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May 7th, 2016 Movie – King Of The Lost World

king of the lost world

Well this is a little depressing but after 2 weeks, I have come to the last of The Asylum movies for the time being. I still have 4 more to watch that I bought from the warehouse sale, but I have a ways to go before I get to them. Now, today’s movie is pretty interesting. In 2005, a lot of buzz was going on about Peter Jackson’s big budget remake of King Kong. The Asylum decided to take advantage of this but instead of doing a straight up mockbuster of King Kong, they chose to do a retelling of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World, but add a giant ape to it. We will just have to see if that idea worked for today’s movie, King Of The Lost World.

The plot: When a passenger plane loses control and crashes onto a seemingly deserted island, the surviving passengers begin exiting the wreckage and checking their wounds while elsewhere, one of the flight attendants that was tossed from the wreckage regains consciousness just as a giant ape approaches her and eats her. Back at the wreckage, Ed Malone and John Roxton survey the wreckage and discover that only half of the plane is on the beach where they landed and after helping some more people, Ed climbs a nearby bluff to see if he can spot the rest of the plane. Seeing the cockpit in the distance, Ed tells John and they want to head out to the wreckage as the radio will be there and they are joined by some of the passengers, among them Rita Summerlee, Dana, and Natalie, but some refuse to head that way, feeling they will be safer staying by the wreckage. Making their way through the jungle, the group comes across a giant spider web and hear a strange hissing sound coming from the trees above them. When one of the group touches the webbing, he is pulled into the trees by a giant spider. When a webbed cocoon drops from the trees, the group try to free the man but find he is already dead. The spider attacks again, injuring one woman’s leg before the group is able to escape. They finally make it to the plane but Malone and Roxton discover that not only is the radio missing, but that the cockpit is not from their plane, indicating that people have crashed on the island before. Choosing to spend the night in the cockpit, they are surprised when they are joined by Lt. Challenger, who had made his way through the jungle on his own. After speaking with Challenger about where the cockpit might be located, a storm picks up and they go out looking for palm leaves to plug the holes in the plane. While they are out, one of the group is grabbed and killed by man eating vines and the other make a run for it. Malone falls into a cavern, where he discovers the dead body of a large flying reptile. As Malone and Roxton examine the body, they notice the spears that killed it and realize that some sort of people must live on the island. Meanwhile, back at the wreckage, the other survivors are captured by a strange tribe of people. The next morning, Summerlee begins to convulse due to the wound from the spider attack and another member of the group attempts to suck the venom from the wound. After treating her injury, Roxton carries Summerlee as the group continues searching for the cockpit, finding more signs that a tribe lives on the island, but miss seeing the giant footprint in the ground. As they are walking through the jungle, one of their group wanders off and is grabbed by an unseen person. Stopping for a rest, Natalie thinks she sees the plane but it turns out to be a crashed F-18. The group heads there but find the radio has been stripped from that plane as well. Seeing one of the bombs is still on the plane, Challenger tries to rewire it to make a flare but he is unable to do it. Continuing through the jungle, they stop for the night in a cave but when they are attacked by giant scorpions, Roxton and another woman are killed. Challenger, Dana, Malone, Natalie, and Summerlee manage to escape the cave but find themselves captured by the mysterious tribe of people. The group is taken to the tribe’s village and placed in a cell, where they find another prisoner inside. The man tells them that the tribe is made from survivors from a crash long ago and that they captured the group and plan on brainwashing the girls using tribal drugs and sacrificing the men to appease the jungle creatures. Soon the girls are taken away, where a woman examines them but when Summerlee slaps the woman’s hands away, she is sent back to the cave while Dana and Natalie are taken away and force-fed a potion. Malone is taken to the chief, who has one of his men brand him while Challenger is taken to see one of the women, who offers to keep Challenger from being sacrificed. When Challenger asks what the sacrifice is for, the woman explains it keeps the winged creatures from attacking the village and that they choose to keep the winged ones near because it keeps “Him” away. Back in the cell, Malone and Summerlee discover that the prisoner is the one that had been stripping the radios from the planes and when they press him about it, he admits that he has a secret way out of the cell and that there are two planes in a ravine below the village that he hasn’t gotten to yet. When Challenger refuses her offer, he is taken back to the cell and Malone and Summerlee tell him what they learned. Challenger then explains that he was on a mission to find a crashed plane that was carrying a nuclear warhead and to disarm it. Meanwhile, Dana manages to wake up and forces herself to vomit out the potion she drank. The next morning, Malone is grabbed and taken away to be sacrificed while Challenger and Summerlee make their way to the back of the cave to try and escape. Malone is tied to two poles and pleads with Dana and Natalie to untie him but they are unresponsive. Two women spread a blue dye on the chest of another captured survivor, then hand the bowl to Dana, who winks at Malone. When the tribe summons the winged creatures, they kill the other survivor but before they can attack Malone, the giant ape appears and begins attacking the creatures and the villagers. Dana frees Malone but when he asks about Natalie, she says that Natalie is one of them now. They head to the back of the cave and meet up with Challenger and Summerlee, then head down into the ravine. Finding the plane carrying the nuke, Challenger heads inside to deal with it while Malone and the others continue to the other plane to find the radio. Finding it, Malone works on trying to get it working but when the giant ape starts heading towards them, they are forced to run. Meanwhile, Challenger works on disarming the nuke when he is attacked by the woman he spurned. Fighting with her, he manages to overpower her and attempts to strangle her into unconsciousness but before she passes out, she manages to stab him in the side. Malone and the other attempt to escape the giant ape and are surprised to see some fighter jets arrive, distracting the ape long enough for them to get away. However, the planes begin flying erratically due to the island’s effect and crash into each other, as well as the ape. Malone finds Challenger, who gives him the detonator and tells him to use the nuke to kill the monster. Malone has Dana and Summerlee run, then uses a tribal horn to summon the winged creatures to attack the giant ape, distracting it long enough for him to get close enough to detonate the nuke, killing all of the creatures. Dana cries out thinking Malone is dead but when he rejoins them, she kisses him as Malone embraces both Dana and Summerlee. Summerlee asks what they are going to do now since Malone destroyed the last radio and believes they are going to die on the island but Malone says “Not today”, as they stare at the crater left from the blast while overhead, a winged creature flies into the jungle.

I do believe that this is the first Asylum movie that I ever saw and I have to say, they have come a long way since this one. The acting was decent for the most part but nobody really stole the show in my opinion. The story was interesting, being very, VERY, loosely based on The Lost World but throwing in a giant ape to take advantage of the new King Kong movie. If they had lost the references to The Lost World, I think it would have made it a better movie for me, even though the only references were the character’s names but knowing this was loosely based on the novel did make it a little harder for me to enjoy. The special effects were ok with every creature except for the giant ape, as that looked pretty bad. All in all, it is one of those movies I will watch if it’s on but I won’t actively go searching for it.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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