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April 6th, 2016 Movie – Metamorphosis (1990)


Well, yesterday’s movie was pretty decent so I wonder if I can go two in a row off of this collection. Who am I kidding, my luck isn’t that good. Still, I might as well give today’s movie the benefit of the doubt. Now when I went to look up this movie, turns out that there were quite a few movies with this title, and there were even two from the same year, but one had an additional title to it. But now I am rambling and just distracting myself from watching the movie so why don’t I just stop putting things off and get to watching today’s movie, Metamorphosis.

The plot: During a basketball game between students and faculty, Sally Donnelly is questioning Dr. Mike Lester how Dr. Peter Houseman was able to get financing for $200,000. The next day, Peter is teaching his class when he receives a message and goes to the head of his department to complain about it. The department head says there is nothing he can do as an investigator was sent down to question where the funding for the university went. Peter goes to see Mike, who is introducing Sally to some other members of the university staff, and asks for his help, unknowingly insulting Sally in the process, but Mike can’t do anything to help him. Back in his lab, Peter is working on his experiment and trying to rush the results but his test monkey ends up dying as a result. Later, Peter is in front of the board, who is going over his report on his experiment, and explaining what his experiment is about. The board is interested in his theories and decides to further discuss what to do. Peter continues working on his experiment and Sally goes to see him, intrigued by his proposal of being possible to halt human aging. During a lunch meeting, Sally is sitting with the other members of the board as they discuss what to do with Peter and Professor LLoyd, who has his own issues with Peter, directs the group to suspend Peter’s experiment. Sally tells Peter the bad news and he says that he can go to another university but Sally says that if he does, the board will tell the review board about his experimenting on human corpses. Faced with little alternative, Peter decides to try his serum on himself, using a low dose to try and ensure his survival, but he ends up collapsing to the floor in pain. Later that night, Peter goes to see Sally, who had just returned from a date with Mike, and he tells her that his experiment worked. She invites him in, where he meets her son Tommy. While talking, Sally notices a wound on Peter’s hand and goes to tend to it and ends up having sex with him. The next day, Peter finishes teaching his class, where one of his students, Patricia, flirts with him and gives him her address. As he is in line at the cafeteria, Peter is approached by his assistant Willy and after speaking with him, Peter rushes to his lab. Inside, he finds Professor Lloyd looking over Peter’s work and when Peter tells him to get out, Lloyd says that if the board chooses to resume the experiment, it will be under his control. After Lloyd leaves, Peter notices some blood stained wrappings and begins having visions of a woman’s violent death. Later, Peter takes Sally and Tommy to the zoo, but Tommy doesn’t seem to like Peter and comments about how the monkeys seem afraid of him. After having another dream about a woman’s violent death, Peter heads to his lab to run a test on himself and he discovers a chromosonal anomaly in his blood. As he leaves, the security guard comments about his leaving twice the night before, handing him a book of matches that Peter gave him, which Peter does not remember. Going to the hotel bar that is on the matches, Peter is confronted by the girl from his visions, who assaults Peter for his attacking her the night before. As the bar staff grab him and begin to beat him, Peter suddenly screams out and throws his attackers from him before grabbing one of them and after punching him several times, proceeds to strangle him. The next day, Lloyd is demanding actions be taken against Peter, believing him to be nothing more than a fraud. Meanwhile, Willy and Sally try getting in touch with Peter but he doesn’t respond to any of their calls. A week later, Peter approaches Willy and explains what is going on and asks Willy to help him, which will be difficult because Lloyd received the authorization to close the lab. Willy calls Sally to let her know that he saw Peter and he says he will call again later. Sneaking into the lab, Peter has Willy prepare the experiment and strap him down so that he can’t move. They start the experiment but as Willy goes to check the computer readouts, Peter manages to get free and leaves the lab. Peter heads to Patricia’s house and finding the door open, he goes inside, worried that he might have attacked her. Patricia tries attacking him with a knife but he manages to calm her down and tries to help her as she begins to vomit but something changes inside him and he kills her by slamming her head against the wall. Leaving Patricia’s house, he is spotted by a police car and they chase after him and end up being struck by their car. Willy calls Sally and tells her to meet him outside the hospital, where he gives her Peter’s serum then heads back to the lab to try and find a cure. As the doctors try to figure out what is happening to Peter, Sally sneaks into his room to see him, and is shocked at what has happened to him. Meanwhile, Lloyd confronts Peter in the lab and learns exactly what happened, then goes back to the hospital to tell Mike and the doctors. That night, Lloyd sneaks into Peter’s room and taunts Peter about his experiment and says that he needs Peter to hurry up and die so he can dissect him and find out what he has become. Peter kills Lloyd and disguises himself in his clothes in order to escape the hospital, and seeing Willy in the elevator, kills him as well for giving Lloyd his information. Peter goes to Sally’s house for the serum and starts to attack her but she manages to get away and lock herself in the bathroom. Hearing the door close, Sally leaves the bathroom but finds that Peter attacked her babysitter and stole her car, with Tommy asleep in the backseat. Peter heads back to the lab, killing the security guard when he tries to stop him. When the car stops, Tommy wakes up and waits until Peter leaves before he gets out of the car and tries to find a way out of the building. Meanwhile, Sally rushes to the lab, finding the dead security guard, and tries to locate Tommy. Tommy enters the lab and hides when Peter enters the lab and begins working on the computers. Seeing a key on the wall, Tommy tries to grab it but Peter spots him and Tommy tries crawling under the desks to get away. When Peter catches up to Tommy, Tommy grabs the vial of serum and throws it, distracting Peter long enough for him to run out of the room. Tommy runs out of the lab, eventually making his way into the basement, where Sally finds him. A security guard comes down to check on things but is attacked by Peter. Sally and Tommy run back to the lab and look for the key to try and escape but when Peter shows up and goes to attack them, Sally uses a fire extinguisher on him. Mike and the police manage to open the door from the outside and when Peter appears, now changed into a dinosaur-like creature, the police open fire. Entering the lab, they find Peter’s body has dissolved into a pile of goo and Sally goes to find Tommy, who had wandered off, before they leave. The next day, Sally and Tommy are driving back to New York and Sally asks Tommy where he got the lizard he is bringing and says to let it go or else it will die. When Tommy says the lizard will never die, Sally looks closely at the lizard and realizes that it is Peter.

I wanted this movie to be good but it didn’t quite make it. The acting was ok for the most part with Stephen Brown (Lloyd) probably being the best actor in the group. The story was interesting but they dragged things out so long that you end up losing interest in it before the end. Another thing is that while the flashback’s with the prostitute at the hotel was ok, you don’t see anything regarding what happened to Patricia and are only left to assume that he had attacked her earlier. The ending, where he was basically a dinosaur, was a bit of a stretch and the costume looked pretty cheap. Not a complete waste of time but not one to really watch out for.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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