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March 23rd, 2016 Movie – Medusa


I think it is too early in the day for today’s movie. What I mean is that today’s movie is from the Chilling Classics collection and those have always been kind of hit or miss. Today however, my mind just doesn’t seem to be able to focus this morning so unless this movie manages to catch my attention, I don’t know how well I will be able to pay attention to it. Well, guess we will have to find out as I watch today’s movie, Medusa.

The plot: Out in the Mediterranean, a fishing approaches a yacht that is drifitng in the water and one of the fisherman boards the yacht and discovers the bodies of two people. Some time earlier in Greece, a engagement celebration is interrupted by a drunk man dressed as Elvis, who attempts to perform a song and is promptly thrown out. Later, the engaged couple, Sarah and Nikos, are eating at a restaurant when the woman notices her brother Jeffrey come in with two women and when she tries catching up with him, he storms off. Later that night, a mobster named Angelo meets with some men, then heads off to see Jeffrey, who owes him a large debt, which Angelo had borrowed from the syndicate to give to him. The next day, Sarah speaks with a man named David after he disembarks from his arriving plane but he is unable to talk very long and gets into a cab and leaves. As the cab is driving along the mountain road, it is held up by some armed men and after they grab David, they use a bulldozer to push the cab off the road and down the mountain. David is brought to see Angelo, who explains that Jeffrey owes him $173,000, which he had borrowed from the syndicate to give to Jeffrey. Since Jeffrey was due to get a large inheritance, but Angelo is trying to get the new will from David, the family’s lawyer, in case Jeffrey was written out of it. Meanwhile, a police inspector is investigating the scene of the crash and is trying to figure out what might have happened to David. Sarah goes to see Jeffrey and tries to convince him to stop spending so much money but before she can get very far, Jeffrey receives a call from Angelo and has to leave. Heading to where Angelo is, Jeffrey is shocked to see that they killed David but Angelo tells him that the will is with a man named Mr. Wells at a hotel and Jeffrey has to go get it. Jeffrey goes to the hotel and speaks with Mr. Wells and ends up killing him. While this is going on, Sarah and Nikos show up at the hotel looking for David, but the concierge says he is not there and directs them to Mr. Wells, who he says might know something about David’s whereabouts. While Sarah waits in the lobby, Nikos goes up to Mr. Well’s room but finds him dead. Later that day, Nikos is called to the beach, where the Inspector asks him to identify David’s body. That evening, Jeffrey, Sarah, and Nikos are at a casino that Angelo runs and Jeffrey goes to see Angelo, who tells Jeffrey that he needs the rest of his money. Since Wells and David did not have the will, they figure the only person that could have it was a stewardess that was with Wells, so Angelo tells Jeffrey to find the stewardess and warns him to stay away from the roulette wheel. When Jeffrey tries making another bet before he leaves, Angelo has his men grab Jeffrey and take him to the bathroom, where Angelo beats him up. As Angelo’s men are escorting Jeffrey from the casino, Sarah and Nikos see him and help him leave. The next day, Nikos tries to pay off Nikos to stay away from Jeffrey but Nikos tells him that Jeffrey owes him almost $200,000 and says that if Nikos tries to go to the cops, then all three of them will wind up dead. Meanwhile, Jeffrey meets up with the stewardess and ends up following her back to her hotel room, where he attacks her to try and find out where the will is. The stewardess mentions another woman  and Jeffrey lets her go, but a shadowy figure kills her while Jeffrey watches. Sarah had gone looking for Jeffrey and finds him in the hotel room and, noticing the dead girl, tries to clean things up and get Jeffrey out of there. The next day, the Inspector goes to see Sarah and Nikos and questions them about all the strange deaths recently. Later, Jeffrey and Angelo go out on Jeffrey’s boat and Angelo goes for a swim. As Jeffrey is calling out to Angelo, a figure dressed in black appears behind Jeffrey and pushes the throttle to full forward, leaving Angelo to drown out in the sea. Jeffrey heads down into the ship’s cabin and the figure briefly strangles Jeffrey but doesn’t kill him as it’s revealed to be Sarah and the two laugh and hug at Angelo’s apparent death. Later, Jeffrey meets with Eleana, the woman that possibly has the new will, and spends the day with her, eventually killing her. Meanwhile, the Inspector goes to question Sarah, who lies to the Inspector, then tries calling Jeffrey. Sarah goes to the beach and finds Jeffrey returning from having killed Eleana and the two walk off, unaware that Nikos and the Inspector had followed them. The next day, Sarah goes to see Jeffrey and tells him that they have to leave or they will be caught but Jeffrey runs off. In the town, Jeffrey is chased by the police but after running for a while, he grabs a kid to use as a hostage and climbs a nearby tower. The Inspector is prepared to fire a warning shot but Sarah arrives and convinces him to let her try and talk to Jeffrey, which he does. Sarah goes up the tower and convinces Jeffrey to let the child go, but while everyone is distracted by the little girl, Jeffrey and Sarah manage to make their escape. They make their way to Jeffrey’s boat, where Nikos meets them and reluctantly helps Sarah board the boat, then stands on the dock and watches as they sail off. As they are making their way out in the ocean, Jeffrey heads below to fix some drinks, placing a powder in one of them but when they have their drinks, Jeffrey had drunk the one with the powder and ends up dying, with Sarah holding him and crying. Back on the shore, the Inspector approaches Nikos and speaks with him, while movie focus back on the boat, and the two bodies that the fishermen found.

This was one of the most confusing movies I have watched in a long time. I honestly don’t know where to begin. The acting was decent I guess, with everyone doing a good job with their roles. The plot seemed simple on paper but the final product just seemed overly convoluted and confusing. There wasn’t a whole lot of action or special effects and even the scenes that were supposed to be suspenseful just seemed to fall flat. If it wasn’s a part of a collection, I probably wouldn’t have willingly watched this movie.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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