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April 25th, 2016 Movie – Age OF Dinosaurs

age of dinosaurs

I hate not being able to breathe right due to being sick. It just makes my head feel like it’s in a vice due to all the pressure build up and it is kind of hard to focus on a movie when I keep having to blow my nose every couple of minutes. But enough complaining about being sick, it’s time to talk about movies. A dinosaur movie generally means that I am going to enjoy things so lets see just how true this is with today’s movie, Age Of Dinosaurs.

The plot: In a secret lab in Japan, a man named Doug Donovan is overseeing a project to try and recreate dinosaurs, but Dr. Craig Carson warns that they are not ready. Doug goes ahead with the procedure and the doctors succeed in creating a dinosaur but when it starts moving, the doctors in the room begin to panic and it starts attacking them, causing Doug to use a gas to subdue the creature. Some time later, Gabe Jacobs, a firefighter that has been furloughed, and his daughter Jade are given tickets to a special event at Geneti-Sharp by Gabe’s brother-in-law Leo, who works as a security guard for the company. As the crowd gathers in the auditorium, Doug meets with the company president, Justin, who has some safety and security concerns about the event but Doug assures him that everything is under control. When Justin gets on stage and starts speaking, Jade goes outside the room and begins listening to music and texting on her phone. Justin continues with his speech and shows the crowd the dinosaurs his company created, but when the ceratosaurus begins to act out of control, Craig uses gas to stun the creature to keep the crowd from panicking. Suddenly, a smaller dinosaur breaks free from it’s enclosure, causing the crowd to panic, and during the chaos, a power surge causes all the other cages to open. Jade hears the commotion and she goes to see what is going on but as she reaches for the door, it bursts open and Jade screams and runs. Hearing her screams, Gabe tries to make his way to Jade but finds his way blocked by one of the dinosaurs and he is almost attacked by it but is saved by Leo, who uses a taser to stun the creature. Gabe and Leo head out of the auditorium but don’t see any sign of Jade so they split up, with Gabe grabbing a nearby fire ax for a weapon. Outside, the police, under the command of Police Chief Dawson, begin surrounding the building but Dawson doesn’t believe the reports about there being dinosaurs inside the building. Jade is being chased by one of the dinosaurs and manages to lock herself inside a container in a lab and as the dinosaur tries to get inside it, Gabe manages to cut it’s head off with the ax. Realizing that she is safe where she is, Gabe leaves to try and find a way out for them, contacting the police as he does. He is connected with Chief Dawson, who doesn’t believe Gabe until Gabe sends him a picture of one of the dinosaurs, prompting Dawson to hurry in entering the building. Seeing a Dinosaur approaching, Gabe grabs a propane tank and heads for a nearby elevator but when the doors won’t close, he is forced to climb up the emergency hatch on the roof and begin climbing the cables. . The dinosaur enters the elevator and tries to get Gabe but is unable to make it through the hatch anfd the dinosaur’s weight causes the cables to snap, sending the elevator plunging to the bottom of the shaft, where it explodes. In his office, Justin berates Doug over what is happening and after finding out that he covered up the deaths in Japan, he fires him. Gabe shows up wanting to know how to get his daughter out of the container and Doug says he will help if Gabe gets them out of there. Leaving the room, the see a family trapped in a panic room and Craig accuses Doug of knowing about the panic room and wanting to use it for himself. With the only way to save the family and Jade in the basement, they start heading that way but Craig is killed before they get very far. They meet up with a SWAT team, led by Dawson, but before they can go anywhere, a dinosaur attacks them. Hearing the commotion going on inside, Lt. Crawford orders the power to be cut. Doug runs from the group and ends up in a medical lab where he is killed by one of the dinosaurs. Meanwhile, Leo enters the lab that Jade is trapped but is unable to free her due to the power being out but once the emergency generators come on, he frees her and they go looking for Gabe. The enter the auditorium and see the ceratosaurus feeding on some of the bodies. At the same time, Justin, Dawson, and the SWAT team enter the room and when the ceratosaurus turns it’s attention towards them, he yells at Leo, Jade, and Justin to run while he and his men open fire. Gabe had returned to the lab and found his daughter missing but when he hears the gunfire, he begins heading towards it. Justin hides as the ceratosaurus makes its way outside, and begins attacking the cops out there, followed by several of the smaller dinosaurs. Leo and Jade head outside, followed shortly by Gabe and seeing the carnage, they leave, with Gabe and Jade in their car while Leo drives a police motorcycle but are pursued by the ceratosaurus. When their car runs out of gas, Leo tries to distract the ceratosaurus but ends up being eaten. Jade runs into a nearby mall and Gabe follows her but they end up being separated and Gabe is almost killed by the ceratosaurus. Jade runs out one of the emergency exits and is forced to run back into the mall as the ceratosaurus shows up in the alley and begins attacking a nearby pteranodon. Meanwhile, at a warehouse next door to Genti-Sharp, storage tanks containing 100 more dinosaurs are malfunctioning due to the power being cut off and Justin tries to get the technicians to stop the tanks from releasing the dinosaurs. Gabe reenters the mall and finds Jade in the parking garage but they are forced to hide in a store when a dinosaur approaches. Outside, the ceratosaurus destroys a news helicopter that got too close to it and then begins taking fire from military helicopters, the explosions inadvertently saving Gabe and Jade. Gabe has Jade head up to the roof and signal for help while he tries to keep the dinosaurs from following. Meanwhile, the dinosaurs have escaped from the tanks in the warehouse and are following the trail left by the ceratosaurs, stampeding through the police barricade. Justin manages to escape in his helicopter and notices Jade on the roof and instructs his pilot to land. Jade convinces Justin to help her save her dad and they head back downstairs, meeting Gabe part way, who tells them they have to leave before the building collapses. Knowing that he would only slow them down, Justin tells them to go without him and heads downstairs to await his fate and ends up being killed by the dinosaurs. Gabe and Jade make it to the roof, followed by three dinosaurs, and just as the building is about to collapse, Justin’s helicopter appears and the jump for it. Gabe makes it and holds out his hand to grab onto Jade but she slips from his grasp and falls, but is grabbed by a pteranodon. Gabe tells the pilot to follow it and tries to rescue Jade from where the pteranodon dropped her on the Hollywood sign but the pteranodon attacks the helicopter, causing it to crash onto the sign, killing the pilot. Gabe has the pteranodon try and attack him inside the helicopter and when it gets stuck, he pushes the helicopter so that it falls off the sign and explodes on the ground below. Gabe and Jade hug quickly before the stand next to each other and look out at the smoke rising from the city.

This is a fun movie to watch. Treat Williams did a pretty good job in this movie and I did like the interaction between him and Jillian Rose Reed (Jade). The story was essentially a rip-off of Jurassic Park but that honestly isn’t all that new. The dinosaurs were pretty decent but I did have two problems with them. The first was what to call the smaller dinosaurs because they weren’t raptors (they didn’t have the sickle-claw) but they never really called them by name. The second was…how does a spinosaurus scale a skyscraper? Because during the dinosaur stampede, you see a helicopter shoot one off the roof of a skyscraper. That was my WTF moment in the movie. The other problem I had was mainly some inconsistencies with Gabe’s weapon. He grabs the ax, which he uses to kill a dinosaur. Then he puts it down when he grabs the propane tank and places it in the elevator. When he meets up with Justin, Craig, and Doug, he has the ax again. He loses the ax again when he is stunned and when he meets with Jade and Leo outside, he has a shotgun. Now yes, it can be easily explained (he grabbed another ax off the stairwell and picked up a gun from a dead officer) but they could have at least done a better job of explaining it instead of making it magically appear. Other than that, this is a bit of silly fun that can easily be used to fill the time in a boring, or sick, day of movie watching.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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