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May 27th, 2016 Movie – Mosquitoman (a.k.a. Mansquito)


I know that there are a couple of people who will see today’s movie and refuse to look at it because they have already mentioned how much they hate this movie and how bad it is. But I choose to look at it a different way. See, this is let another one of those movies that goes onto the “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose Against…” list because, you guessed it, Corin Nemec stars in it. So let’s get into today’s movie, MosquitoMan a.k.a. Mansquito.

The plot: A prison transport bus is transporting Ray Erikson, a convicted killer, to a medical research facility run by Dr. Aaron Michaels and Dr. Jennifer Allen. At the facility, they are attempting to combat the deadly Gillen Virus by dosing infected mosquitoes with controlled levels of radiation in order to kill the virus in them, then releasing the mosquitoes so they will breed with other mosquitoes so that the virus will be eradicated. Jennifer and Aaron argue about whether they should release the mosquitoes, with Jennifer wanting to run more tests, unaware that Aaron had secretly approved to have Ray brought there to be a test subject. When the transport arrives at the lab, the guards fill out the paperwork for Ray’s transfer but Ray, who had managed to unlock his restraints, grabs one of the guards’ guns and proceeds to shoot the guards before taking Jennifer’s assistant Liz hostage. Ray forces Jennifer to open the lab door and when the security guards try to get in, he shoots Liz, then grabs Jennifer, taking her into the tent where the mosquitoes are kept. Jennifer bites Ray’s arm and he tosses her across the desk, where she falls to the floor unconscious. The guards enter and begin firing at Ray but when they hit some of the tanks in the tent, it causes the radiation chamber to explode, covering Ray in the gel containing the radiated mosquitoes. Jennifer regains consciousness and presses the button to remove the excess radiation from the room, wiping off some of the gel that was on her arm in the process. The guards enter the room to check on her and find that Ray has managed to escape through a service hatch. Outside, Ray makes it into the parking garage but collapses in pain as his arm suddenly starts to mutate into a clawed limb. Leaving the lab, Ray breaks into his ex-girlfriend Tia’s apartment and when she gets home, Ray asks for her car but he suddenly starts mutating and transforms into a man-sized mosquito larva and kills Tia. Back at the lab, the police arrive, led by Jennifer’s boyfriend, Lt. Thomas Randall and his partner, Detective Charlie Morrison. While Charlie questions Aaron, Thomas checks on Jennifer, who says she is fine, then speaks with Charlie. When Charlie tells him that the escaped prisoner was Ray Erikson, Thomas tells Charlie that he helped capture Ray and warns him that Ray killed 12 people before he was caught last time. Thomas takes Jennifer back to her apartment, unaware that the Mansquito is observing them. As Jennifer is brushing her teeth, she notices a discoloration on her arm but thinks nothing of it and decides to check her research data to keep her mind off things. In the morning, Thomas is woken up by a call from Charlie, telling him about Tia’s death and he gets dressed to head over there. Jennifer wakes up as he is getting ready and notices the discoloration has spread up her arm but doesn’t say anything to Thomas before he leaves. At Tia’s apartment, Charlie comments about the blood loss in Tia’s body and Thomas has a sample of some fluids on Tia’s couch taken to the lab for testing. Meanwhile, Jennifer heads back to the lab, where a drunken Aaron berates her and blames her for losing all of their work. When Jennifer says that he was the one that went behind her back to test the mosquitoes on Ray, Aaron mocks her and tells her to leave. When Jennifer leaves, the Mansquito bursts through the skylight into Aaron’s office and kills him, then heads to the R&B club, where it kills several more people. Thomas and Charlie are called into the scene at the club and Thomas feels like something is odd about all the deaths and decides to question Jennifer about it. Thomas takes Jennifer to dinner, where he questions her about the explosion and experiment before taking her back to her apartment. Noticing that she has been craving a lot of sugar, Thomas comments about it and she says it is probably just a stress reaction from the lab incident and the two kissing. As they are undressing and making out, Jennifer scratches Thomas’ chest and starts sucking the blood coming from his wound when his phone starts ringing and interrupts them. Thomas is called off to the site of more victims and after he leaves, Jennifer heads to the bathroom, where she spits out Thomas’ blood before she notices her arm bleeding and she suddenly starts convulsing as sores start appearing on her back. At the latest crime scene, Thomas studies a map of the abandoned subway tunnels and realizes that all of the crime scenes happened close to the tunnel entrances. Deciding to check out one of the tunnels, Thomas discovers more bodies before encountering the Mansquito. Thomas shoots the Mansquito but it has no effect and the Mansquito throws him around until Thomas manages to use his stun gun on it to chase it off. Thomas tells Charlie what happened and has him warn people about what it it while he heads to the lab to talk to Jennifer about it. Meanwhile, Jennifer is checking her blood and realizes that she is mutating when the Mansquito suddenly appears and as it approaches her, she ends up fainting. Thomas finds Jennifer still passed out and, seeing the condition of her arms, takes her to the hospital. At the hospital, Jennifer tells Thomas that the Mansquito was trying to mate with her, as it sensed she was transforming like it had. Meanwhile, the Mansquito kills a police officer guarding the hospital, then sprouts wings and flies to the roof of the building and heads inside. Thomas is called outside about the missing officer and leaves Charlie to watch Jennifer. Meanwhile, the Mansquito heads down into the hospital, attacking the police officers and S.W.A.T. team as they try to stop it. It eventually reaches Jennifer’s room and starts to grab her but Charlie distracts it long enough for her to get away while it kills Charlie. Jennifer manages to get outside, where a police officer finds her and places her in his car but she kicks him out of the car and drives off. Meanwhile, Thomas had grabbed a machine gun from the back of the S.W.A.T. van and makes his way inside, eventually finding the Mansquito in the blood lab and fires a grenade into the lab, causing the tanks inside to explode and seemingly killing the creature. Thomas is pulled free from the rubble and when he learns that everyone was evacuated, he heads to the lab, figuring Jennifer would go there. At the lab, Jennifer sees that one batch of altered mosquitoes survived the explosion and releases them, hoping that her data was right and they would eradicate the virus. As she is about to kill herself, Thomas shows up and says the Mansquito is dead but she tells him it is still alive, just as it appears in the lab. Thomas tries fighting it off and manages to injure it but as it prepares to kill him, Jennifer lures it away into the tunnels. Jennifer tries fighting it and gets knocked aside but Thomas shows up and uses his stun gun to attack the creature. Seeing the effect electricity has on it, Jennifer grabs onto the Mansquito as it tries to fly away, then grabs a power cable and uses it to electrocute herself and the creature. The next day, Thomas is writing up his report on the incident while watching a news report that discusses how the Gillen virus is suddenly disappearing.

I know a lot of people think this movie is terrible but it actually isn’t as bad they make it out to be. The acting was decent with some of the people and pretty bad with others. I really liked the story as it was kind of a throwback to the classic bug movies of the 50’s, where radiation results in a giant bug that kills people. I liked the effects involving Jennifer’s transformation, primarily her seeing the blood flow in people, as those looked really good. As for the Mansquito itself, it kind of reminded me of the creature from the remake of The Fly. It was one of the better monster designs from the early Syfy original movies. I know that a lot of people don’t like this movie but it can be worth a watch if you are in the right mind for it.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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