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May 31st, 2016 Movie – Rebirth Of Mothra III (a.k.a. Mothra 3: King Ghidorah Attacks)

rebirth of mothra III

So I close out May with the last of the Heisei Mothra movies. This movie was one of the harder movies to find back in the day because while the first two movies got a VHS and DVD release, this one never got an official release in the US. It did get a Sci-Fi channel premier, coincidentally on this very day back in 2003, which is how some of the non-die-hard fans knew about this movie. Granted, I was not one of those people and wound up buying it on VHS years ago and recently, when they released the entire trilogy on Blu-Ray, I bought that, which is how I come to be watching today’s movie, Rebirth Of Mothra III (a.k.a. Mothra 3: King Ghidorah Attacks).

The plot: On Infant Island, Belvera breaks into the temple and opens a box that contains the Elias Triangle, a sacred treasure of the Elias. When Moll and Lora confront here, a sphere containing three triangles emerges from the box. Belvera grabs the triangles and tries to escape on her mechanical dragon Garu Garu but the Elias quickly call Fairy, who rams into Garu Garu. Belvera drops two of the triangles, saying that the Elias will need them as the King of Terror is coming, then flies off. Moll and Lora examine the two triangles, which say Wisdom and Courage, and discover that the triangle for Wisdom fits in the hilt of Moll’s dagger, transforming the blade into a sword. In space, a giant meteor approaches Earth when it suddenly breaks apart and the fragments enter the Earth’s atmosphere. A man returning home from work notices the shooting stars and tells his family when he arrives home. They head outside to watch and witness a large meteorite crashing into the nearby forest. The next day, everyone is getting ready to leave but the parents wonder why the oldest son Shota refuses to go to school. In the forest, Moll, Lora, and Fairy investigate the meteorite and discover that it contains the essence of dinosaurs in it and she realizes that the monster that killed the dinosaurs has returned. At a school, a classroom sees something approaching but when it passes overhead the children mysteriously disappear, as do some children playing in a park and Belvera, who is investigating what happens says that it is King Ghidorah. Meanwhile, Shota rides his bike to where the meteorite crashed but finding the police trying to keep reporters and onlookers out of the area, he sneaks into the woods to try and make his way there. The Elias see King Ghidorah and, noticing that the children have vanished, they summon Rainbow Mothra to battle the space dragon as Ghidorah attacks the nearby city. In the forest, Shota uses a cave to make his way deeper into the forest and comes across a giant, pulsating sphere, which is where Ghidorah is keeping all of the children. When Ghidorah returns, Shota quickly hides, as the children inside the sphere try to hide as well. Rainbow Mothra appears and begins attacking Ghidorah but her attacks seem to have no effect as Ghidorah flies off in pursuit of the giant moth. Ghidorah attacks Rainbow Mothra and easily overpowers it, knocking Rainbow Mothra to the ground then grabbing her by the wings and repeatedly slamming her to the ground. The Elias and Fairy try to help and Ghidorah simply stares at them before throwing Rainbow Mothra into the woods before heading out to attack the city. Fairy manages to avoid being struck by Rainbow Mothra but as Moll asks if Lora is ok, Lora, having been infected by Ghidorah’s evil when it locked eyes with her, attempts to strangle Moll. They both fall off Fairy and fall towards the sphere but Fairy is able to rescue Moll while Lora is sucked inside. Belvera investigates the dome and, seeing all the children inside, decides to steer clear of it when she is attacked by strange tendrils which grab her and Garu Garu and drag them into the dome. Shota is using binoculars to look at the dome and notices that his younger brother and sister, Shuehei and Tamako are trapped inside. He doesn’t notice the tendrils approaching him but he is saved by Moll and Fairy, who explain what is going on. Meanwhile, Shota’s parents arrive at the school after hearing the news reports of the missing children and when they hear that the children were spotted inside the dome, Shota’s father tells his wife that Shota knows how to get there using the Wind Cave. Back in the forest, Shota, Moll, and Fairy enter the Wind Cave and travel through it until the come to Rainbow Mothra, and Moll tells Shota it is ok to approach her. Inside the dome, Belvera is trying to repair Garu Garu when Lora suddenly appears. When Belvera questions why she is there, Lora grabs the triangle from around Belvera’s neck and after placing it in her dagger, she attacks Belvera. Shota’s parents make their way to the forest and when they see Shota’s bike, they head towards the cave entrance and start to make their way inside. Moll tells Shota that Rainbow Mothra plans to go back in time to when King Ghidorah first appeared on Earth and try to kill it then but Moll is worried since Mothra will be unable to return to their time. Rainbow Mothra flies off, transforming to Aqua Mothra to better travel through time and Moll begins singing in order to lend her strength to Aqua Mothra as she makes the journey. When Aqua Mothra makes it into the pass, Moll falls off of Fairy and Shota races to where she falls. Moll asks Shota to free Lora from Ghidorah’s influence, as Rainbow Mothra will need her power in order to defeat Ghidroah, and gives him her sword to give him courage before she turns into a statue. Shota makes his way to the dome and after preparing himself, taunts Ghidorah, who quickly sucks him inside the dome. Inside, Shota begins looking for Lora, Shuehei and Tamako when suddenly, acid starts emerging from various openings in the ground as Ghidorah prepares to eat the children. Back in the past, King Ghidorah is feeding on dinosaurs when Rainbow Mothra begins attacking it. Rainbow Mothra seems to have the upper hand but Rainbow Mothra is still not fully recovered from it’s wounds, and Ghidorah manages to get the advantage. Inside the dome, Shota manages to find Lora but Belvera warns him to stay back. When Lora tries to kill Shota, Belvera pleads with her to stop and Shota tells Lora it was Molls last request that she help Mothra. Lora changes back to normal and collapses and Belvera watches as Lora’s sword merges with Moll’s. Belvera manages to get free and has Shota hand her the sword, which she combines with her own to form a powerful sabre. She explains that the three powers of Wisdom, Courage, and Love can work independently but are meant to work in unison, then Belvera attempts to destroy the dome. Back in the past, Rainbow Mothra manages to blast off one of Ghidorah’s tails, which quickly burrows underground, but Ghidorah proves to be too strong and she finds herself mortally wounded. In the present, Lora comes too and after Shota tells her that Rainbow Mothra needs her help, she begins singing, lending her strength to Rainbow Mothra. Rainbow Mothra manages to escape Ghidorah’s death blow and grabs Ghidorah, flying the monster towards a massive volcano and dropping it inside, killing Ghidorah when the volcano explodes. Rainbow Mothra is thrown by the force of the explosion and crashes to the ground and three ancient versions of Mothra approach her and begin encasing her in a cocoon. In the present, Ghidroah and the dome disappear and Shota is reunited with Shuehei and Tamako. They join Lora and Belvera at Moll’s body but Belvera thinks it is strange that even though Ghidorah and the dome disappeared, nothing seemed to have changed. Suddenly, Ghidorah appears out of a giant fireball and begins taking the children again, in spite of Shota’s parents efforts to save them. Belvera tells Lora that they are the only ones that can fight Ghidorah and the two ride off on Fairy to confront Ghidorah as Shota, Shuehei, and Tamako watch. Suddenly, the mountainside breaks away to reveal Mothra, now covered in armored plating, emerging from her cocoon. Armored Mothra easily overpowers Ghidorah and finally kills the space monster, after which it transforms into Eternal Mothra. As everyone is gathered by Moll’s body, Eternal Mothra speaks to Belvera and Lora, and they place the sabre in Moll’s hands, where it disintegrates and restores Moll’s life. Belvera comments about not always agreeing with her sisters before she flies off on Garu Garu. Shota, Shuehei, Tamako, and all the captured children are reunited with their parents and Shota and his family wave to the Elias and Eternal Mothra as they fly back to Infant Island.

Now while I was on the fence with the Mothra movies, today’s movie was definitely the best one of the set. The acting was pretty good and the main characters seemed to show more emotions than they have in the past. The story was good and I liked that they had Mothra fighting a fan favorite in Ghidorah. The special effects were pretty good regarding the monsters, but when they went to the past, the effects with the dinosaurs looked kind of week and there were still some times where the rear screen effects didn’t look that good. One thing that i did find funny is that it felt like they kind of ripped of The Legend of Zelda with the whole Elias Triangle plot point. Still, this is a very solid kaiju movie and one that is well worth watching.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5


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