthy family dynasty in the area. Aaron questions Andrew on if he heard or saw anything, as Ellie was killed close to his property, but Andrew says he was dealing with a bout of malaria that night. As they are talking, Andrew’s sister Louise calls Aaron for lunch and when she sees Aaron, she says hello to him and tells him to call her, as she had a crush on him in junior high, before Andrew ushers her inside. Finding a locket where Ellie was killed, Aaron heads back into town and sees Sara, Hugh’s caretaker, leaving the store, having been sent there by Hugh to buy some stuff to keep the “Loug Garog” away from Lawrence. Sara tells Aaron that Lawrence didn’t kill Ellie and if he found out who got her pregnant, then he would find the killer. Aaron questions Dr. Druten about Ellie’s pregnancy and Druten admits that he was the one got her pregnant. He says that he wanted to abort the baby but Ellie wanted to marry him and have the baby and says that they were supposed to meet and talk about it but she never showed. Leaving the hospital, Aaron sees Louise walking around and invites her to get a cup of coffee and tells him why she came back to town before Andrew shows up and they leave. Dr. Druten is called to check on Hugh, whose health is getting worse and as he leaves, Sara asks if he found out anything about Ellie and when he doesn’t say anything about the pregnancy, Sara gets suspicious and tells Lawrence. Back in town, a posse is formed to hunt the wild dogs when Lawrence suddenly shows up and punches Druten, claiming he killed Ellie because she was pregnant with his kid. Aaron locks up Lawrence while the rest of the men stare at Druten as they leave to hunt the dogs. Later that night, Aaron leaves the sheriff’s station, leaving his deputy to look after Lawrence but something rips the bars off one of the station’s windows. The deputy locks Lawrence in his cell while he goes to investigate but he ends up being killed and Lawrence watches as something rips the cell door off and throws it onto the desk before he is killed as well. A crowd gathers at the sheriff’s station as Druten examines the bodies. Aaron tries to get some volunteers to deputize as he wants to put a guard on Hugh, as he is the last of his family, but no one is willing to volunteer. The next day, Andrew pulls up and offers to serve as deputy and leaves with Aaron to head over to Hugh’s house but as they are about to enter the house, Andrew comments about a smell just before he has a fit and collapses to the ground. Aaron takes Andrew to the hospital, where Druten says he doesn’t know what brought on the fit as he doesn’t know Andrew’s medical history. Aaron heads over to see Louise to ask about Andrew’s illness when he notices a picture of their mother on a nearby table. When he questions Louise about a locket her mother is wearing in the picture, he shows her the locket he found near the crime scene and shows it is the same locket. Returning to the hospital, Aaron questions Andrew about the locket and Andrew says he gave it to her the night she died in exchange for some medicine that she had been taking from the hospital for him, as he did not want his condition to be made public. Aaron heads out to the waiting room, where he sees Druten talking to Louise and when Druten mentions “Loug Garog”, Louise says she speaks French and offers to go with Aaron to see him. When they get there, Louise speaks with Hugh, who grabs her arm and starts speaking in French. Louise tells Aaron that he is actually saying “Loup-Garou”, which means werewolf and is saying that she is it’s next victim. At the hospital, Andrew changes into a werewolf and attacks Gruten and some of the other doctors before jumping through the window to escape. The next day, the town mayor organizes a posse to hunt Andrew but Louise begs with him not to kill Andrew. That night, Lousie reads some books about lycanthropy and shows the books to Aaron when he stops by but he doesn’t believe her. Hearing a wolf howl and the horses acting scared in the barn, Aaron has Louise lock the doors behind him while he goes to check it out. When Aaron leaves, Andrew breaks into the house and Louise runs out looking for Aaron. Heading to the barn, she tries lighting a lantern but when Andrew shows up, she throws the lantern at him, catching the barn on fire and seemingly burning him alive while she runs back to the house. She returns to the house but when she hears the wolf howl and realizes the doors are still open, she runs upstairs and grabs a gun from Andrews nightstand. When Andrew appears, she shoots him just as Aaron returns to the house and races upstairs. As Aaron comforts Louise, she says Andrew knew about his condition and purposefully attacked her so she would kill him and as they leave the house, they notice that Andrew’s body had turned back to human.

It’s not often that a movie can put me to sleep but this one tried. This movie tried to be good but it is simply to boring to be able to do much good. The acting was decent, with David Janssen (Aaron) and Barbara Rush (Louise) both doing good jobs in their roles. The plot was ok but the actual pacing of the movie was just slow and boring. I realize that this was a made for TV movie but when they put it on a DVD, they could have done a better job if editing where the commercial breaks where because you get these very glaring pauses before it goes black and then comes back to the next scene instead of a more fluid movie. As for the werewolf/wolfman effects, they were terrible. There is no other way to describe them. After so many years since the original The Wolf Man came out, you would think they could have at least done as good a job as that but nope, we get something far, far worse. Well, A for effort but a D for execution on this film.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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May 22nd, 2016 Movie – Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life

monty pythons the meaning of life

Leave it to Monty Python to tackle one of the biggest questions of the ages in their own silly fashion. The final Monty Python film is kind of bittersweet since it is the last time that all 6 members on film before Graham Chapman’s death. Unlike the previous two films, today’s movie went back to their sketch format roots, having the film be comprised of various sketches focusing on various stages of life. I will be completely honest on the fact that I am having a hard time coming up with a really good intro for today’s movie so why don’t I just go ahead and start watching Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life.

The plot: The movie starts with a short feature titled The Crimson Permanent Assurance, which features some elderly clerks working at an accounting firm and being bossed around by their younger managers. When one of the clerks is sacked, the others rise up in rebellion, tying up the young managers and making them walk a desk plank out a window. Once the managers were dealt with, the clerks begin fashioning weapons and set sail in their office building. After travelling for a while, they soon reach the large financial district and start attacking a large multinational corporation. The members of the corporation fight back but the elderly clerks manage to kill them, with the last of them jumping out a window. By the time the sun starts to set, the financial district is in ruins and the clerks sail away to their next adventure but end up sailing off the edge of the Earth. The feature presentation then starts with a bunch of fish swimming around in a fish tank. When the fish notice that their friend Howard is being eaten, one of them wonders what the meaning of life is.
Part I – The Miracle Of Birth: A pregnant woman is brought into a hospital and taken to a delivery room. The doctors are notified and begin getting ready for delivery but when they enter the room, they find it too barren for their tastes so they get some of the most expensive machines in the hospital, such as the machine that goes “Bing”, and surround the bed with them before the move the pregnant woman to the bed. The doctors then let a bunch of people inside the room, but kick the husband out as he is not qualified to be in there. They quickly turn on all of the machines as the administrator walks in and asks what procedure they are doing, then notices that they have the machine that goes “Bing” and mentions how they are leasing it. After he leaves, the doctors quickly deliver the baby, briefly showing it off to the crowd and the mother, before placing it in an incubator and sending it to the maternity ward. As everyone is leaving, the mother asks what sex the baby is and one of the doctors says it is too early to start assigning roles to the child before he leaves, leaving the woman still lying on the table.
The Miracle Of Birth Part II – The Third World: In Yorkshire, a man is walking down the street when he notices a stork dropping a bundle down his chimney. Inside the house, a woman is washing the dishes when a newborn baby suddenly drops out of her, and the woman asks her daughter to pick it up. The woman then goes into the living room, which is overflowing with children, and starts telling some of them to go to bed while serving other tea. When the husband walks in, he says he has a message for the whole family and the mother goes and gets some more children. The father then says that the mill is closed and he has no choice but to sell all of the children for medical experiments. When the children complain, he says not to blame him but to blame the church, saying he is Roman Catholic and that they oppose the use of contraceptives, causing him to start singing a song called “Every Sperm Is Sacred”. As the children start to file out of the house, a man across the street is watching and complaining about how the Catholics always have children every time they have sex. When his wife comments about how they only had sex twice and had two children, the man says that they are Protestants and that if he wanted to have sex for pleasure, he could go buy a condom and have more sex, he just chooses not to.
Part II – Growth And Learning:  A schoolmaster and a chaplain conduct a church service at a public school. Returning to his class, the schoolmaster starts lecturing the kids about where to hang their clothes up before proceeding to continue with his lesson on sex ed. The schoolmaster starts talking about foreplay before pulling out a bed from the front of the class and having his wife come in so he can show the students how to have sex. One of the students starts to snicker and the teacher makes the student join in the Students vs Masters rugby match, where the masters brutally beat the students in the match.
Part III – Fighting Each Other: During a WWI battle, an officer is trying to get his men to find better cover but they stop him as they have birthday presents for him, one of which is a grandfather clock that ends up being shot. As they continue to delay seeking cover to give him a card and cake, one of the men is shot. The officer says he doesn’t want the cake and tries to get them to cover but the men argue that the man who was shot worked hard to make that cake and it would be disrespectful not to eat it. The officer relents and starts having the men get supplies to eat the cake but the men are continuously shot. A man showing the film of those events says that the meaning of life is about differing view points which is why they need an army to defend those view points when he is struck down by the Hand of God. Outside, a sergeant-major is getting his platoon ready to march down the square but when they all have other things to do, he dismisses them and ends up marching by himself. In the 1879 during the Zulu Wars, two officers are summoned to the tent of another officer named Perkins, whose leg has been bitten off in the night. The doctor is summoned and says he believes it was a tiger that did this, which they find hard to believe since they are in Africa. When the Zulus retreat, a search party is sent out to look for the tiger and the think they find one only for it to be two men dressed in a tiger costume. When the two men can’t give a good explanation for being dressed as a tiger, the officer in charge has his men search the thicket behind the men.
The Middle Of The Film: The female host shows a segment called Find The Fish, where a gangly long-armed man, a drag queen, and an elephant-headed butler challenge the audience to find the fish hidden in the scene. The fish in the tank think the segment is brilliant but then comment about how the film hasn’t really said much about the meaning of life.
Part IV – Middle Age: A middle-aged couple enter a building and after telling the hostess that they like pineapples, the hostess has them enter the Dungeon Room, which serves Hawaiian food in a medieval dungeon. After being seated, the waiter offers them a variety of conversation topics and they choose Philosophy and the Meaning of Life but after reading some of the conversation points, the call the waiter back and say that it isn’t any good. The waiter then tells them that there is one item that isn’t on the menu, Live Organ Transplants.
Part V – Live Organ Transplants: Two paramedics ring the doorbell of a man and ask if he will donate his liver. When the man says he is still using it, the paramedics force their way in and pull out the man’s wallet, showing him his liver donor card. The man argues that that is for when he dies but the paramedics force the man into a bedroom and start removing his liver, saying that no one survives when they finish getting it. The man’s wife enters the room and upon hearing what is going on, she says that her husband never listened to her and offers one of the paramedics some tea. Inside the kitchen, the paramedic starts hitting on her but when she turns him down, he asks if they can have her liver. When says no at first but the paramedic has a man sing a song about how insignificant man’s existence is in the universe, she agrees. Meanwhile, a board meeting is taking place at the Very Big Corporation Of America, and they are about to discuss the meaning of life. Suddenly, the board members come under attack from the Crimson Permanent Assurance but as this is going on, the narrator apologizes for this and a skyscraper falls onto the CPA’s building-ship.
Part VI – The Autumn Years: At a fancy restaurant, a piano player is singing “The Penis Song” to the restaurant patrons. Suddenly, a morbidly obese man named Mr Creosote enters the restaurant and asks for a bucket as he is being seated, and he proceeds to vomit onto the floor and bucket. As the man places his order, and continues to vomit onto the bucket and floor, some of the other patrons start vomiting themselves or leave to avoid being there. After eating his meal, the maitre d convinces Mr. Creosote to have an after dinner mint, then takes cover as the mint causes him to explode, showering all of the patrons with vomit and entrails, and causing them to vomit.
Part VI B – The Meaning Of Life: While cleaning up the restaurant, the maitre d and the cleaning lady start talking about the meaning of life and the cleaning lady says that life is just a game that you either win or lose but the maitre d dumps the bucket of vomit on her head and try apologizing when she makes an racist remark but the camera moves and focuses on a waiter, who has the camera follow him out of the restaurant and takes them to the home he was born in and says that his mom told him he could be whatever he wanted so he chose to be a waiter, then realizes that it isn’t really much and tells the camera to stop following him.
Part VII – Death: A condemned man is given his choice as to the manner of his execution and he chooses to be chased off a cliff  by a group of topless women, where he lands in a prepared grave, where the priest begins the funeral proceedings. Elsewhere, the grim reaper shows up at a cottage, where the hosts invite him inside. When the hostess introduces him to the dinner guests, They start asking him questions but Death tells them that he has come for them as they are all dead. When one of them asks how they could all dies at the same time, Death points to the salmon mousse that they ate. Death leads them to heaven, where they are shown into an auditorium where characters from throughout the film are seated. Suddenly a lounge singer starts singing “Christmas In Heaven” when the screen is cut off and the host of The Middle Of The Film says that is the end of the film. She then reads the meaning of life, which she says is nothing special as it is “Try and be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try and live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations”, before introducing the ending credits.

Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life received mostly positive reviews from the critics, earning a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While there isn’t a critical consensus on the site, most critics said the film was true to Python’s form, with some scenes being more humorous than others. When it was released in theaters, Ireland banned it but later gave it a 15 rating (meaning those under the age of 15 shouldn’t watch it) when it was released on video, while England gave it an 18 rating in it’s theatrical release but also lowered it to 15 when it was on video and the US rated it R. While it was a minor box office success, it was not as profitable as it’s predecessors, as it only earned $15 million off of it’s $9 million budget.

This is the Monty Python I remember but I will admit that I liked the other two movies more. This is still a funny movie to watch, with all of the performers doing a good job in their roles throughout the different sketches. The writing was pretty good and the timing between the actors didn’t show any signs of being off from the years away but I will admit that some sketches are definitely not as funny as others. To be honest, I expected things to be a bit more silly with them. Still, there was enough humor to keep me entertained and I’m sure plenty of the old school fans will enjoy it, but if your only exposure is the earlier films, you probably won’t like it as much.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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May 21st, 2016 Movie – Monty Python’s Life Of Brian

monty pythons life of brian

There is a good chance that I have seen religious satire films before today’s movie, but none of them really stuck with me as much as this one. Granted, my being a fan of Monty Python probably helps make this movie be more prominent in my memories but still. During the summer of ’92, while I was going back and forth between Texas and my grandparents house in Nashville while my family got ready to move to Atlanta, this movie came on Comedy Central. As soon as I saw the words Monty Python, I knew I had to watch it because it would be incredibly funny. Years later, after wondering why I had not bought it sooner, I finally got the DVD which is why I am watching Monty Python’s Life OF Brian today.

The plot: Three wise men men enter Jerusalem and approach a stable, where a woman is resting with her newborn baby. The woman starts to kick them out until they mention they brought gifts, and she quickly invites them to look at the baby. Asking the baby’s name, she tells them it is Brian, and they begin to praise Brian before she takes the gifts and kicks them out but as they are leaving, the quickly rush back in and grab the gifts, then head over to the stable where Jesus lays. Years later, Brian and his mother are listening to Jesus sermon on the Mount, but they are so far from him that they can hardly hear what he is saying. When a fight breaks out among some of the people next to them, Brian’s mom convinces him to leave and go to the stoning and Brian starts to go but he notices a young woman walking by and becomes infatuated with her. At the stoning, the crowd consists mainly of women wearing beards as disguises, since women are not allowed to attend. As the priest reads the crimes for the accused, he must constantly tell people not to throw stones early just because someone says Jehovah, and ends up getting stoned to death himself for saying it. Leaving the stoning, Brian and his mom are harassed by an ex-leper and when Brian asks what happens, the man says that Jesus healed him. Entering their home, Brian and his mom see a Roman soldier waiting for them and his mom admits to Brian that his dad was a Roman, and not Jewish like he had been told, but Brian refuses to believe her. Going to his job selling concessions at the colosseum, Brian sees the girl along with her companions in the People’s Front of Judea and asks to join them and their leader, Reg, says that they have a job for Brian. Brian is tasked with painting some graffiti on a wall but when a Roman centurion sees him, he corrects Brian’s grammar and has Brian write it out 100 times, leaving two soldiers to make sure Brian does it. Brian finishes and the two soldiers leave but when a new squad sees the wall covered in graffiti, they chase after Brian but Brian is saved by Judith, the woman he is infatuated with. Judith takes Brian to the PFJ’s headquarters, where Reg is going over their plan to kidnap Pontius Pilate’s wife and issue demands in exchange for her release. Brian joins the group and they manage to sneak into the palace but find another rebellious group inside for the same purpose. Brian tries to convince the two groups to work together but the two groups start killing each other and the guards end up arresting Brian, as he is the only one to survive. Brian is taken to see Pilate and Brian tries to explain that he is half Roman. When he says his father’s name is Naughtius Maximus, the guards start laughing as they believe it is a joke name like Biggus Dickus, but Pilate says that he has a friend with that name. As the guards continue to laugh at Biggus Dickus and his wife, Brian manages to escape and the guards give chase. Brian climbs the stairs of an unfinished tower and falls off, only to land in an alien space ship. The space ship takes off into space but another ship chases after it and shoots it, causing the damaged ship to crash back onto Earth. Brian manages to escape the wreckage unharmed but finds himself still being chased by the Roman guards. Trying to hide in the market, Brian attempts to buy a beard as a disguise but the shopkeeper demands that he haggle for it and ends up selling it, along with a gourd, to Brian. Brian makes his way to the PFJ’s headquarters but he is forced to hide on the balcony when the soldiers follow him and search the place. The balcony gives way and Brian ends up knocking over a street preacher and Brian begins speaking to the crowd as the soldiers look for him. When the soldiers leave, Brian leaves as well but the crowd, who started to get interested in what Brian was saying, follow and demand he finish speaking. Brian runs from the crowd and they chase after him, believing him to be the messiah. Heading up a mountain, Brian sees an old man in a ditch and jumps down there to hide, accidentally landing on the man’s foot and causing him to break his vow of silence. The man chastises Brian and begins singing to make up for not speaking for so long, which draws the crowds attention towards them. The crowd believes that Brian is able to preform miracles and when the old man attacks Brian, they believe he is an unbeliever and the crowd grabs him and takes him off to be killed, leaving Brian there with Judith. The next morning, Brian wakes up to find Judith still in bed with him but when he looks out the window, he sees a mass of people outside. His mom questions what is going on and after seeing a naked Judith defending Brian, she addresses the crowd, saying about Brian, saying “He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy.” Brian tries speaking to the crowd but later, he winds up being arrested by the Romans. Pilate orders Brian to be crucified and Judith goes to see Reg to get them to help free Brian but is frustrated when they begin holding a meeting on what to do. In the city, Pilate addresses the crowd and offers to release one prisoner ut the crowd constantly shouts out names with “R’s” in them, in order to make fun of Pilate’s speech impediment. Judith shouts out to release Brian and the crowd stats chanting it and Pilate, learning that there is a Brian, orders his release. Meanwhile, Brian is hanging on the crucifix when Reg and the PFJ arrive and say they are not a rescue party but are merely there to thank him for being a martyr for them. The soldiers arrive to release Brian but Brian is busy yelling at Reg and the others so another prisoner says that he is Brian. Brian hears him and says that he is Brian, and several other prisoners start saying that they are Brian, but the guards release the first prisoner and carry him off. Suddenly, the Judean People’s Front show up, chasing off the Roman guards, but instead of freeing the prisoners, they commit suicide as a form of political protest. Judith and Brian’s mother both come by to speak with Brian before leaving and Brian is left to lament about his fate but another prisoner starts trying to lift his spirits with a song, which is picked up by all the other prisoners as they all start singing “Always Look On The Bright Side OF Life.”

Monty Python’s Life Of Brian was highly praised by the critics, earning a certified fresh rating of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is that it is, “One of the more cutting=edge films of the 1970s, this religious farce from the classic comedy troupe is as poignant as it is funny and satirical.” Due to the controversial nature of the film at the time, it wound up being banned in several countries, including Ireland and Norway, but the filmmakers would use that as part of their marketing, with posters in Sweden reading, “So funny, it was banned in Norway!” The movie has been considered one of the greatest comedies of all time and the song, “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life”, has been considered a great ode to optimism. The movie was a box office hit, earning $20 million off a $4 million budget.

This is an incredibly funny movie and the religious satire still holds up to this day. The acting was great and it just shows that the Python crew have not lost any of their timing in the 4 years since Monty Python And The Holy Grail. The story was very well written and did a good job of making fun of religion without actually making fun of God himself. Some of the jokes were subtler than others but this still makes me laugh almost the whole way through it. I did like the nod to Spartacus, when all of the prisoners were calling out that they were Brian. The costumes and set designs were really well done and showed the improvements off of the bigger budget. I honestly think that if this movie were to come out now, there would be just as many people trying to get it banned now as there were back in the day, which kind of speaks on how fanatical some people are regarding religion. A fantastic comedy that is always funny, no matter how often I see it.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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May 20th, 2016 Movie – Monty Python And The Holy Grail

monty python and the holy grail

And now for something completely different. I think it was around 8th/9th grade that I was first introduced to the brilliance that is Monty Python. Yes, I know that I led a sad and deprived life before that but I was completely ignorant to how much humor was missing from my life. Anyways, when I first saw this movie, I thought it was one of the funniest things I had ever seen. I promptly taped it the next opportunity that I had, and bought the VHS tape after I got a job and started earning money, then the DVD years later. Yeh, I would say I was a fan. So lets have some fun with today’s movie, Monty Python And The Holy Grail.

The plot: In 932 A.D. England, King Arthur, with his servant Patsy, is riding across England searching for knights to join his court in Camelot. When he approaches a castle, he asks the knight standing guard on the parapet to ask his master if he would like to join but the guard is more interested in the coconut’s Patsy is using to mimic a horse. The guard questions where Arthur got the coconuts from. When Arthur says he found them and that they could have been carried by a migrating swallow, the guard argues how that would be impossible. A second guard appears and says that an African swallow could carry a coconut and the first guard agrees but says a European swallow couldn’t and Arthur leaves them as they continue figuring out how a swallow could carry a coconut. Arthur rides through a town, passing a cart loaded with dead bodies and the collector, as well as a person who had just dropped off another body, comment about him and the collector says he must be a king because he “hasn’t got shit all over him.” Approaching another castle, Arthur speaks with a man named Dennis and his wife about who lives there and learns that no one lives there. When Dennis questions Arthur’s legitimacy as king, Arthur grows frustrated and grabs him but Dennis starts yelling that he is being repressed and so Arthur lets him go and continues his journey. Heading into the woods, Arthur witnesses a fight between two knights and after the Black Knight wins, Arthur approaches him and asks if he will join his court. The Black Knight doesn’t respond and Arthur starts to go pass him but the Black Knight says that no man will pass him. Arthur ends up fighting the Black Knight and ends up cutting off one of his arms but the Black Knight refuses to quit fighting, forcing Arthur to cut off the remaining arm as well as both his legs before he leaves, with the limbless knight yelling that he will bite his legs off. In the next village, Arthur witnesses a mob bringing a woman dressed as a witch to Sir Bedevere the Wise, a knight living in the village, asking permission to burn her. When there is doubt on if the woman is really a witch, Bedevere teaches the crowd a way to tell if someone is a witch, that being if the woman weighs the same as a duck, she is made of wood and therefore she is a witch. Placing the woman and a duck on a large set of scales, the woman is proven to be a witch and the mob takes her away while Arthur approaches the knight and asks if he will join his court, which Bedevere quickly agrees to. After Bedevere, several other knights join Arthur, including Sir Lancelot the Brave, Sir Galahad the Pure, and Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Sir-Lancelot. Arthur and the knights soon come to Camelot but Arthur decides not to head there as it is a silly place. As they continue riding, they stop when God appears in the sky above them and, after chastising them for groveling, apologizing, and averting their eyes, tasks Arthur and the knights to find the Holy Grail. Arthur and his knights start their quest and come across a castle and ask for shelter for the knight and offer to let the castle’s master join their quest but the French knights in charge of the castle mercilessly taunt Arthur. After using a catapult to launch a cow onto one of Arthur’s servants, Arthur orders an attack on the castle but the knights are forced to retreat under the onslaught of more animals being thrown at them. Bedevere comes up with a plan and the knights build a giant wooden rabbit and have their servants wheel it up to the castle gate. Arthur and the knights watch as the French knights bring the rabbit into the castle but when Arthur questions Bedevere about what will happen next, Bedevere says that he, Lancelot, and Galahad will wait until nightfall to leap out of the rabbit to catch the French by surprise, only to realize that they are not in the rabbit. As Bedevere suggests making a wooden badger, the French use the catapult to launch the wooden rabbit at the knights, causing them to run away. A famous historian starts talking about how after their defeat at the hands of the French, Arthur decides that the knights should split up to look for the grail when suddenly, a knight on horseback rides past and slashes the historians throat with his sword. Robin heads off with his favorite minstrels, who constantly sing songs praising him, when he comes across a giant, 3-headed knight. The 3-headed knight starts arguing about killing Robin but when they finally agree on what to do, they find that Robin has ran away, with his minstrels singing about it all the way. Galahad is traveling through a forest during a storm when he sees a grail shining above a nearby castle. When he enters the castle, he is greeted by a young woman named Zoot, who says that the castle is filled with young girls between the ages of 16 and 19 1/2 and has Galahad rest in a bed. When two girls go to tend to his wounds, he gets up and tries searching for the grail. Seeing Dingo, Zoots identical twin sister, Galahad asks her where the grail is and Dingo says that they don’t have a grail but have a grail-shaped beacon, which Zoot must have lit. Dingo says that Galahad must punish Zoot by tying her to a bed and spanking her, then spanking Dingo and the other girls, followed by oral sex, and Galahad starts to relent but Lancelot arrives and drags Galahad out of the castle. Arthur and Bedevere are in a house speaking with an old man who tells them to seek an enchanter that will help them find the grail and the old man laughs before disappearing, along with his house, leaving Arthur and Bedevere in the woods. Making their way through the woods, they soon encounter the Knights Who Say Ni, who demand a shrubbery in order for them to pass. At swamp castle, the king is trying to convince his effeminate son to go through with a wedding and has guards posted to keep the prince from leaving. The prince ties a note to an arrow and shoots it out the window, where it winds up striking Lancelot’s servant Concorde. After reading the note, Lancelot heads out and attacks the castle, killing several of the wedding guests before reaching the prince’s chambers. As the prince starts climbing out the window using a rope he made form bed sheets, the king confronts Lancelot about all the people he killed but when he learns that Lancelot is from Camelot, he offers a drink to Lancelot, cutting the sheets loose before he leaves. As they walk back down to the courtyard, the surviving guests try attacking Lancelot but the king stops them and says that Lancelot has offered to marry the girl instead. Suddenly, the prince, who survived his fall, is brought back inside the castle and the crowd starts singing for the prince to tell everyone how he survived, much to the king’s displeasure, and Lancelot chooses that moment to leave. Meanwhile, Arthur and Bedevere start torturing a woman for a shrubbery when they meet a shrubber named Roger and obtain the shrubbery from him. Returning with the shrubbery, they learn that the Knights Who Say Ni have changed their name and demand another test but Arthur refuses and says he won’t do it. As Robin joins them, the Knights start reacting in pain anytime someone says the word “it” and Arthur, Bedevere, and Robin leave them. Elsewhere, the widow of the dead historian is telling the police what happened. Arthur, Bedevere, and Robin meet up with Lancelot and Galahad and they all continue their journey. When winter hits, they are forced to eat Robin’s minstrels in order to survive. After a year has passed, they encounter Tim the Enchanter who, after a display of his pyrotechnic magic, offers to show them a cave where they will find directions to the grail’s resting place but warns that it is guarded by a vicious creature. Reaching the cave, Tim tells them to hide when a rabbit appears but Arthur mocks him and sends Sir Bors to kill it but the rabbit leaps up and bites Bors head off. Arthur and the other knights charge towards the rabbit but it flies at them and kills two more knights before Arthur calls a retreat. Deciding to use the Holy Hand Grenade that Brother Maynard carries, Arthur throws the grenade and blows up the rabbit in a massive explosion, which is heard by the police as they search the Knights Who Say Ni’s shrubbery. Entering the cave, they find the last writing of Joseph of Aramathia, which Brother Maynard translates. Suddenly, Bedevere cries out in alarm and the knights see a giant, animated monster, which quickly devours Brother Maynard. The knights run for it, with the monster chasing after them, but they are saved when the animator suffers a fatal heart attack, causing the cartoon to be unfinished while outside the cave, the police examine the bodies of the dead knights and the rabbit. Exiting the cave, Arthur and the knights see the old man (from Scene 24) and Arthur tells them that he is the bridgekeeper and they must answer 3 questions to safely cross the bridge but if they get one wrong, they will be flung into the fiery pit below. Lancelot goes first and easily answers the questions and crosses the bridge. Seeing this, the others try but Robin and Galahad both fail to answer the third question and are flung into the pit. When it is Arthur’s turn, he answers the first two but when he is asked the third question concerning the air speed velocity of a common swallow, he asks the bridgekeeper if he means an African or European swallow, and the bridgekeeper is flung into the pit when he doesn’t know. Crossing the bridge, Arthur and Bedevere search for Lancelot, who is being arrested by the police. Arthur continue their quest and soon arrive at the Castle Aaargh but as Arthur kneels to give thanks to God, he is attacked and taunted by the French knights. Arthur summons an army to prepare to attack the castle but as they start to charge, they are stopped short by the police, who arrest Arthur and Bedevere and as they are forcing the rest of the army back, the knock over the cameraman and break the camera.

Monty Python And The Holy Grail met with high praise from the critics, earning a certified fresh rating of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is that it is, “A cult classic as gut-bustingly hilarious as it is blithely ridiculous, Monty Python and the Holy Grail has lost none of its exceedingly silly charm.” The movie has a large following and in 2005, a musical knockoff called Spamalot was released on Broadway, which would win three Tony awards including Best Musical. The movie was a success at the box office as it made $5 million off a $400,000 budget.

This is an incredibly funny movie to watch. All of the actors did great jobs filling multiple roles and the timing between all of them was amazing. The story was a very funny spoof of the Arthurian legend and all the side story bits of humor, from the very opening where they started showing Dentists On The Job by accident until the correct movie is placed on the reel, the opening credits and the people constantly being sacked because they kept talking about moose, the various animations throughout the movie, and the police investigation taking place during the movie, were incredibly funny and fit in well within the movie. I think the fact that this was filmed on a low budget really helped with the humor in some ways. There wasn’t much in the way of special effects but the times that it was used generally made for some very funny moments, such as the fight with the killer Rabbit of Caerbannog. An incredibly funny movie that is sure to make anyone laugh.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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May 19th, 2016 Movie – Monsterwolf


Honestly, the only thing I miss about not having cable is that I don’t have the Syfy channel. Syfy original movies are always some of my favorite things to watch. Luckily, my friends tend to help enable my addiction and allow me to come over and watch some of the movies at their house. Today’s movie is one such instance as I was able to watch it at a friend’s house. When I saw it available on DVD, I just knew that I was going to have to buy it and sure enough, I did, which is why I am watching Monsterwolf today.

The plot: On a stormy night, a digging team for Holter Ex oil company contact the site’s foreman and show him some artifacts they discovered as well as a strange blue flame hovering over a stone ring buried under a small hill. The foreman contacts Mr. Stark, the oil company’s owner, to tell him about it and Stark tells him to blow it up because if they report it, they will be “choked on red tape.” The workers set charges to blow up the ring but when they dust clears, the hill is gone but the ring is still standing. Suddenly, the flame above the ring goes out and a strange smoke starts pouring out of the ring. When a large wolf emerges from the smoke, the workers run towards a a fenced in area and lock themselves in but the wolf jumps over the fence and proceeds to kill them. The next day, Sheriff Bennett is at the site trying to figure out what could have killed all the men when they find a large tooth but don’t know what animal it could have come from. Stark is in town to try to get Chief Turner to sign over the deeds to the Native American lands but Turner refuses. Maria Bennett, Stark’s lawyer arrives and Stark hopes that she can help influence people to sign over their properties since she grew up in the area. Stark, Maria, and Turner drive to the site of the attack with Sheriff Bennett and Turner notices the flame missing from the stone ring. He says that the spirit animal that was trapped in the ring was released and killed the men. Meanwhile, another of Stark’s workers is attacked and killed by the wolf. Maria heads to the local grocery store to buy some items and several people there asks if her ex-boyfriend, Yale, knows she is in town. When she gets to her dad’s home, she finds Yale there and the two talk for a bit before Dale leaves, as Maria’s father has a warrant out for his arrest. As Maria is about to have dinner with her father, Stark calls her and tells her to meet him in his office. At his office, Maria speaks with Stark and comes up with a plan to buy up the lots that the tribe doesn’t own and when people see their neighbors getting all the money, they will help convince Turner to sell the land. Meanwhile, Yale is at the local bar with his friend Chase and as Yale leaves, two more of Stark’s workers leave as well but the wolf causes them to crash their car and it attacks them. The next morning, Maria sees one of Stark’s employees speaking with her dad’s neighbor, Burt, and when Burt asks if the deal is legit, Maria says it is and Burt signs the deal. As Burt goes inside and starts packing for a vacation, the wolf enters his house and Burt tries to hide but it finds and kills him. Stark and his assistant, Audrey, personally go to Yale’s house and try to get him to sign the deal but Yale refuses, then goes to Stark’s office to bring Maria some lunch and the two talk while they eat. Stark goes to the site of the second attack and berates Sheriff Bennett for not doing his job, then he calls in some mercenaries that he had hired for a job in Africa and has them fly in to deal with the wolf. At the sheriff’s station, Sheriff Bennett and his deputy are discussing the accident and the deputy comments that Turner might have something to do with the killings since only HolterX employees were being killed. At Holter Ex, Turner shows up in Stark’s office and tells him that the men Stark brought in to kill the wolf will be dead if they go into the woods. Stark realizes that Turner will never sell the land so he calls Coughlin, the lead mercenary, and tells him to kill Turner. Later that night, Maria is getting ready for bed when she hears something and she calls Yale and then the sheriff’s station but as she is on the phone with them, she sees the wolf in the window and ducks as it breaks into the house. Maria manages to run from it and climbs onto the roof of the house. When she sees the wolf outside, she breaks a window and climbs back into the house. Maria grabs a shotgun and almost shoots Yale when he enters the house but when the wolf appears, Yale grabs the gun and shoots the wolf. When the wolf doesn’t die, Yale tells Maria to run and the wolf tackles him but then chases after Maria, only to be struck by a semi. Sheriff Bennett and his deputy arrive and after making sure that Maria is ok, they arrest the truck driver for DUI but there is no sign of the wolf. Yale takes Maria back to his place to look after her and Mrs. Fonteneau and the checkout girl from the store bring over some food, which surprises Maria as she says that noone would have helped her in New York. Maria has Yale drive her to Holter Ex, where she tells Stark that she quits, then Maria and Yale go back to his place and end up having sex. At the sheriff’s station, Sheriff Bennett is watching the driver when they hear a wolf’s howl from outside and all of the car alarms start going off in the parking lot. Leaving the driver in his cell, the sheriff goes outside to check on things but the wolf makes it’s way inside the station and kills the driver, then escapes despite Sheriff Bennett’s shooting it. The next day, Sheriff Bennett organizes a hunting party to go out and kill the wolf, but the mercenaries see them and head out in a different direction. Meanwhile, Yale finds Chase asleep in his truck outside Yale’s house and when he wakes him, Chase tells him what happened to the driver. Yale tells Maria what happened and Maria decides to go see Turner to get some answers. Maria, Yale, and Chase go see Turner, and he tells them about a tribe that once lived in the area. When they could not defeat the white man, one of the tribes warriors prayed to the spirits and became an undying wolf  in order to take revenge for his fallen tribesmen. Meanwhile, Audrey calls Stark and tells him that Turner had filed an injunction in court so Stark contacts Coughlin and tells him to kill Turner that day. Back at Turner’s place, Turner tells them that the only way to kill the wolf was for another member of the tribe to kill it using an arrowhead made from the bones of an enemy, but the price for undoing the spell was that that the warrior would die as well. Maria says that the tribe no longer exists but Turner says that one member still lives but before he can say anything else, he is shot in the throat by Coughlin. The other mercenaries try to kill Maria and the others but they manage to escape. Maria, Yale, and Chase head to the sheriff’s station and tell Sheriff Bennett what happened, who tries to track down the mercenaries while Maria tries locating the last member of the tribe. Meanwhile, Stark calls Coughlin and is furious about what happened but Coughlin hangs up on him then assembles his team to hunt the wolf. They head out to the woods but the wolf manages to kill the three mercenaries and injure Coughlin but he manages to shoot the wolf and make his escape. Sheriff Bennett manages to see video of the mercenaries car and track the license plate back to Holter Ex. Sheriff Bennett and his men see that the car is heading towards an airstrip and head out to stop him but Maria, Yale, and Chase head out towards helipad at the refinery. Coughlin calls Stark and tells him he will pick him up at the helipad and stark hurriedly grabs his papers and stuffs them in his briefcase. As Maria races towards the oil rig, they end up getting in a wreck and Maria flashes back to the argument she had with her mom before they got in the wreck that killed her. Regaining her senses, Maria climbs out of the car and while Yale is helping Chase get free, she tells him that her mom told her she was adopted and that she was the last member of the tribe. Seeing the wolf heading towards the rig, Maria grabs a shotgun from the police car and heads after it. At the rig, Stark motions Coughlin to land but the wolf jumps at the helicopter and, turning into a ball of electricity, destroys it. As the wolf approaches Stark, Audrey and his security guards quit and run away. Maria shows up and asks if Stark had Turner killed and Stark says if he didn’t close the deal then he would have been killed. Maria lets the wolf kill Stark, then loads an arrowhead that Turner wore around his neck into the shotgun and shoots the wolf with it. The wolf turns into a pile of ash and Maria collapses but Yale and chase get there and with paramedic’s help, they manage to revive Maria. Some time later, Yale and Chase are sitting outside Yale’s porch when Sheriff Bennett and his deputy arrive and arrest them. When Maria asks what they are doing since she and Yale are getting married the next day, her father says he is just taking Yale to his bachelor party, then hands Maria an envelope containing some stuff from her real mother and she sits on the porch to read what was inside the envelope.

This is a fun movie to watch but it could have been better. The acting was decent, with Robert Picardo making an excellent bad guy in Stark but nobody else really stood out. I know she was the lead but I kind of found Leonor Varela (Maria) to be kind of annoying. The story was interesting and started out pretty good but got very predictable in the end. The special effects varied between being good and bad. I will say that the wolf turning into a ball of electricity was definitely a WTF moment in this movie. I also liked the animation during Turners speech about the legend of the wolf. There was definite room for improvement but if you like these movies, it won’t be a complete waste of time.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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May 18th, 2016 Movie – Monsters, Inc.

monsters inc

Yup, there are times that I am nothing more than a big kid. Now I didn’t see this when it came out in theaters, though I honestly don’t know why. Anyways, when it came out on DVD, I wound up buying it and it quickly became one of my favorite original animated movies. After all, I liked all of the other Pixar movies that had come out at the time so why would this one be any different. So let’s have some fun with today’s movie, Monsters, Inc.

The plot: A little kid is lying in bed when he is woken by the sound of his closet door opening but when he doesn’t see anything, the kid goes back to sleep, unaware that a monster is hiding next to his bed. When the monster stands up, the kid sees it and screams, causing the monster to scream and trip over some of the toys in the room. Suddenly, the lights come on and the kid, who is just a training dummy for Monsters Inc., goes back to the sleeping position while the monster is chastised for leaving the door open, with the chairman of the company, Henry J. Waternoose, saying that a child could use the door to enter Monsterworld and that their touch is deadly to monsters. When one of the trainees says he won’t go into a child’s room, Waternoose says they will because the city runs on children’s screams and they need all the screams they can get due to a scream shortage. The next day, Monster, Inc.’s top scarer, James P. “Sully” Sullivan is woken up by his roommate and partner Mike Wazowski for his morning exercises. Walking to work due to the scare shortage, they are greeted by several monsters that comment about Sully being close to breaking the all-time scare record. Reaching Monsters, Inc. Mike goes to see his girlfriend Celia Mae, who works as a receptionist there, and tells her that he got reservations to a high end restaurant for her birthday. In the locker room, Mike thanks Sully for the tickets but then is scared by Randall, another scare floor monster and Sully’s chief rival for breaking the all-time scare record. After collecting his paperwork from Roz, the scare floor’s administrator, Mike gets set up for their shift, bringing a door that will open into a kids room. Throughout the day, Sully and Randall go back and forth for the top position on the leaderboard when an incident with a sock stuck on a monsters back causes the CDA (Child Detection Agency) to be called in and the floor is temporarily shut down. Waternoose complains about the shutdown and asks Sully to help teach new scarers to frighten kids. When their shift is over, Mike is preparing to head out for his date but when Roz asks if he filed his paperwork, Sully volunteers to get it for him. Heading back to the scare floor, Sully spots an active door on the floor and he checks to see if someone is inside. Not finding anyone, he goes back through the door and finds a three year old girl on the scare floor. Sully freaks and places the girl back in her bed but as he leaves, he trips over some of her toys. Seeing someone coming, Sully runs back into the locker room and hides the stuff from the kid’s room but finds that the kid had climbed on his back. Sully hides the kid in a bag and heads back to the scare floor but sees Randall coming out of the door and sends the kids door back to the holding area. Not knowing what to do, Sully heads to the restaurant to tell Mike but the kid gets out of the bag, causing the patrons to panic. Sully and Mike manage to grab the kid and get out of there before the CDA arrives and decontaminates the area and all the patrons. Back at Sully and Mike’s apartment, they try to keep the kid, who calls Sully “Kitty”, hidden but when she starts crying after Mike takes a stuffed animal away from her, they try to give it back before the power surge from her crying attracts the CDA’s attention. Mike trips and causes some stuff to fall on his head, causing the kid to laugh, which causes a massive power surge that blows out the lights and Sully wonders what it was. When the kid gets sleepy, she ends up crawling into Sully’s bed but is scared of the closet, showing a drawing she made of Randall. Sully sits in front of the closet until she goes to sleep and tells Mike that he doesn’t think she is dangerous. The next day, Sully and Mike makes a costume to disguise the the kid and head to Monsters, Inc. but find the CDA searching the place. Mike leaves Sully and the kid in the locker room while he goes to try and get the key to her door from Roz but Roz refuses since Mike’s paperwork wasn’t turned in. Mike returns to the locker room to find Sully playing hide and seek with the kid when they all hide as Randall enters the locker room and they over hear him talking with his partner, Jeff Fungus. After they leave, they head back to the floor and Mike grabs a card from a coworker and brings it’s door down but Sully says it is not Boo’s (what he decided to call the kid) door. When Boo runs off while they are arguing, Sully and Mike go looking for her and run into Randall. Mike tries to misdirect Randall but when Celia starts yelling at Mike, Randall realizes Mike was at the restaurant. Randall confronts Mike and tells him that when the scare floor empties during lunch, he will have Boo’s door at his work station. Meanwhile, Sully sees Boo fall into a garbage can but when he is distracted by some CDA officials, he doesn’t see her climb out, leaving one of the eyes from her costume in the can. Sully sees the trash sent down the garbage suit and watches as it goes through the compactor, resulting in a cube of garbage coming out. Mike sees Sully carrying the cube of garbage but when they hear Boo’s voice, they see her playing with a group of monster kids. Heading to the scare floor, they see Boo’s door but Sully gets suspicious when Mike says Randall is involved. When Mike tries to show that everything is ok, he is grabbed by Randall and hidden inside some scare cans and Sully and Boo follow him. Losing sight of Randall at a dead end, Boo finds the secret entrance and they head down a tunnel, where they watch Randall and Jeff strap Mike into a chair and turn on a machine Randall calls the Scream Extractor. Sully unplugs the machine and while Randall goes to plug it back in, Sully frees Mike and Randall returns to find Jeff attached to the machine. Sully and Mike start to leave the building but Sully decides to tell Waternoose what is going on. Heading towards the training room, they try talking to Waternoose but Waternoose insists on Sully giving a scare demonstration, which he reluctantly does, scaring Boo in the process. After the trainees leave, Sully tries to comfort Boo but she runs from him, exposing herself as kid in the process. When Waternoose sees her, Mike explains what happened and Waternoose picks up Boo and says he will take care of things. Summoning a door, Waternoose apologizes for their getting involved but when the door arrives, Sully and Mike notice it is not Boo’s door and Waternoose says it’s theirs, as Randall opens it and Waternoose shoves them through. Sully tries going back but the door is deactivated, leaving them stranded in the human world. Mike is angry about the situation and when he sees Sully isn’t listening to him, Mike attacks him and the tumble down the hill, where they run into the Abominable Snowman. Abominable takes them to his cave, where he talks about all the place has to offer and when Sully learns that there is a village nearby, he looks through all of the stuff Abominable has in the cave and fashions a sled to go to the village. Mike argues with Sully about everything but refuses to head off with Sully. Sully sleds down the mountain and manages to make it to the village and uses a kids closet to go back to Monsteropolis. Racing back to the secret chamber, Sully breaks the Scream Extractor loose and tosses it towards Randall and Waternoose, pinning Waternoose to the wall. Sully frees Boo and grabs the card for her door but before they can leave, he is attacked by Randall, who uses his chameleon abilities to turn invisible so Sully can’t fight back. Mike shows up while Sully is fighting Randall but thinking Sully is ignoring him, throws a snowball at him but hits Randall, allowing Sully to hit Randall. Sully grabs Mike and Boo and they head for the scare floor when Celia grabs Mike and demands an explanation. Mike tells her what is going on but she doesn’t believe him until she sees Boo with them and Randall chasing them. Reaching the scare floor, the summon Boo’s door but Randall is almost on them until Celia gets on the intercom and announces that Randall broke the all-time scare record, causing Randall to be mobbed by coworkers. Realizing that they won’t have time to get Boo home, Sully sends the back, then he and Mike grabs onto another door and follow it to the storage department, with Randall chasing after it. When the door they are riding reaches a dead end, Sully has Mike make Boo laugh, causing a power surge that activate all of the doors. Making their way through the various doors to escape from Randall, but Randall manages to grab Boo and send the door they are riding on falling to the ground. Sully and Mike manage to get through the door and back to Monsteropolis, where they chase after Randall. Randall goes through a door and Sully follows him but Randall attacks him, knocking him back through the door but Sully manages to hold on to the door frame so he doesn’t fall. As Randall steps on Sully’s feet, Boo attacks Randall, allowing Sully to climb back in and grab Randall. Sully and Mike send Randall through a door, where the humans think he is an alligator and begin attacking him with a shovel, then destroy the door so Randall can’t come back. Finding Boo’s door, the try to send Boo back through but realize the power is off. Before they can make her laugh again, the door starts moving, having been summoned by Waternoose, who is waiting with the CDA to arrest Sully and Mike. Reaching the scare floor, Mike distracts the CDA and runs off with Boo’s costume and while they chase after him, Sully grabs Boo’s door and heads out, but Waternoose sees them and chases after them. Sully places the door in a station and goes through but Waternoose follows after and tells Sully that he will do what ever it takes to keep the company going, even if he has to kidnap 1000 kids. Waternoose strikes Sully and goes to grab Boo but grabs the training dummy instead. Suddenly, the lights come on and the wall lifts up to show Mike there with the CDA, having heard Waternoose’s confession. Waternoose is arrested and Sully and Mike are approached by the CDA’s #1 agent, which turns out to be Roz. Roz said that she had been undercover for 2 1/2 years but didn’t know Waternoose was involved until the grabbed Boo. Sully says he wants to send Boo home and Roz agrees, but summons a shredder for the door, saying that it is the rules. Mike says goodbye to Boo and Sully takes her back to her room and places her in bed hugging her goodbye. After Sully leaves, Boo tries opening the closet to see him again but only sees her closet as the door has been shredded. Leaving the company, Mike comments about how they effectively shut down the company but Sully realizes that there is a way to save it. Some time later, Mike enters a kids room and tries telling jokes but when he gets no response, lets out a loud belch which causes the kid to laugh. Returning to Monsteropolis, Sully congratulates Mike on reaching his quota as it is shown that Monsters, Inc. now focuses on making kids laugh, since it is 10 times more powerful than screams. As Sully is looking out over the floor, Mike takes him to a hidden room, where he shows Sully Boo’s door, which he had been rebuilding. Sully places the piece of the door he had kept as a memento into the door and the door becomes active. Stepping inside, Sully calls out to Boo and starts to smile when he hears someone calling him Kitty.

Monsters, Inc. was highly praised by the critics, earning a certified fresh rating of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is that it is, “Clever, funny, and delightful to look at, Monsters, Inc. delivers another resounding example of how Pixar elevated the bar for modern all-ages animation.” The movie would win an Academy Award for Best Original Song, Randy Newman’s first after 15 previous nominations. The movie was a box office hit, earning over $562 million off a $115 million budget.

Simply put, I love this movie. John Goodman (Sully) and Billy Crystal (Mike) did a great job with their voice overs and had some great comedic timing between the two. Steve Buscemi (Randall), James Coburn (Waternoose) and Bob Peterson (Roz) were also good with their voice work. The story was well written and had a lot of laughs as well as drama mixed in, making it impossible not to keep watching or be entertained. I will admit that I did tear up some at the end when Sully opens the door and hears Boo call him Kitty. It’s hard not too. The animation was incredible and definitely showed how Pixar has steadily improved over the years. A great movie to watch, even if you don’t have any kids to watch it with.

Rating: 5 out of 5