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March 29th, 2016 Movie – Mega Shark Vs. Mecha Shark

mega shark vs mecha shark

You know you have made it as a giant monster when you end up facing a mechanical doppelganger of yourself. I mean, Godzilla faced three different Mechagodzillas, King Kong faced Mecha-Kong. And now we have Mecha Shark, the latest opponent for The Asylum’s favorite giant shark film series. I honestly don’t remember how I heard about this movie but as soon as I did, I immediately went on Amazon and picked it up. So let’s see just how good of an opponent the mechanical version is in today’s movie, Mega Shark Vs. Mecha Shark.

The plot: A tugboat is towing a large iceberg into the port of Alexandria, Egypt when the heat causes the iceberg to break apart, releasing a megalodon that was trapped inside. The megalodon attacks the tugboat and sends it flying into the air, where it decapitates the Sphinx when it lands, and all sea and air travel shuts down across the globe as word spreads about this new threat. Feeling the impact of the lack of trade, the UN convenes a special meeting to discuss how to combat this latest creature. Meanwhile, Jack Turner and Rosie Gray are testing the Mark 1, a prototype submarine that is designed to look like a shark. As Rosie pilots the sub with the help of their AI, Nero, she comes under attack by a pair of giant squid but she is able to fend them off. They cut their test short when they receive a message that the UN’s giant shark submarine, the Mark 2, is ready. They meet with Admiral Engleberg, who shows them the completed sub and says it is ready to ship out. Rosie is ready to go but Jack expresses concerns as the sub has not been tested and Nero has not been installed yet. When the megalodon is spotted off the coast of Australia, Engleberg receives a call from Emma MacNeil, who tells him that based off fossil records, the megalodon will probably stay in the area for a while. Reaching the are where the megalodon was last seen, Rosie gets in the Mark 2 and, accompanied by the USS Virginia, goes after the giant shark. Rosie tags the megalodon with a GPS beacon and the Virginia fires two torpedoes at it, but while one torpedo hits the shark, the other is batted away and ends up destroying the Virginia instead. Rosie tries attacking the shark but is unable to pilot the Mark 2 and aim the weapons at the same time and the megalodon is able to strike the mechanical shark and then swim away. Rosie brings the Mark 2 back to the surface and Engleberg starts to berate her for the loss of the Virginia but Jack steps in, arguing that they need to install Nero to help coordinate Rosie’s efforts and Engleberg reluctantly agrees. As Jack installs Nero into the Mark 2, the megalodon continues it’s rampage, attacking an oil rig and causing the pipes to start leaking oil into the ocean. Once Jack is finished, Rosie pilots the sub to chase after the megalodon but when it swims into an oil cloud, Rosie is forced to use the Mark 2 to cap the damaged pipes to prevent more oil from leaking out into the ocean. When a 747 flies into the area, the megalodon leaps out of the water to try and snag the plane but the Mark 2 leaps out of the water to collide with the megalodon, saving the plane and sending the megalodon crashing back into the water. As Rosie continues the fight, she notices that the GPS beacon has fallen off the megalodon and she fires a torpedo at the shark but it bats it away, sending the projectile into a ship in the support fleet. Shaken by what happened, Rosie continues attacking the megalodon, following it into a trench but when she fires a torpedo, she misses and causes a landslide, which knocks her unconscious and traps the Mark 2 in the debris. The aircraft carrier USS James Stewart arrives in the area to help out when it comes under attack by the megalodon. Back in the trench, Nero comes up with an idea on how to free the Mark 2 and manages to successfully free the sub and begins floating back to the surface. Meanwhile, Jack learns that the James Stewart was testing high frequency emitters and he tells them to turn them off as that is what was attracting the shark. When the emitters are turned off, the megalodon stops it’s attack but ends up destroying the aircraft carrier after attacking one of it’s fighter planes and crashing down onto the ship. When the Mark 2 surfaces, Jack and Engleberg head down to check on Rosie and with no available pilots left, Jack agrees to let Nero take control of the ship on it’s own and continue the pursuit of the megalodon. When Rosie comes too, she receives word that Emma wants to see her so she flies out to her research lab in New Zealand. Meanwhile, Nero pilots the Mark 2 after the megalodon but is unable to find it amidst the debris from the carrier. The megalodon attacks the Mark 2 and knocks it offline before it swims away. Rosie meets with Emma, who tells her that the megalodon is heading towards Sydney, Australia, which was once a breeding ground for the megalodons. Meanwhile, the megalodon has reached Sydney and is attacking ships in te harbor. The Mark 2 arrives to continue fighting but the megalodon ends up knocking it out of the water and into the Sydney Opera House. With all of the Mark2’s systems offline, Jack heads out to inspect the damage and meets up with Rosie, who had arrived in Sydney and was trying to find a missing girl who had ran off from her mother. The Mark 2 goes haywire and ends up unleashing an amphibious mode to begin moving through the city. As Rosie and Jack are trying to get the missing girl back to her mother, Emma calls Rosie and tells them to try and lure the mecha shark back to the sea and let the megalodon destroy it. Rosie comes up with an idea and leaps into the mechanical shark’s mouth, and makes her way to the pulse generator and turns it on so that it will lure the megalodon to the Mark 2. Meanwhile, Engleberg’s ship, the Charles Davis, is using depth charges to try and kill the megalodon but the megalodon destroys the ship and eats Engleberg. Jack lures the Mark 2 back towards the ocean but some jets begin attacking the mechanical shark, causing Rosie to fall into the Mark 2’s chum pit. When the Mark 2 is blown back into the ocean, Jack uses the Mark 1 to head inside the shark and makes his way to the control room. Once there, he helps Nero regain control of the damaged sub, and saves Rosie’s life before he leaves the severely damage sub. Rosie begins swimming for surface, briefly getting snagged on a piece of metal and then she and Jack take cover on shore as the megalodon, attracted by the pulse generator, bites down on a torpedo and explodes. Glad that they are both alive, Jack shows Rosie a flash drive that contains a copy of Nero and says they can work on it later after they explain what happened to the Australian authorities.

While it was still entertaining, I have to admit to being a little disappointed with this movie. The acting was pretty good among the three main leads of Christopher Judge (Jack), Elisabeth Rohm (Rosie), and Matt Lagan (Engleberg) but Debbie Gibson’s continuously calling in with “helpful ideas” could have been cut to one, maybe two scenes at most, and honestly wasn’t really necessary. The plot was actually pretty good and did make sense (Yeh, that sounds weird to me too), but there were some story lines that they either needed to flesh out more or just leave out. For instance, when Rosie was unconscious, you see a dream sequence where it is revealed that she had a daughter with Jack and their child died, which led to her beginning to drink and after she wakes up, she ends up pouring out a bottle of gin that she brought but nothing was ever really said regarding it. As for the special effects, they did a pretty solid job on them, with some being surprisingly good and some being the normal bad jobs that make these movies fun to watch.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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