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May 26th, 2016 Movie – Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

mortal kombat annihilation

Long work days are never fun. What is even less fun is having to watch a bad movie before starting said long work day. Now don’t get me wrong because I do enjoy the occasional, or sometimes frequent, bad movie but today’s movie is almost Batman & Robin scale of being bad, and nobody should start their day off with something like that. Still, if I get it over with now, then my day can only get better (hopefully), so let’s get this over with and watch today’s movie, Mortal Kombat Annihilation.

The plot: Picking up where the first movie ended, Liu Kang, Kitana, Johnny Cage, and Sonya Blade have met Raiden at Liu Kang’s temple when a portal from Outworld opens up and Shao Khan’s fighters arrive on Earth, followed by his general’s and then Shao Khan himself. Kitana is shocked to discover that one of Shao Khan’s generals is her mother Sindel, who she thought was long dead. Shao Khan announces that in 6 days, he will destroy the Earth by having it be absorbed into Outworld. Raiden fights with Shao Khan to prevent that but when Raiden starts to get the upper hand, Shao Khan uses a whip to grab Sonya and drag her to him. With his boot on Sonya’s throat, Shao Khan demands that Raiden surrender or else he will kill her. Johnny Cage tries to attack Shao Khan and Shao Khan easily stops him and then threatens to break his neck. Raiden uses his powers to trap Shao Khan’s generals and says he will kill them if Johnny dies but when Shao Khan doesn’t back down, Raiden offers his life in exchange for Johnny’s but once Raiden releases his generals, Shao Khan snaps Johnny’s neck. Sonya and Liu Kang rush to Johnny’s lifeless body while Shao Khan blasts Raiden with an energy ball. Shao Khan then has Johnny’s body displayed on a statue and orders his men to kill Raiden and the others while he leaves with his generals. Raiden leads Liu Kang and the others to a secret chamber and uses his powers to seal the entrance. Once they are safe, everyone starts wondering how this is happening and Raiden says he believes that Sindel is the reason he was able to open a portal and if they can reunite Kitana with her, they might be able to close them. Leading the group to some bellashperes, which use the inner winds of the Earth’s core to travel anywhere on Earth, Raiden wants Sonya to contact Jax and she refuses, saying she doesn’t mind getting killed but she doesn’t want anyone else to die for her, but Raiden says that as a team they can beat Shao Khan but she needs Jax’s help. Meanwhile, Raiden sends Liu Kang and Kitana to find a shaman named Nightwolf, saying that Liu Kang will need his help in order to defeat Shao Khan. In his castle, Shao Khan sees his father approach and gloats about their impending conquest of Earth. When his father asks if Raiden was killed, Shao Khan says he got away and his father gets upset, saying that if the Elder Gods find out he used his powers to keep the portals open, they will both be punished and warns Shao Khan not to under estimate the power of the human spirit. Leaving the bellasphere, Liu Kang and Kitana start making their way to the surface when they are attacked by Smoke, a robotic ninja, and some of Shao Khan’s men. Liu Kang battles Smoke while Kitana deals with Shao Khan’s men but when Smoke is about to fire a missile at them, Liu Kang and Kitana are surprised to see Sub-Zero appear and freeze Smoke, allowing Liu Kang to kick him off a ledge before the missile explodes. Sub-Zero tells them that they have to leave and when Liu Kang questions how he is still alive, Sub-Zero takes off his mask, saying the man Liu Kang killed was his older brother. Sub-Zero he was helping Kitana because legend says she is the key to stopping Shao Khan. Kitana asks Sub-Zero to join them since they have a common enemy and Sub-Zero uses his powers to form an ice bridge but as he starts crossing it, he is attacked by Scorpion. Sub-Zero and Scorpion fight and when Scorpion appears to get the upper hand, Liu Kang leaps to help Sub-Zero and Scorpion teleports away, only to appear behind Kitana and teleport away with her. Liu Kang wants to go after Kitana but Sub-Zero tells him he isn’t ready before he disappears and Liu Kang reluctantly continues looking for Nightwolf. Elsewhere, Raiden has taken Sonya to a medical research facility that Jax is at and tells her to meet him at the Temple of the Elder Gods, where he is going to ask the Elder Gods how Shao Khan is able to invade the Earth. Sonya heads inside the facility and finds out that Jax had cybernetic enhancements attached to his arms to make him stronger. They are attacked by Cyrax, another robotic ninja, and some more of Shao Khan’s men but they easily defeat them. Looking at Cyrax’s body, they notice a strange tattoo on his shoulder, which suddenly comes alive and disappears, before they notice the self destruct on Cyrax and manage to escape before the building explodes. Elsewhere, Shao Khan is speaking with his men and kills Rain after learning that Rain had failed to kill two of Earth’s warriors, then appoints Sindel as his new general. Liu Kang arrives in the desert and is attacked by a wolf, which transforms into Nightwolf. Nightwolf explains that it is his Animality and says that for Liu Kang to beat Shao Khan, he must find his own Animality. Nightwolf tells Liu Kang that he must pass three tests, then knocks Liu Kang unconscious so he can enter a dream state to start the first test. In his dream state, Liu Kang has visions of his failures and begins to doubt himself but Nightwolf’s voice enters the dream, telling him to find the inner fire that drives him. When Liu Kang wakes, he finds himself alone while the ground is covered in snow. When a half naked girl appears and tries to kiss him, Liu Kang refuses her, saying his heart belongs to another. Suddenly the girl attacks him transforming into an assassin named Jade, while the snow covered land transforms back into the desert. Jade and Liu Kang fight and when Liu Kang gets the upperhand, Jade says he passed the second test. Liu Kang says there is still a third test but Jade says they need to rescue Kitana and leads him to the Temple of the Elder Gods. Meanwhile, Sonya and Jax are walking through the land, noticing how everything is dying due to the merger, but Jax is going frustrated with Sonya’s cryptic remarks and refusal to tell him anything. As the two start walking in different directions, Sonya is attacked by Mileena but she manages to defeat her while Jax beats a demonic statue that had come to life and tried to attack Sonya. Raiden meets with the Elder Gods to ask how Shao Khan was able to open the portals and they tell him that Sindel is the key to closing the portals but only when Shao Khan is destroyed will the Earth know peace. The Elder Gods then ask Raiden if he is willing to give up his immortality to help the humans. Outside the temple, Sonya and Jax meet up with Liu Kang and Jade, and they are forced to run from Shao Khan’s extermination squads. Raiden meets up with them and manages to open a portal to Outworld before Sindel uses her powers to destroy the temple they are standing in front of. In Outworld, the group sees the results of the merger and Jade tells them of a secret passage she used to escape Shao Khan’s fortress and says they can use it to rescue Kitana. When Sindel and a couple of Reptile’s attack them, Liu Kang heads off to rescue Kitana while the others try and capture Sindel. Raiden is blasted through a wall by Sindel and he is forced to deal with two of the ninjas but after defeating them, he finds that Jade had managed to defeat Sindel. Meanwhile, Shao Khan is giving a speech to his warriors when Liu Kang manages to sneak into his fortress. Seeing Kitana in a suspended cage, Liu Kang goes to free her when he is attacked by Baraka, a denizen of Outworld with blades that come out of his wrists. Liu Kang briefly knocks out Baraka, then is forced to defeat two more of his species before continuing to fight Baraka on top of Kitana’s cage. Liu Kang finally kills Baraka and frees Kitana and when Sheeva, a female Shokan (like Goro), enters the chamber to stop them, Liu Kang and Kitana make their escape after dropping Kitana’s cage on top of Sheeva. Rejoining the others, Kitana attempts to free Sindel from Shao Khan’s control but Sindel mocks the fighters and leaves, as does Jade after admitting she betrayed them. Wondering what to do next, Raiden tells them that the Elder Gods lied to him about Sindel and admits that he is now mortal. When Sonya notices a tattoo on Raiden and after telling Raiden about the tattoos on Cyrax and Mileena, Raiden tells them the tattoo is a family crest and that his father is an Elder God and Shao Khan is his brother. At his fortress, Shao Khan has Jade killed and then orders Sindel to prepare for an assault from Raiden and the others. Heading towards Shao Khan’s fortress, Liu Kang notices his home has merged with Outworld and the group sees Shao Khan there with his remaining generals. Raiden appears before Shao Khan and his father, Shinnok, and begs them to stop but Shinnok has Shao Khan kill Raiden. Liu Kang and the others attack Shao Khan and his generals; with Jax taking on the centaur Motaro, Kitana taking on Sindel, and Sonya taking on the ninja Ermac while Liu Kang faces off with Shao Khan. Shao Khan’s forces get the upper hand but Jax, Kitana, and Sonya manage to defeat their opponents. Liu Kang manages to use his Animality but Shao Khan transforms into his Animality to fight back and Liu Kang manages to pull him off the top of the tower that they were fighting on. Both of them turn back to human and Liu Kang notes that Shao Khan is bleeding, indicating that he is mortal. Shinnok tries to kill Liu Kang himself but he is stopped by the other Elder Gods, who decree that the battle must be settled in Mortal Kombat. Liu Kang manages to defeat Shao Khan, and the Elder Gods send Shinnok to the Netherrealm while Shao Khan is killed when his crest dissolves. The Earth is returned to normal and Sindel is freed from Shao Khan’s control. The other Elder Gods revive Raiden and have him take Shinnok’s place in their pantheon and Raiden tells the group that he will be watching them before he leaves.

Mortal Kombat Annihilation was heavily panned by the critics, only earning a 3% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is that “With its shallow characters, low budget special effects, and mindless fight scenes, Mortal Kombat – Annihilation offers minimal plot development and manages to underachieve the low bar set by its predecessor.” While it did make a small profit, the movie was considered a flop with it’s earning over $51 million off of it’s $30 million budget. As a result of this, the proposed third movie for the series was postponed and eventually cancelled, in spite of some people saying they would be reprising their roles.

There is bad, and then there is BAD, and this movie is definitely the latter bad. I mean, the first Mortal Kombat was a decent movie but this was kind of a joke. The acting was just terrible, with most of that being due to some terrible dialogue. The story was more or less taken from the third Mortal Kombat game but it still just came off as weak. The fights were ok but honestly kind of weak compared to the first movie. Of course, since this movie was going to be watched by a predominately male audience, I understood why they did it but I thought it was stupid to turn the fight between Sonya and Mileena into nothing more than a glorified mud wrestling match. If you find yourself watching this movie, quickly turn it off and watch the first one instead. You will thank yourself for it.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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