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March 21st, 2016 Movie – Mean Girls

mean girls

Remember when Lindsay Lohan wasn’t a train wreck and had a promising future. She wasn’t the first Disney star to go completely out of control but she is probably the one that set the bar for Miley Cyrus to top. Anyways, back to the original train of thought. So Lindsey Lohan back when she was a “normal” and wound up getting cast in the first movie that Tina Fey wrote. Who would have thought that the movie would become totally Fetch (Yeh, I know. Stop trying to make Fetch happen). Anyways, another movie left from the ex-wife, here is today’s movie, Mean Girls.

The plot: After 12 years of being home-schooled in Africa, where her parents worked as research zoologists, Cady Heron is attending public school for the first time. After a disasterous first day at school, Janis and Damian take pity on her and decide to help show her the ropes of attending high-school and warn her to stay clear of “The Plastics”, a group of the most popular girls in school. At lunch, Cady is being pestered by a guy and Regina George, the leader of the Plastics, saves her and invites Cady to sit with them and after finding out that she was home-schooled and from Africa, invites Cady to sit with them for the rest of the week. When she hears about this, Janis tells Cady that she has to hang out with them and tell her what they say. The next day, Cady is sitting with the Plastics and learns the rules about being in their group. When Regina leaves the table for a second, Cady mentions that she likes a boy in her class named Aaron Samuels, the other Plastics, Gretchen and Karen, warn her that she can’t do anything with him because he was Regina’s ex. After school, the Plastics take Cady shopping at the mall, where Cady sees first hand how mean Regina can be. Afterwards, they go to Regina’s house and Cady is shown the Burn Book, a book the Plastics use to write comments about the people they hate. When Cady tells Janis about it, she wants Cady to steal it to use against Regina but Cady refuses. As the weeks go by, Cady starts talking to Aaron and he invites her to a Halloween party. However, the night of the party, Cady shows up and Regina chooses that moment to get back with Aaron. Heartbroken, Cady goes to see Janis and Damian and Janis comes up with a plan to destroy Regina. While trying some simple methods to sabotage Regina, Cady works on breaking Gretchen, who is the biggest gossip in school and would know Regina’s secrets. Around Christmas time, Cady succeeds in making Gretchen doubt Regina’s friendship and Gretchen tells Cady about how Regina cheats on Aaron with Shane Oman. Cady, Janis, and Damian try to find ways to secretly alert Aaron to what is going on in the hopes that it will break Aaron and Regina up. Meanwhile, Cady gives Regina some Swedish heath bars and says they help burn carbs but in reality, they help people gain weight. Meanwhile, Cady keeps trying to talk to Aaron, pretending to do poorly in math so that he will tutor her. During a tutoring session, Aaron and Cady kiss but when he stops and says it isn’t fair to Regina, Cady tells him that Regina is cheating on him and Aaron breaks up with her. As the weeks go by, Cady finds herself becoming more and more like Regina, culminating with her complaining about Ms. Norbury, her math teacher, and writing about her in the Burn Book. All of the schemes paid off as Regina finds her social standing and friends failing her. However, when Cady invites Aaron to a small gathering at her house, it ends up turning into a massive house party and all of Cady’s lies come crashing down on her. Aaron stops talking to her and calls her a clone of Regina. Janis and Damian drove by and Janis argues with Cady about missing her art show in order to throw a party. And Regina learns about the health bars and in a fit of rage, writes about herself in the Burn Book, then turns it over to Mr. Duvall, the school’s principal, the next day. When Mr. Duvall calls Cady, Gretchen, and Karen into his office to discuss the book, Regina starts passing out copies of the entries around the school, resulting in a riot when all the girls read the entries. Mr. Duvall calls all the girls into the gymnasium to try and get everything under control. After showing that all of the girls have said things behind people’s back, Ms. Norbury has the girls write out apologies to try and help everyone get along. When Cady tries to get out of apologizing, Janis goes up and apologizes for what she and Cady did to Regina. Regina storms off and Cady tries to apologize but Regina yells at Cady and ends up getting hit by a bus. That night, Cady’s mom worries about what Cady has turned into and her dad grounds her for failing Calculus. The next day, when Mr. Duvall and the police are questioning students about whether Ms. Norbury sold them drugs, as alleged in the Burn Book, Cady admits to writing it, as well as everything else since everyone in school hates her anyways. Cady apologizes to Ms. Norbury, who forgives her and has her sign up for the Mathletes as extra credit for her class. The night of the Spring Fling dance, everyone is getting ready to attend except Cady, who goes with the Mathletes to the state championship match. When the match ends in a tie, Cady is called on to represent her school in a sudden death question. While trying to solve the question, Cady has an epiphany about her life and manages to win the match after her opponent answers incorrectly. Returning to the school, Ms. Norbury and the other Mathletes convince Cady to attend the dance, getting there just in time to learn that Regina’s boyfrined Shane was elected King and Cady wins the election for Queen. Stepping on stage to receive the crown, Cady give a short speech saying that everyone there is wonderful in their own way, then breaks the crown and shares it with the other nominees as well as people in the crowd. As the dance winds down, Cady manages to patch things up with Aaron. The next year, things have changed in the high school. The Plastics have broken up; with Regina joining the girls lacrosse team as a way to vent her anger issues, Karen starts doing the school’s weather reports, and Gretchen joins the “cool Asian” group. Cady is still dating Aaron, who is going to Northwestern, and claims to be back to a normal girl while Janis is dating Kevin Gnapoor, a member of the Mathletes that she used to hate. When Damian points out some “Junior Plastics” walking by, Cady imagines them getting hit by a bus if they break the peace that exists in the school now.

Mean Girls met with a lot of praise form the critics, holding a certified fresh rating of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is that it is, “Funnier and more smartly written than the average teen comedy.” A large part of the comedy’s popularity and cult status is due to Tina Fey’s writing, using elements from her own time in high school to help flesh out the story. Several lines and scenes were either cut or changed in order to keep the movie at a PG-13 rating instead of becoming an R-rated film. The movie was a box office hit, earning $129 million off a $17 million budget and is considered to be one of the top 50 teen comedies of all time.

Not my normal movie but I have to admit that this is a funny movie. Lindsay Lohan (Cady), Rachel McAdams (Regina), Lizzy Caplan (Janis), Jonathan Bennett (Aaron), and Tina Fey (Ms. Norbury) all did really well in their roles. The plot was fairly simple but the writing was really funny and definitely helped make the movie more enjoyable. Some of the funnier scenes to me were when Cady would imagine how the teenagers would act if it was back in Africa, and all the kids would start acting like various animals. A pretty funny teen movie that is surprisingly enough, relatively clean, so it is actually safe for young teens to watch with their parents.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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