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May 10th, 2016 Movie – Mongolian Death Worm

mongolian death worm

Well today should be fun because I get to watch a movie involving a cryptid, a creature whose existence is suggested but not confirmed. Now generally, these types of movies tend to focus on the two most famous cryptids, Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, and I have seen several of those movies. So seeing a movie about a new cryptid is always enjoyable and the fact that it is a Syfy original movie just makes it more fun for me. So let’s see what is in store for me with today’s movie, Mongolian Death Worm.

The plot: At an experimental drilling plant in Mongolia, Patrick, the plant’s foreman, is complaining to two of his workers about the constant setbacks that have been occurring. As he sends one of his workers to get a part to repair a generator, Patrick speaks with his other worker, Bana, about his concerns that the corporate office might send someone to investigate the delays, which would interfere with the side project that he and Bana are working on. When another pump fails, Patrick and Bana leave to check it out, leaving the other man to fix the generator but when he notices the ground trembling, he is attacked and killed by a giant worm. The next day, a treasure hunter named Daniel is being chased by some armed men but when they see the local sheriff on the road ahead, the menturn around, promising to catch Daniel later. Daniel and the sheriff, Timur, talk for a while and Timur warns Daniel that Kowlan, the main crime boss in the region, is going to have Daniel killed but Daniel promises that he will be fine and says that he is close to locating a treasure in the area. At the village of Sepegal, Steffi, a volunteer for Doctors For Hope, Is doing what she can for the sick villagers while waiting for supplies when she hears one of the sick women saying something and a young woman tells her that the old woman believes the sickness is being caused by the death worms, a local legend. Meanwhile, the lead doctor, Alicia, and her assistant, Phillip, were transporting medical supplies to the village when their car broke down and they are unable to reach anyone for assistance. Timur drives up but when he learns where they are heading, he is unable to help as he is on a call in the opposite direction. Daniel pulls up and Timur convinces him to help the doctors but when Timur leaves, Daniel refuses to take them unless he is payed first and Alicia reluctantly agrees. Back at the plant, Patrick is talking with Bana when they learn about the missing worker and head outside. At the generator, another worker is repairing the generator and Bana is looking at a hole with some blood around it while Patrick is complaining. Bana tells Patrick that some of the workers didn’t show up after hearing about the other worker’s disappearance, believing the Mongolian death worms were disturbed by the drilling and caused the disappearance. When Patrick sees a truck pull up to the site, he realizes it is someone from corporate and tells Bana to move all of the crates from the lower level. Patrick meets with Mr. Bixler, who is there to find out why there are so many delays and as they are walking through the plant, they have another setback. As Patrick and Mr. Bixler continue talking outside, Patrick notices Bana talking to someone in a truck and when he gets a second to speak with Bana, he asks if that was the buyers and Bana says it was but that they believe they are being set up and refuse to deal without proof. Patrick gives him a pottery shard and tells Bana to show it to the buyers as proof. Meanwhile, Alicia is trying to learn more about Daniel as they are driving to Sepegal when Daniel’s car overheats. With nightfall coming soon, Daniel says they will have to wait till morning to continue the drive but Alicia wants to press on as soon as they can. Daniel tells her that the roads are not safe at night as gun-runners use them to move their shipments so he has Phillip help push his car off the road and they make camp. Later that night, Alicia apologizes to Daniel and they both admit a grudging respect for each other. Suddenly, the cars that were chasing Daniel earlier pull up and the men get out and take Daniel, Alicia, and Phillip captive and take them to see Kowlan. Arriving at Kowlan’s camp, the three are taken to see Kowlan, who begins questioning Daniel about what he found and Daniel admits he found an engraving of the worms and believes it will lead him to the treasure. When Kowlan says that worms have supposedly been seen near the oil plant, Daniel believes that the treasure must be located near there so Kowlan has Alicia and Phillip tied up while he proceeds to beat Daniel as he questions him. Back at the plant, Mr. Bixler is looking around the lower levels and Patrick is becoming increasingly nervous and tries to get him to head back upstairs and as he considers pulling a gun on Mr. Bixler when he is about to open a door, Bana shows up saying that there is a call for Mr. Bixler and leads him back upstairs. Meanwhile, one of Kowlan’s men is on his way back to camp after meeting Bana when he is attacked and killed by a worm. Timur is driving and sees Daniel’s car on the side of the road and realizes that Kowlan has him . Back at the camp, Daniel is brought to the tent that Alicia and Phillip are tied up in and when Alicia asks him what is going on, he admits that he is searching for Genghis Khan’s tomb and that he had an arrangement with Kowlan. When she asks about the worms, he tells her that they were mythical guardians of the tomb and that he has seen them, which he believes is proof that the tomb is real. Daniel cuts the ropes binding them and then tells Alicia and Phillip to wait for his signal before they leave the tent, telling them how to reach Sepegal. Grabbing a rifle, Daniel heads out of the tent and begins firing at Kowlan and his men, killing one of them. Alicia and Phillip use the distraction to get in a trucj and drive off. As the fight continues, worms suddenly appear and kill Kowlan and his remaining men but Daniel manages to kill one of the worms and get away. Alicia and Phillip make it back to Daniel’s jeep but when it still won’t start, they load the medicine and though Alicia wants to head back to get Daniel, Phillip convinces her to head to Sepegal first and deliver the medicine. Daniel makes it back to his jeep and gets it started just as some worms try to attack him but he gets away. Back at the plant, Bixler manages to get in touch with corporate on the phone but Patrick points a gun at him and ties him up in his office. Alicia and Phillip arrive at Sepegal and start trying to help the villagers, who have all become sick. Daniel arrives and says that they will need to move everyone because of the worms approaching and says that he will go to the oil plant and try to get some trucks from them to help move everyone and Alicia goes with him as she doesn’t fully trust him. At the plant, a second corporate worker shows up looking for Bixler but as he wanders the lower levels, he is killed by a worm. Meanwhile, Patrick ties up Bixler in a lower level and learns from Bana that they have lost contact with Kowlan’s men so Patrick decides to move the crates to a warehouse and they can figure out what to do from there. On the way to the plant, Daniel and Alicia find the Kowlan’s man’s truck with the remains of a worm on it and Alicia gets a a sample of the worm to examine while Daniel sees the engraving shard and picks it up. They continue to the plant and are met by a worker who tell them to leave but when a worm appears, the worker shoots the worm as Daniel and Alicia head inside. Inside the plant, Alicia asks what type of plant it is and the worker explains that they pump super heated water into the shale in order to extract the oil. Alicia believes the heated water caused the worms to revive and Daniel believes that if they shut off the pumps then they won’t have anymore worms thawing out. Daniel manages to get the gun from the worker and convinces him to show him how to shut the pumps down. They head down to the lower levels and proceed to shut off the pumps but when they hear noises, the worker panics and runs. Back at Sepegal, Phillip and another worker, Thuan, are getting water to boil when Thuan falls down the well. Phillip yells for help and when Steffi arrives, they hear Thuan scream just before a geyser of blood erupts and a worm starts crawling out of the well. Steffi and Phillip run back to the clinic where all of the patients are as more worms begin crawling out of the well. Back at the plant, Patrick and Bana come back but the other worker runs out telling them they have to leave and as he tries to get in the truck, Patrick shoots him. Alicia manages to get in touch with Timur briefly but when she looses the connection, Patrick finds her and takes her hostage. Timur heads to Sepegal and manages to shoot the worms that are outside the clinic and defends it until help arrives and then he heads off to the plant. At the plant, Daniel finds the tomb and but Patrick shows up with Alicia being held at knifepoint by Bana. Daniel puts his gun down but then distracts Patrick by pointing out what happened to Bixler and the end up struggling over Patrick’s gun. Both men grab their guns but Daniel shoots Patrick in the shoulder. When a tremor occurs, worms start breaking through the walls of the tomb and Bana is killed. Daniel and Alicia get away and Daniel realizes that the treasure is in the crates in the store room. Daniel realizes that the only way to kill the worms is to blow the plant up. Patrick tries to stop him but is killed by the queen worm just as Timur shows up. Daniel and Alicia overload the pumps so that they will explode and they all run for it but Timur is killed by the queen. The plant explodes, killing all of the worms and as Daniel and Alicia are laughing at their surviving, they are shocked when the treasure starts raining down around them. Returning to Sepegal, they see that the villagers are being evacuated and Daniel tells Alicia that he is heading back to collect the treasure but promises to giver her part of it as an anonymous donation to Doctors For Hope.

I was kind of hoping for a bit more but this wasn’t a bad movie. The acting was decent for the most part though some of the character development just seemed to fall apart towards the end of the movie. The story was interesting  and I liked the whole idea of the death worms being guardians for Genghis Khan’s tomb but I think they could have kept the Kowlan angle going a little longer than they did. The worms looked decent but to be honest, it felt more like they were trying to mimic the Graboids from Tremors and the worms in the King Kong remake so they weren’t that original. It’s not a bad movie but it did not quite live up to my expectations.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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