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April 8th, 2016 Movie – Attack Of The 50 Foot Cheerleader

ogy attack of the 50 foot cheerleader

So Tuesday was the birthday of Roger Corman, one of my favorite director/producers. To celebrate his birthday, I decided to go ahead and get some of the movies that have been sitting in my Amazon cart. Now I first heard about today’s movie and was excited as it was essentially a remake of a previous Corman film, Attack Of The 60 Foot Centerfold, which was a parody of Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman. I watched it when it premiered on Netflix and found it to be one of those types of comedies that strike a cord with me in a silly way so I knew it would wind up being in my possession at some point. That point is today as I watch Attack Of The 50 Foot Cheerleader.

The plot: At Iron Coast University, Cassie Stratford is attempting to follow in her mother’s footsteps by joining the cheersquad and pledging her mom’s old sorority, Zeta Mu, but Brittany Andrews, the president of Zeta Mu and cheerleader captain, is quick to put her down. After failing to make the cheer squad, Cassie heads to the Biology lab, where she works as an assistant to Dr. Higgs, and complains to Kyle, another assistant, about what happened. Dr. Higgs is showing Mr. Gray, a financial backer for his experimental rejuvenation drug Renew, the lab and their latest results and excited at the what he sees and the possible financial prospects, Mr. Gray wants to celebrate but Cassie leaves, saying she has another appointment. Cassie heads to the Zeta Mu sorority and, along with two other pledges, is embarrassed by Brittany, who marks what she considers imperfections with their bodies. Returning to her dorm to find her roommate having sex, Cassie uses her computer to skype with her mom and seeing her mom’s excitement about her sister winning a cheerleading trophy, Cassie lies and says that she made the team. Later that night, Cassie sneaks into the lab and decides to inject herself with Renew, unknowingly spilling a few drops onto a spider that is crawling on the floor. The next morning, Cassie is surprised to find that the drug worked and heads over to a party that Zeta Mu is throwing, where Brittany and some of the other sorority sisters are shocked at her appearance. While she is there, Kyle calls her and says that something broke into the cage holding their test rat and killed it but when Cassie says she can’t come to the lab right then, Kyle gets annoyed and hangs up. When Brittany’s ex-boyfriend Brandon starts flirting with Cassie, Brittany gets jealous and decides to have the pledges do a competition where they are forced to act like dogs. When Cassie manages to make it through the competition, Brittany screams out in frustration. Later, Cassie and her roommate Jett are watching the football game and Jett is concerned about what Cassie did and says that she should have told Kyle but Cassie said she was distracted, while staring at Brandon. Sometime later, Tiff, one of the cheerleaders, is in the shower when she is attacked by a giant spider but manages to get away, twisting her ankle in the process. With Tiff unable to cheer, Brittany is planning on reorganizing the routine but Cassie says that she can fill in. Brittany says that Cassie already failed to make the squad but when the other cheerleaders argue to let Cassie join, Brittany reluctantly agrees and tries to get Cassie to fail again but when Cassie does the routine flawlessly, Brittany storms off in a rage. Cassie excitedly shows Jett her uniform for making the team but while they are in class, Cassie suddenly starts feeling sick and they quickly leave. Jett helps Cassie into the Biology lab, and when Kyle shows up, he is shocked to see that Cassie has suddenly grown taller. Kyle wants to call Dr. Higgs but Cassie tells him no as she likes the attention she is getting after taking the drug. After a week of dealing with her new stature, Cassie is approached by Ryan after the football game, who is concerned about what the drug might be doing to her but when she refuses to talk about it, he gets frustrated and walks off. Brandon comes up and flirts with Cassie, inviting her to hang out after the annual fun run that night. That night, Brittany tries to embarrass the pledges again by making them drink a liter of whiskey before they start running but Cassie, getting sick of Brittany’s antics, downs the bottle herself before she quits the sorority. Brandon is amazed by this when Cassie suddenly doubles over and falls on top of him. While on the ground, the two begin to kiss when Cassie suddenly starts to grow again. Brandon freaks out at seeing this, as well as the giant spider that is approaching them so he starts running but the spider chases after him and is about to kill him when Cassie smashes it with a stop sign. Cassie heads to the lab and finds Kyle there working late, and after he overcomes his shock at seeing how tall Cassie has grown, decides to call Dr. Higgs for help. When Dr. Higgs arrives, they find that Cassie has grown even taller and he tells Kyle to find someplace to hide Cassie while he contacts Mr. Gray, who would have the resources they need to help her. Meanwhile, Brandon sneaks into Brittany’s room and begins telling her about what happened and Brittany starts asking him for more details about Cassie. The next day, after stealing a uniform from a giant inflatable cheerleader, Kyle has Cassie hidden inside the gymnasium while everyone is at the stadium for the homecoming game. Kyle is running tests on the spider leg and when the antidote he created appears to work, he heads back to the lab to get some more. At the lab, Kyle is approached by Brittany, who attempts to seduce Kyle into giving her some of the Renew but when he tries to put it out of her reach, he accidentally stabs her with two syringes of the drug, causing her to run screaming from the lab. Meanwhile, Mr. Gray has a security team accompany him and he plans on taking Cassie away to a research facility. When Kyle tries calling the authorities, he has Kyle shot with a taser, then uses a supersized taser to take out Cassie. Mr. Gray plans on flying Cassie out on a blimp, disguised as a promotion for his company. Meanwhile, Brandon goes to the sorority to see Brittany, who suddenly begins growing as they are having sex. Stealing the uniform from the other inflatable cheerleader, Brittany heads to the stadium, where she is confronted by Mr. Gray, but his taser malfunctions and she leaves him hanging from a light pole. Kyle and Jett try to give Cassie the antidote but she stops them, saying that she is the only person that can deal with Brittany. At the stadium, Brittany tries getting the crowd to cheer for her but begins to get angry when they don’t react. Cassie shows up and the two begin fighting, with Cassie eventually managing to knock out Brittany. Seeing her mom, Cassie approaches and apologizes for not living up to her expectations. Suddenly, Brittany begins growing again and Cassie continues to fight her. Kyle and Jett show up and manage to shoot Brittany with Mr. Gray’s taser but it has no effect. Kyle throws Cassie the syringe and she injects it into Brittany, then knocks her out again. Kyle approaches with a smaller dose of the antidote and gives it to Cassie, who begins to changes back to her old self. Kyle and Cassie kiss, then look at what Jett is pointing at, where they see that the dosage that Brittany was given caused her to shrink even smaller than she used to be.

This is one of those movies that is just funny because of how silly it is. The acting was pretty good, with most of the characters having fun with their roles and not treating them too seriously, especially Treat Williams (Mr. Gray), who really seemed to be having fun with his character. The plot was pretty simplistic, though I did like the brief side story of the giant spider. This was Corman’s first 3D movie and some of the effects could have been better, such as Cassie and Brittany’s taking exaggerated steps over cars, but for the type of movie, they weren’t too bad. It is completely juvenile at times, but still a funny movie to watch.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5


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