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April 15th, 2016 Movie – Midnight Chronicles


midnight chronicles

So, I might be in trouble with today’s movie. See, this movie is based on a RPG, which did not exactly pan out well for one of the last RPG’s to be made into a movie, Dungeons And Dragons. Now I have never heard of the Midnight game so I don’t know if that will factor in on how well I will like this movie but here’s hoping that this isn’t just something that takes up space since the only reason that I own it is because it was part of a set that I bought for the sake of one movie. So let’s see how good or bad today’s movie, Midnight Chronicles, is.

The plot: Ages ago, the dark god Izrador was cast out of heaven and banished to Earth. In retaliation, Izrador gathered the evil creatures of the land and began to try and conquer the free realms of Earth. He was repelled the first two times but Izarod won the third war and began his occupation of the world. During this time, a man is walking against the flow of travelers when he pauses to catch his breath for a minute and notices a woman approaching on horseback. Placing his hand on the hilt of his sword, he considers drawing it but changes his mind and lets the woman continue. Making his way into the woods, the man grabs a book and consults a map inside which he claims will lead him to freedom but when he turns the page, a symbol appears and the book suddenly catches fire. The man races through the woods until he reaches a cliff, where he is confronted by another man, Mag Kiln, a legate in the service of Izarod. Mag Kiln questions why the man would leave the legates before he kills the man and knocks the body off the cliff. As Mag Kiln is riding back to the legate’s home city, his companion, Kruse, tries to convince him that they should relax in the pleasure district and Mag reluctantly agrees to spending one day there. Suddenly, they are approached by Chuzara, a female legate, who tells Mag that he has been ordered to accompany her to Blackweir to help oversee the construction of the new temple and to investigate the disappearance of a fellow legate. Elsewhere, two priests are discussing a prophecy of a hero destined to rise against the Shadow and while one of them is skeptical about it’s seriousness, the other, Geddon, says that all threats to the Shadow must be considered as he plans on heading out to find out more information. When he is questioned about the temple in Blackweir, Geddon says that he sent a legate that has never failed him to complete the task. As Mag, Chuzara, and Kruse arrive at Blackweir, a group of rebels are looting and disposing of a supply convoy that they ransacked. A young woman, Iana, comments about their informant being right and tells the rebel leader, Morrec, that Mayor Lesher is blaming them for the high taxes in the city but the leader replies that it is better to be taxed than to have a temple built in the city. As he wanders the city, Mag runs his fingers over a mark on his hand, thinking back to when his mentor Geddon noticed them. Reaching the site of the temple, Mag comments that there are many souls there, but the missing legate is not among them. Elsewhere in the city, Gaelen is paying the tithe for his family’s farm when he notices Iana and calls out to her but she tells him to go home and not call on her again. In the temple, Mag and Chuzara begin chanting , causing spirits to rise up around the temple, which Mag absorbs into his hand, and once they have all disappeared, he says the temple has now passed onto him. In town, Lesher meets with a man, the master builder, who warns her about Mag and questions what they are doing but Lesher tells him to keep giving her details of the temple supply convoys and leave Mag to her. In the woods, Morrec heads to the rebel hideout, and speaks with Deleth, an elf who had remained behind while the rest of his people returned to their homeland. Telling Deleth that a legate was in Blackweir, Deleth asks how he knows and Morrec reveals the stump of his arm, which he had cut off when he stopped being a legate, and says that he can feel it when a “storm” approaches. Back in Blackweir, Gaelen approaches Iana and questions why she left and she tells him that she refuses to live the life he does and walks off, but Kruse takes notice of her. After meeting with Lesher and master builder, Mag notices some smoke coming from the woods and heads out there with Kruse to investigate. While he is gone, the master builder approaches Chuzara and offers information in exchange for sparing his family from punishment for his crimes. Gaelen returns home and tells his father that he saw Iana and that she had joined Morrec and his father says he is glad for her and wonders why Gaelen hasn’t done so as well. In the woods, Mag and Kruse examine the remains of the convoy when Mag is drawn to a strange rock, claiming that magic was performed there, but as he traces his hand across the symbols, a vision briefly comes to him which shocks him. Back in the temple, the master builder shows Chuzara a secret passage in the temple and she follows him inside, unaware that they are being followed by Crawlis, an assassin in Lesher’s employee. Dolan shows Chuzara a secret chamber that contains the bodies of several dead legates but when she exits the chamber and questions Dolan about it, she finds that he has been stabbed by an elven knife. Mag and Kruse have returned to Blackweir as Mag believes Chuzara is in danger and he sends Kruse to find her when they are approached by the town magister, who warns Mag of Lesher’s deception. When Chuzara shows up, Mag has his guards arrest Lesher and sends Kruse out to find Lesher’s man that sends word to the rebels. In his hideout, Morrec has a dream of when he renounced being a legate, and the shadowy force that is in the temple and removed his arm. The tavern owner approaches Morrec and tells him about Lesher being arrested and her impending hanging and Morrec says Mag is doing it to get to him.In town, Mag approaches Lesher as she is about to hang and questions her about the knife used to kill Dolan. When she doesn’t say anything, Mag stabs her assistant and kicks the block out from underneath him so that he starts to hang, then questions Lesher again, who tells him that all she knows are old wive’s tales. Meanwhile, Geddon arrives at another town and speaks with the head priest there concerning the prophecy and asks if “she” still lives. Back at Blackweir, Mag tells Chuzara to leave Lesher where she is until she talks or hangs hers. He then chastises her for following Dolan alone and when she asks what he found in the woods, he tells her it was a monolith from the first shadow war and the one rune that was repeatedly on there was “prisoner”. In the rebel hideout, Iana speaks with Deleth about where Morrec was and when he says he left, Iana says that Morrec is going to turn himself in to stop the hangings and she goes to stop him, with Deleth accompanying her. In the temple Mag and Chuzara are looking around the chamber with the dead legates and Mag notices a door that has a strong ward on it. Elsewhere, Geddon pays a visit to Shai, the First Watch, an elderly woman that was one of the first servants of the shadow. Shai asks him what troubles him and mocks him about his twin brother, who Geddon says he killed by his own hands. At the monolith, Morrec is speaking with a hooded figure, who reveals himself to be Geddon’s brother Grimnor, and Grimnor says that there is something that he must protect in Blackweir, but he feels that Mag would not be persuaded to stop what he is doing. Reaching the city, Grimnor uses his magic to spook a horse into knocking over a cart, then they use the distraction to enter the city, but Gaelen, who had returned to the city, sees them and decides to follow them. Back at the First Watch, Geddon tells Shai about some manuscripts found in an abandoned fortress and Shai comments about how she once lived there. She comments about a story of someone returning and Geddon says that the story is true and shows her a book showcasing a mark that the chosen one will bear. Back at Blackweir, Mag is meditating when his consciousness is projected into a fortress in the far north, where he sees a body being carried away bearing the same mark on it’s hand that he has and a shadowy figure confronts him saying “We will rise again.” Iana and Deleth use some underground passages to enter the city, where they are met by Gaelen. When Deleth kills a guard after he spots them, Gaelen takes Deleth’s bow and uses it to cover Iana and Deleth’s escape but then he ends up falling down a well in order to escape the guards himself. Iana and Deleth reach the town square just as Morrec turns himself in and as the orc guard’s beat him into unconsciousness, Deleth stops Iana from attacking and says there is another way to save Morrec. Morrec is taken to the temple, where Chuzara questions him, as he is the missing legate they were looking for. Morrec tries to ger Chuzara to turn away from the shadow but she refuses. Suddenly, Morrec begins convulsing and a shadow emerges from him and heads toward Chuzara. Kruse lets Mag know that Morrec was captured but when they reach the temple, they find the orc’s dead, Chuzara alive but unconscious, and no sign of Morrec. As Mag goes to look for him, he finds Morrec standing on a bridge underneath the temple and after Morrec kills the men that accompanied him, Mag begins to fight with Morrec. After disarming Morrec, Mag moves in for the kill but Morrec convulses and the shadow emerges from him once again, taking the form of a beast as it battles Mag. As Shai reads from the book that Geddon brought, what she reads mirrors what is happening with Mag as he kills the shadow. Believing what is written in the book will soon happen, if it hasn’t already, Geddon takes the book and prepares to travel to Blackweir. Meanwhile, Deleth takes Iana to see Grimnor, who takes them into a secret room beneath his home. When Grimnor tells Deleth that the guardian is dead, Deleth realizes that Mag is the harbinger. Iana makes a comment about the books she sees and Grimnor shows her that the entire room is filled with the books of generations, waiting to be taught again.

Ok. When I find myself getting bored with a movie and unable to finish watching it right away, there might be something wrong. Now this movie honestly isn’t that bad of a movie. The acting was a little stiff at times, but for the most part it was pretty decent. The story was a little confusing, as they kept cutting away to several different plot lines. There wasn’t a whole lot as far as special effects, as a lot of this focused more on the sword portion and not as much sorcery. The little bit of special effects that were used were the few times Mag cast a spell and the shadow guardian that he fights. I think the biggest problem with this movie is that they put so much stuff in this movie to setup for possible sequels, that the movie kind of suffered from a sensory overload, making it seem to drag out and be boring. Like I said, I don’t think this is necessarily a bad movie, but I definitely don’t want to sit through it again.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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