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May 3rd, 2016 Movie – Evil Toons

evil toons

Ok, so we get a brief break from all of the Asylum movies to watch something entirely different. Now this is one of those stupid B-movies that I watched years upon years ago but for some reason, I always thought it was funny in an absolutely absurd kind of way. So I had to make a purchase on Amazon for something over the weekend and this was one of the recommended movies on my home page so I basically was like, what the hell, and added it to my cart. So here is today’s movie, Evil Toons.

The plot: On a dark, stormy night, a man named Gideon Fisk enters an abandoned house carrying an evil book and hangs himself in the attic in an attempt to not fall under the book’s power but the book disappears, saying it will be back. Sometime later, the house is up for sale and a cleaning service owned by a man named Burt is in charge of getting the house cleaned up for the new owners. Burt hires four college girls (Megan, Roxanne, Terry, and Jan) to clean the house over the weekend, saying he will pick them up on Monday. As the girls enter the house, Terry starts telling them about the history of the house, saying that the last family that lived there simply disappeared one night, leaving all of their stuff behind. Megan goes to get the rest of their stuff from outside and meets the neighbor, Mr. Hinchlow, and brings him inside to meet the rest of the girls and he tells them that if they need anything to come over. The girls start cleaning the basement and Terry finds an old trunk that contains a dagger and a skull and the girls decide to leave the basement. Later that night, Roxanne is dancing and tries to get Megan to dance with her but Megan gets embarrassed when Roxanne opens up her shirt and runs upstairs. Outside, Gideon suddenly appears and when the book materializes in his hand, he heads towards the house and rings the doorbell. When Terry, Jan, and Roxanne open it, he gives them the book (wrapped in paper saying to “open immediately”) and leaves. The girls open the book and get Megan to try and read it. Megan reads some of the passages and says it appears to be a book to summon demons and the girls get unnerved by it and decide to go to bed but Roxanne says she is staying up as her boyfriend Bif will be stopping by. While Megan, Terry, and Jan go upstairs to bed and Roxanne is getting some wine from the kitchen, a drawing of a demon disappears from the book and materializes in the room. The demon watches as Roxanne returns to the room and changes into some lingerie, then attacks and kills her. The other girls hear the screams and think it is just Bif and Roxanne having sex but Megan decides to go and check on Roxanne. Downstairs, the demon hears Megan coming and takes Roxanne’s form, the tells Megan that everything is ok but Megan doesn’t believe her as her mouth is covered in blood but goes back upstairs. Bif arrives and Roxanne leads him into the living room and starts making out with him before revealing a mouth full of fangs and attacking him. Hearing the screams, Megan goes to check and finds Bif’s body and screams, causing the other girls to come downstairs to check on her. Meanwhile, Burt is contacted by Mr. Hinchlow about the screaming and heads over to the house to check on the girls. When he gets there, Terry, Megan, and Jan answer the door but have him wait outside while they hide the body. As Burt starts to get impatient, Roxanne appears and tells him that she will explain everything and has him follow her into the basement where she seduces him just before she kills him. Meanwhile, the girls drag Bif’s body into the kitchen then go back to open the door but when they see that Burt is gone, they figure that he got impatient and left. They go back into the living room and Megan notices that the drawing of the beast has vanished from the book and believes it has come to life. She sees some more writing about the beast and tries reading it but can’t make out all of what the book says. The girls decide to look for Roxanne and start searching the basement and find Burt’s body as well as Roxanne’s. Heading back to the house to get a weapon, they see that Bif’s body is no longer in the kitchen. Mr. Hinchlow appears and they ask to go to his house to use the phone. The stop to grab the dagger to use as a weapon and Megan shows Hinchlow the book, asking if he has seen it and he says it is a 17th century warlock’s book used for summoning demons. As Meg takes the book back into the room, Hinchlow suddenly disappears and Roxanne shows up, claiming that she was pulling a joke on the others and says that Bif and Burt were in on it. Terry leads the others back into the basement but find that Burt and Bif are both really dead. Roxanne shows up and says that Megan was right about the beast and that she plans on killing them and sending their souls to hell. The girls try to escape but while Megan and Terry make it out of the basement, Roxanne grabs Jan and kills her. Heading back inside the house, Roxanne looks for the dagger but discovers it is missing and tries reading the book to see if there is another way to kill the beast. Terry grabs the poker from the fireplace to use as a weapon and says they need to find Roxanne and kill her before she kills them. They start searching the house but as they reach the upstairs area, Roxanne attacks Terry and kills her. Megan runs but she trips on the stairs, hurting her leg, and crawls back into the living room. As Roxanne approaches her, Megan asks what she wants and Roxanne says she wants Megan to read the incantation again to begin freeing all of the other demons trapped in the book. Suddenly, Gideon appears and attempts to stab Roxanne with the dagger but Roxanne fights back and starts to overpower him. Megan grabs the wine bottle and hits Roxanne over the head with it and when her attention turns to Megan, Gideon stabs her in the side with the dagger. Wounded, Roxanne transforms back into the beast and starts heading for the book in order to heal itself. Megan grabs the book and throws it in the fire and as the book melts, the beast disappears. Gideon throws the soul shroud into the fire then explains that he brought the book to America and was responsible for all the evils it inflicted before he disappears. In the morning, Megan wakes up to find her friends and everyone are all alive, with no memory of what happened the night before and Hinchlow shows up with a portable TV so they can watch Saturday morning cartoons, causing Megan to scream.

There is no reason for me to find this as amusing as I do, but I just can’t help but laugh every time I watch this movie. It is one of those B-movies that almost makes fun of itself. The acting isn’t the best but there are times where it seems like the actors and actresses just seem to be having fun with their roles. The plot is pretty basic but is a little confusing, primarily where Gideon Fisk is concerned. The animation regarding the beast was decent but having it superimposed over the real life scenes wasn’t the best. I did like some of the allusions to past B-movies in the scene at Burt’s home. Burt, played by Dick Miller, was watching A Bucket Of Blood (which starred Dick Miller) and when he turns off the TV to go check on the girls, he wonders why the guy never won an Academy Award. There is also the bit with his wife, played by Michelle Bauer, tries to seduce him and when she leaves the room, you hear a chainsaw start up and Burt comments about how she’s going to get hurt one of these days, which is a reference to Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, which Michelle starred in. It is a ridiculous low budget movie but some people might find it as entertaining as I do.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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