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May 19th, 2016 Movie – Monsterwolf


Honestly, the only thing I miss about not having cable is that I don’t have the Syfy channel. Syfy original movies are always some of my favorite things to watch. Luckily, my friends tend to help enable my addiction and allow me to come over and watch some of the movies at their house. Today’s movie is one such instance as I was able to watch it at a friend’s house. When I saw it available on DVD, I just knew that I was going to have to buy it and sure enough, I did, which is why I am watching Monsterwolf today.

The plot: On a stormy night, a digging team for Holter Ex oil company contact the site’s foreman and show him some artifacts they discovered as well as a strange blue flame hovering over a stone ring buried under a small hill. The foreman contacts Mr. Stark, the oil company’s owner, to tell him about it and Stark tells him to blow it up because if they report it, they will be “choked on red tape.” The workers set charges to blow up the ring but when they dust clears, the hill is gone but the ring is still standing. Suddenly, the flame above the ring goes out and a strange smoke starts pouring out of the ring. When a large wolf emerges from the smoke, the workers run towards a a fenced in area and lock themselves in but the wolf jumps over the fence and proceeds to kill them. The next day, Sheriff Bennett is at the site trying to figure out what could have killed all the men when they find a large tooth but don’t know what animal it could have come from. Stark is in town to try to get Chief Turner to sign over the deeds to the Native American lands but Turner refuses. Maria Bennett, Stark’s lawyer arrives and Stark hopes that she can help influence people to sign over their properties since she grew up in the area. Stark, Maria, and Turner drive to the site of the attack with Sheriff Bennett and Turner notices the flame missing from the stone ring. He says that the spirit animal that was trapped in the ring was released and killed the men. Meanwhile, another of Stark’s workers is attacked and killed by the wolf. Maria heads to the local grocery store to buy some items and several people there asks if her ex-boyfriend, Yale, knows she is in town. When she gets to her dad’s home, she finds Yale there and the two talk for a bit before Dale leaves, as Maria’s father has a warrant out for his arrest. As Maria is about to have dinner with her father, Stark calls her and tells her to meet him in his office. At his office, Maria speaks with Stark and comes up with a plan to buy up the lots that the tribe doesn’t own and when people see their neighbors getting all the money, they will help convince Turner to sell the land. Meanwhile, Yale is at the local bar with his friend Chase and as Yale leaves, two more of Stark’s workers leave as well but the wolf causes them to crash their car and it attacks them. The next morning, Maria sees one of Stark’s employees speaking with her dad’s neighbor, Burt, and when Burt asks if the deal is legit, Maria says it is and Burt signs the deal. As Burt goes inside and starts packing for a vacation, the wolf enters his house and Burt tries to hide but it finds and kills him. Stark and his assistant, Audrey, personally go to Yale’s house and try to get him to sign the deal but Yale refuses, then goes to Stark’s office to bring Maria some lunch and the two talk while they eat. Stark goes to the site of the second attack and berates Sheriff Bennett for not doing his job, then he calls in some mercenaries that he had hired for a job in Africa and has them fly in to deal with the wolf. At the sheriff’s station, Sheriff Bennett and his deputy are discussing the accident and the deputy comments that Turner might have something to do with the killings since only HolterX employees were being killed. At Holter Ex, Turner shows up in Stark’s office and tells him that the men Stark brought in to kill the wolf will be dead if they go into the woods. Stark realizes that Turner will never sell the land so he calls Coughlin, the lead mercenary, and tells him to kill Turner. Later that night, Maria is getting ready for bed when she hears something and she calls Yale and then the sheriff’s station but as she is on the phone with them, she sees the wolf in the window and ducks as it breaks into the house. Maria manages to run from it and climbs onto the roof of the house. When she sees the wolf outside, she breaks a window and climbs back into the house. Maria grabs a shotgun and almost shoots Yale when he enters the house but when the wolf appears, Yale grabs the gun and shoots the wolf. When the wolf doesn’t die, Yale tells Maria to run and the wolf tackles him but then chases after Maria, only to be struck by a semi. Sheriff Bennett and his deputy arrive and after making sure that Maria is ok, they arrest the truck driver for DUI but there is no sign of the wolf. Yale takes Maria back to his place to look after her and Mrs. Fonteneau and the checkout girl from the store bring over some food, which surprises Maria as she says that noone would have helped her in New York. Maria has Yale drive her to Holter Ex, where she tells Stark that she quits, then Maria and Yale go back to his place and end up having sex. At the sheriff’s station, Sheriff Bennett is watching the driver when they hear a wolf’s howl from outside and all of the car alarms start going off in the parking lot. Leaving the driver in his cell, the sheriff goes outside to check on things but the wolf makes it’s way inside the station and kills the driver, then escapes despite Sheriff Bennett’s shooting it. The next day, Sheriff Bennett organizes a hunting party to go out and kill the wolf, but the mercenaries see them and head out in a different direction. Meanwhile, Yale finds Chase asleep in his truck outside Yale’s house and when he wakes him, Chase tells him what happened to the driver. Yale tells Maria what happened and Maria decides to go see Turner to get some answers. Maria, Yale, and Chase go see Turner, and he tells them about a tribe that once lived in the area. When they could not defeat the white man, one of the tribes warriors prayed to the spirits and became an undying wolf  in order to take revenge for his fallen tribesmen. Meanwhile, Audrey calls Stark and tells him that Turner had filed an injunction in court so Stark contacts Coughlin and tells him to kill Turner that day. Back at Turner’s place, Turner tells them that the only way to kill the wolf was for another member of the tribe to kill it using an arrowhead made from the bones of an enemy, but the price for undoing the spell was that that the warrior would die as well. Maria says that the tribe no longer exists but Turner says that one member still lives but before he can say anything else, he is shot in the throat by Coughlin. The other mercenaries try to kill Maria and the others but they manage to escape. Maria, Yale, and Chase head to the sheriff’s station and tell Sheriff Bennett what happened, who tries to track down the mercenaries while Maria tries locating the last member of the tribe. Meanwhile, Stark calls Coughlin and is furious about what happened but Coughlin hangs up on him then assembles his team to hunt the wolf. They head out to the woods but the wolf manages to kill the three mercenaries and injure Coughlin but he manages to shoot the wolf and make his escape. Sheriff Bennett manages to see video of the mercenaries car and track the license plate back to Holter Ex. Sheriff Bennett and his men see that the car is heading towards an airstrip and head out to stop him but Maria, Yale, and Chase head out towards helipad at the refinery. Coughlin calls Stark and tells him he will pick him up at the helipad and stark hurriedly grabs his papers and stuffs them in his briefcase. As Maria races towards the oil rig, they end up getting in a wreck and Maria flashes back to the argument she had with her mom before they got in the wreck that killed her. Regaining her senses, Maria climbs out of the car and while Yale is helping Chase get free, she tells him that her mom told her she was adopted and that she was the last member of the tribe. Seeing the wolf heading towards the rig, Maria grabs a shotgun from the police car and heads after it. At the rig, Stark motions Coughlin to land but the wolf jumps at the helicopter and, turning into a ball of electricity, destroys it. As the wolf approaches Stark, Audrey and his security guards quit and run away. Maria shows up and asks if Stark had Turner killed and Stark says if he didn’t close the deal then he would have been killed. Maria lets the wolf kill Stark, then loads an arrowhead that Turner wore around his neck into the shotgun and shoots the wolf with it. The wolf turns into a pile of ash and Maria collapses but Yale and chase get there and with paramedic’s help, they manage to revive Maria. Some time later, Yale and Chase are sitting outside Yale’s porch when Sheriff Bennett and his deputy arrive and arrest them. When Maria asks what they are doing since she and Yale are getting married the next day, her father says he is just taking Yale to his bachelor party, then hands Maria an envelope containing some stuff from her real mother and she sits on the porch to read what was inside the envelope.

This is a fun movie to watch but it could have been better. The acting was decent, with Robert Picardo making an excellent bad guy in Stark but nobody else really stood out. I know she was the lead but I kind of found Leonor Varela (Maria) to be kind of annoying. The story was interesting and started out pretty good but got very predictable in the end. The special effects varied between being good and bad. I will say that the wolf turning into a ball of electricity was definitely a WTF moment in this movie. I also liked the animation during Turners speech about the legend of the wolf. There was definite room for improvement but if you like these movies, it won’t be a complete waste of time.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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