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March 26th, 2016 Movie – Mega Python Vs Gatoroid

mega python vs gatoroid

Before the whole Sharknado craze, you really didn’t get a lot of media hype about upcoming Syfy channel movies. However, there was a fair amount of hype about today’s movie around the time it premiered. For one reason, there was the story, along with the picture, about a python whose stomach had exploded when it tried to eat an alligator that was all over the internet, which made for a great bit of coincidental press coverage. But you also had two rival 80’s pop princesses duking it out alongside their giant reptile co-stars. Both Tiffany and Debbie Gibson had starred in Asylum movies before but putting them both together really was a good movie and made me anticipate watching Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid that much more.

The plot: Dr. Nikki Riley and her two assistants, Ben and Gia, break into a house and begin stealing all of the pythons inside. After managing to escape from the police, they head out to the Florida Everglades to release the snakes into the wild. Some time later, Terry O’Hara, the lead Park Ranger for the Everglades, refuses to issue permits to hunt alligators to the loacl hunters due to a decrease in the gator population. Later that day, Nikki is almost shot by three hunters, who were shooting a python and as she yells at the hunters, the group witness a python attacking a gator. Nikki goes to her lab to get some pheromones to lure the snakes to safety but as she is stopped on the side of the road, a large python approaches her and is about to strike before it is run over by Justin, Terry’s fiance. When Justin tells Terry what happened, she realizes that there are more snakes than the one Zeke and his friends killed and decides to issue special permits for the hunters to kill the snakes, as they are not native to the area and could decimate the ecosystem. The next day, Nikki gathers some people to protest the hunt, begging Terry to call off the hunters but Terry refuses to call it off and sends the hunters out. Unknown to the hunters, the pythons have started growing to an abnormally large size and some of the hunters are killed, including Justin. Grief-stricken over Justin’s death, Terry attacks Nikki, who said that Terry was responsible for the people’s deaths, before Nikki is escorted away from the ranger station. Trying to come up with a way to kill all of the snakes, Terry believes that they need a bigger gator, so Angie, one of her deputy rangers, takes Terry to see her grandson, who gives them some boxes of steroids including an experimental drug that neutralizes the inhibitors for muscle growth. Terry and Angie proceed to inject the drugs into some dead chickens, which they then start feeding to the gators. Unknown to them, Nikki, believing that Terry would do something to harm the snakes she is trying to protect, had Ben and Gia place cameras in the everglades and they record Terry feeding the chickens to the alligators. The drugs work as the alligators do begin to grow in size, but when some of the pythons begin eating the eggs laid by the alligators, they start growing as well. Some time later, Terry meets Dr. Diego Ortiz, who Angie had called in to help with the snakes, and he points out that the alligators and snakes are getting bigger. When Diego witnesses a giant alligator being killed by a giant python, he tries to warn Terry but she is more interested in the upcoming charity fundraiser for the Everglades and dismisses Diego. Meanwhile, Nikki, Ben, and Gia are in the Everglades and come across the skeleton of a large python when they are attacked by a giant alligator, which kills Gia. Nikki and Ben are chased into the swamp by a second alligator and Ben is killed but Diego manages to save Nikki. Trying to make sense of what happened, Nikki realizes that Terry had somehow increased the size of the gators and asks Diego to take her to her lab so she can get the proof. As Nikki gets the recording and prepares to crash Terry’s fundraiser, Diego heads back to the Everglades and blows up a gator nest that he had found but finds over a thousand more eggs in a nearby quarry. Diego calls Terry and tells her to cancel the fundraiser and call in the National Guard but she refuses to listen and proceeds with the event. After giving her speech, Terry confronts Nikki, who threatens to show everyone the recording, and the two begin fighting, knocking over several tables and eventually ending up in the swamp. Diego sees a large number of alligators and pythons heading towards the fundraiser and warns the people but they end up getting attacked, in spite of their efforts to kill the animals. Terry and Nikki stop fighting and head back to the party, where Diego and Angie are the only people left, and they all escape in Diego’s SUV. The group head towards Miami to try and warn people about the giant animals but they are too late as the city is already under attack and Angie winds up being killed. Deciding to work together to destroy the creatures, they grab a cropduster and head back to Nikki’s lab, where they load the plane with the pheromones to use as a lure for the animals while Nikki heads to the quarry to set up some dynamite to blow up the eggs and the animals when they arrive. Diego and Terry get the pheromones to start spraying and the animals start to follow them but as they try to lead them away from a nuclear power plant, a snake lashes out at the plane and causes them to crash. Diego’s foot is pinned in the wreckage and he convinces Terry to grab the pheromones and continue leading the animals out of the city and into the quarry. Meanwhile, Nikki is setting the charges but the eggs start to hatch and when she tries to leave the cave, she finds her way blocked by the mother gator. Terry had grabbed a car and continued leading the animals to the quarry and manages to save Nikki by blowing up the car as the gator tries to bite it. Realizing all of the adult animals are being drawn to the quarry by the cries from the baby gators, the two women are forced to hide in the storage container containing the explosives. Diego managed to free himself from the wreckage and after being picked up by a rescue helicopter, he has them fly out to the quarry. Hearing the helicopter, Terry and Nikki climb onto the roof of the container and start climbing the rescue ladder but Terry is killed by one of the alligators. Safely inside the helicopter, Nikki sets off the charges and kills all of the animals but the concussion from the blast causes her to fall out of the helicopter and land in the swamp. Wading back to the shore, she pushes away pieces of the giant animals when the severed head of a snake suddenly snaps it jaws and ends up biting her in half. One year later, Diego is giving a speech for the dedication ceremony of the O’Hara-Riley Estuary, named in honor of Terry and Nikki.

Definitely a “so bad, it is down right funny” movie that is worth watching. The acting was decent for the most part but there were times where both Debbie Gibson and Tiffany would be screaming for no real reason. The plot was kind of interesting, essentially taking what is happening in real life regarding pythons having been introduced into the Everglades and breeding and then kicking that up several notches. The special effects were not exactly the best and there were a few times where it looked like some of the scenes involving the alligators were taken from some older Asylum movies (primarily Supercroc and Mega Shark Vs Crocosaurus) but I would have to re-watch those to say for certain. One really funny thing in the movie was the number of subtle references to Debbie Gibson and Tiffany’s pop career, such as people wearing t-shirts from their old records or both women referencing the other singer’s song. A lot of fun to watch and sure to make you laugh, whether from the bad effects or the interactions between Tiffany and Debbie Gibson.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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