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March 30th, 2016 Movie – Mega Shark Vs Kolossus

mega shark vs kolossus

This past July was a fun week for fans of shark based Sci-fi movies. Aside from the latest Sharknado movie, there were also five other new shark movies to debut that week. Today’s movie was one of those movies that came out and as soon as I heard about it, I was incredibly excited. Finding a trailer for it online, and finding out I could pre-order it, just made me that much more anxious to watch it. While I am a little sad that this is the last of these movies to watch for the time being, at least until the latest one comes out, I am still going to enjoy watching Mega Shark Vs Kolossus.

The plot: One year after the last attack by a mega shark, the US Navy, under command of Admiral Titus Jackson, is off the coast of Brazil to test some of their equipment designed to combat the megalodon when they come across a Russian trawler. After discovering that they were mining Red Mercury, the trawler is ordered back to port to face charges and they begin hauling up their drill, unaware that they are bringing up a megalodon’s egg sac with them. As the trawler is leaving, it accidentally causes the Navy’s equipment to malfunction and when they reboot, the discover a 30 foot baby megalodon has appeared. Ignoring the sonic barriers they were testing, the megalodon destroys the trawler and the Unicorn squad, using their specially designed mini-subs, engage the shark. The megalodon withstands their attack, sending one of the subs flying into the Christ the Redeemer statue and damaging the second sub, which tries to use it’s self destruct to kill the shark but fails. Meanwhile, in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in Ukraine, a Russian special forces unit led by Benedict and Moira meets with an arms dealer named Ivan, who has found a hidden bunker. Inside, Ivan shows Benedict a container of Red Mercury that he is selling them but he unknowingly activates a giant robot that was built during the cold war. When they become aware of the robot, Ivan makes a run for it but is killed by the robot while Moira, who is revealed to be a CIA agent, is forced to kill Benedict and then calls in about the robot. During a briefing about the megalodon, where they witness the megalodon attacking a relief ship and then a fighter plane that tried attacking it, Dr. Alison Gray argues they should try to capture the shark but Dr. John Bullock argues against that and Jackson tells the group that the extinction of the megalodon species is their only goal and has Bullock accompany him. Alison leaves the meeting but receives a call from Joshua Dane, who has her brought to meet him and says he wants to try and get her plan to work. Meanwhile, Moira is suspended following the events in Ukraine but seeing the file on Kolossus on her superior’s desk, she goes to see Spencer, the man who wrote the report, and convinces him to help her try to stop the robot. Off the coast of Gibraltar, Jackson has the fleet preparing to attack the megalodon when Alison, with Joshua on board his specially designed ship, contacts him and lets him know she has a working EMF generator that she can use to guide the shark away from civilian waters but Jackson refuse to listen and announces that any civilian casualties will be overlooked in the quest to kill the megalodon. The megalodon appears and Jackson has his fleet open fire but the megalodon destroys one ship and sends a torpedo flying into the wing of the plane carrying Moira and Spencer, causing them to crash. When Moira comes too, she finds herself on Joshua’s ship and after rejoining Spencer and meeting Joshua, they learn that the Russians are searching for the creator of the Kolossus, a scientist named Sergie Abramov. Remembering something that Abramov had once said, Spencer figures out where he might be hiding and Joshua loans them an Osprey helicopter to try and find the scientist. Meanwhile, Jackson uses a dead whale laced with C-4 to try and kill the megalodon but the megalodon tosses the whale onto the aircraft carrier that was towing it, causing the carrier to be destroyed. As Jackson, Bullock, and Lt. Commander Elisha Parker are on the nearby beach looking at the dead bodies when they are approached by Alison and Joshua, but Jackson refuses to consider capturing the shark. Meanwhile, Moira and Spenser arrive at what was once Abramov’s family farm and find Abramov in the diner where the farmhouse once stood. They try to convince him to help and he starts to tell them how to stop it when they are attacked by some Soviet soldiers. Moira manages to kill the soldiers but Abramov was shot and gives Spenser a pocket watch with a picture of his daughter inside, saying that Anya will show them the way, before he dies. As the Kolossus approaches, Moira and Spenser manage to get away just before the robot unleashes a detonation that destroys the small town. Back at sea, in an attempt to avoid any more deaths, Alison agrees to help Jackson kill the shark and uses her EMF generator to contain the shark inside a kill zone in the middle of the fleet but when the generator short circuits, the shark retaliates and destroys two ships. Jackson has Bullock and another sailor accompany him to the computer room, where he succombs to madness and shoots the sailor, then gives the sailor’s gun to Bullock and tells him to guard the door. Jackson locks everyone out of the computer system except himself, then orders a nuclear missile to be launched against the megalodon, then kills himself to ensure that nobody can stop the missile. Parker warns Joshua and Alison about what happened and Joshua comes up with an idea but he needs more time, so Alison grabs a miniature lure and uses it to draw the shark away, giving him the extra time. Joshua remotely reboots the computers onboard the Navy’s ship, causing it to recognize Parker as the commanding officer and she is able to self destruct the missiles. Meanwhile, Alison leads the megalodon into an inlet and has the Navy fire at the inlet walls, trapping the shark inside while she is rescued at the last minute by Moira and Spenser. Back on Joshua’s ship, Spenser is unable to find any lead on Anya but when they notice the watch causing some disturbance with a radio, Joshua examines it and they learn that the watch is really a compass that points towards Red Mercury. Using the compass, they find the lab where Abramov first invented Red Mercury, but it happens to be submerged in the inlet that the megalodon is trapped in. Needing a way to distract the megalodon, Moira uses the Osprey to lure the Kolossus into the inlet to fight the giant shark and they manage to take Joshua’s mini-sub into the lab. Inside, they find the control device and manage to get back to Joshua’s ship, where they are able to stop the Kolossus. However, Joshua has Alison, Moira, and Spenser taken captive and they learn that he had planned on taking control of the megalodon and with the Kolossus under his control, he can do just that. With both creatures under his control, Joshua issues an ultimatum to the world, causing the German, Russian, Ukraine, and US military to attack him but he uses the megalodon and Kolossus to easily destroy the attacking planes. When the US uses a satellite based laser on him, Joshua has Kolossus throw the megalodon into space to destroy the satellite. However, when the megalodon falls back into the ocean, the impact shakes loose the control implant and it attacks the Kolossus, knocking it out of Joshua’s control. Alison, Moira, and Spenser manage to escape and jump off the ship just as the Kolossus destroys the ship and kills Joshua. The megalodon and the Kolossus continue fighting and the Kolossus ends up grabbing the megalodon and self destructing, blowing up both creatures. Witnessing the explosion, Alison, Moira, and Spenser leave the area while somewhere in the Aegean Sea, another megalodon is shown to be emerging from it’s egg sac.

One more Asylum movie that is a lot of fun to watch. The acting was pretty decent, with Brody Hutzler (Joshua) doing a good job as the rich guy turned villain and Ernest Thomas (Jackson) playing the obsessed Admiral driven mad very well. The story was pretty interesting, and actually seemed to use the real life tensions with Russia that were occurring to help with the plot of the movie. Just like the last movie, the shark looked great, a lot better than some of the earlier movies and I really liked the design for Kolossus, reminding me a little bit of the titans from Attack On Titan. The special effects were what you would expect for this type of movie but they definitely weren’t on the cheap side of things. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t more fighting between the two monsters but all in all, this was a fun movie and one of the better entries in the series.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5


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