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March 31st, 2016 Movie – Megalodon


Another day, another shark movie involving a megalodon. I will need to double check this but I think I have at least another 3 or 4 movies where a megalodon is the “villain”. Now I do love a good killer shark movie, or a bad one for that matter, but sometimes, I think that making the killer animal a giant, prehistoric shark is a bit of a cop out. Honestly, it seems like it’s done just to up the “wow” factor and try to make the movie more exciting. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Today’s movie, simply called Megalodon, kind of splits the middle in those categories.

The plot: Following a news story about Nexecon’s new oil rig, reporter Christen Giddings and her cameraman, Jake Thompson, have been invited by Peter Brazier, Nexecon’s CEO, to tour and do a story on Colossus and possibly help alleviate the concerns held by some scientists and environmentalists. After getting a tour of the surface tower from the rig’s manager, David Collen, they rejoin Peter for dinner and meet the rest of the crew; Rig Medic/Safety Officer Mitchell Parks, Chief Engineer R.P. McGinnis, Lead Sub Pilot Amanda “Maz” Zablenko, and Dive Chief Ross Elliot. The next morning, Christen and Jake join Peter, David, and Mitchell as they descend down the elevator towards the sea floor and Christen suffers a brief panic attack but wants to continue the descent. Reaching the ocean floor, the drill is started and Christen questions Peter as to why she was brought there and he tells her that he wants her story to be able to clear his name from what environmentalists are saying about his rig. Later that night, Christen and Jake feel the rig tremble and go outside to find Peter talking with Mitchell and R.P. discussing the issue. Heading down in the elevator, Peter speaks with Ross, who is in one of the subs, and asks what the problem is. Ross tells them there is a blocked suction line so he is doing a squeeze test to find the blockage and remove the section of the line. Later, the tube is brought into a hazmat area and Mitchell and David cut into it to see what the blockage was. When the tube moves, David and Mitchell relax when they see a cod fall out of the opened tube but as David goes to grab it, he is attacked by another fish inside the tube. Mitchell cuts the head off the attacking fish and then goes to treat David, who is going into shock from the injury. Later, Christen and Peter are in the dining room when they are joined by Mitchell and Ross. After telling them how David is doing, Ross tells them that the fish was thought to have been extinct for millions of years, and it was only a juvenile as the full grown fish was 8 feet long. Sometime later, the rig begins having problems with the drill as it keeps hitting pockets of air. Christen, Jake, Peter, Mitchell, and R.P. ride the elevator down while Ross and Maz are in the mini-subs on the ocean floor. Suddenly, the drill head breaks through and falls into a giant cavern and Maz gets sucked into the hole. Suddenly, a horde of the prehistoric fish begin swimming out of the hole and Ross powers down his sub so he can find Maz when it is clear while the others head back to the surface. Back on the rig, Mitchell and Peter check on David but his condition is getting worse due to an infection from the bite. They decide to send him back to the mainland but an approaching storm has the helicopter grounded so they are forced to send him in one of the drop-boats. Back in the cavern, Maz makes contact with Ross and begins to explore the underwater cavern. After alerting the rig that he made contact, Ross heads down to check on Maz and after a brief exploration of the cavern, they head back to the surface. Later that night, an alert is sounded on the rig and everyone meets topside, where Peter tells them that there are some instabilities, possibly due to the cavern’s opening, and some methane fires in the waters but they are away from the rig. Ross, Mitchell, R.P., Christen, and Jake head down in the elevator while Maz and Grady Harper use the mini-subs to see what is going on. Peter is checking the sonar on the rig and sees a large object moving towards them. Ross tells Maz and Grady to shut down and let the object swim past them but they are shocked to see that the object is a megalodon. Grady panics and tries to make a run for it but the shark senses the movement and attacks the mini-sub and kills him. After the shark swims away, Ross tells Maz to stay put while they head back to the surface and he will get in the other sub and help her surface. As they are ascending, the rig is struck by the megalodon, due the the vibrations from the generators attracting it’s attention. Mitchell tells Peter to shut off the rigs power and the megalodon starts to swim away. When R.P. uses the elevator’s auxiliary power to bring the elevator to the surface, the megalodon attacks the elevator, with the impact causing R.P. to injure his leg. unable to surface due to some damage along the shaft, they are forced to blow the anchors and float to the surface, where Peter will pick them up in a helicopter. When the elevator surfaces, they are close to the rig but Maz, who had surfaced in the sub, pushes them to an ice flow so they can be rescued. As the helicopter prepares to rescue them, Maz starts heading back to the rig when she is attacked and killed by the megalodon. As the helicopter starts to land on the ice flow, the megalodon is attracted to the lights and begins breaking through the ice to get to it, and ends up eating R.P. before the others are rescued. The helicopter attempts to land on the rig but the storm causes it to crash on the landing pad, killing the pilot and Jake. Coming up with a plan to kill the megalodon, Ross decides to use the last mini-sub to harpoon the shark and then overload the fuel tanks to cause an explosion and kill it. Mitchell turns on the generators, which lures the shark to the rig, and then Ross gets it’s attention and has it chase after him. Ross manages to harpoon the shark but as it heads back to the rig, he detonates the sub, killing himself as well as the shark. 3 months later, Christen is sailing off the coast of France and writing a letter to Peter while thinking about the events on the Colossus, unaware that another megalodon is swimming underneath the boat.

So there are some good things and some bad things about this movie. The acting was decent though there were times when the shark was attacking/killing people that Al Sapienza (Ross) was a little too overdramatic. The plot was fairly basic and used a good hypothetical situation to explain how the giant shark appeared. The special effects were pretty good for a B-movie but I think they might have relied too much on the CGI at times. I did like the shark itself but it was only there for a short time as most of the movie seemed like set-up. Is it worth the watch? I can’t speak for everyone but it will at least keep you invested enough for the 90 minutes that it is on.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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