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March 9th, 2016 Movie – Avengers: Age Of Ultron

avengers age of ultronEarth’s mightiest heroes are back again and everyone rushes to the movies to see them. I know I did as I wanted to see how the ultimate story in the MCU made it’s progression. I was curious to see how they would introduce some new characters and villain into the mix, mix, especially considering the comic origins of some of the characters won’t be able to be used. So yeh, there was a lot of curiosity in me generated by this movie and that tends to make me anxious to see such movies and makes me enjoy them a little more. That was the case with today’s movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The plot: In the Eastern European of Sokovia, the Avengers are attacking a Hydra base, believing it to contain Loki’s scepter, which went missing after the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. Inside the base, Baron Von Strucker, the leader of the base, sends out all of his soldiers to defend the base while he and his assistant, Dr. List, work on erasing all of their data on human experimentation that they were working on as well as their two successful experiments, Pietro and Wanda Maximoff. Against Strucker’s orders, Pietro heads out into the battle, distracting Hawkeye long enough for him to be shot. As Thor carries Hawkeye back to their ship, Black Widow goes to calm down the Hulk while Iron Man and Captain America head into the base, where Captain America encounters Wanda and captures Strucker. Tony works on retrieving Strucker’s files, then finds a hidden room, where he locates the scepter as well as some Chitauri artifacts, including one of their giant transports. Wanda sneaks up on Tony and uses her powers on him, causing Tony to see a vision of the Avengers lying dead at his feet  while a massive Chitauri force heads to Earth, with Cap’s words of “Why didn’t you do more?” echoing in his head. Spooked by the vision, Tony grabs the scepter and the Avengers head back to Avengers Tower in New York, where Hawkeye can receive medical treatment while Tony and Bruce study the scepter. Tony discovers that the scepter’s gem contains a highly advanced artificial intelligence and wants to use it in his Ultron program, a global defense program that he is trying to develop. With Bruce’s reluctant help, Tony works on uploading the program, then leaves Jarvis in charge while he attends a victory party upstairs. In the lab, Ultron suddenly comes online and after destroying Jarvis, decides that the best way to complete his mission of world peace is to destroy humanity. At the party, the various Avengers enjoy being able to relax for a little bit, with Cap commenting to Bruce on the growing relationship between Bruce and Natasha. As the party winds down, the Avengers, along with Maria Hill, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, and Helen Cho, are relaxing and the guys all try lifting Thor’s hammer (and Cap makes it budge which makes Thor nervous) when Ultron suddenly appears as a damaged drone from Tony’s “Iron Legion”. Taking control of the other drones, Ultron attacks the avengers but they are able to destroy the drones, and Ultron, but his consciousness escapes through the internet and he builds himself a new body in Strucker’s base. Later, Wanda and Pietro enter the church in Sokovia and find Ultron there, who enlists there help in taking down the Avengers. At Avengers Tower, Maria gives Cap a report on Ultron’s and the twins activities and they learn that Strucker was killed. With all of their computer records regarding Strucker erased, they go through all of the hard copies and Tony recognizes an arms dealer he once dealt with named Ulysses Klaue. Noticing a brand on his neck, they translate it as meaning “thief” in Wakandan, and Tony and Cap realize that Klaue has discovered a source of vibranium, the same metal in Cap’s shield. At Klaue’s base, Ultron and the twins show up looking for the vibranium and when Klaue makes a comment about Ultron sounding like Tony Stark, Ultron burns off his arm. The Avengers show up and Iron Man and Ultron begin fighting while Thor, Cap, Hawkeye, and Black Widow deal with Klaue’s soldiers and Ultron’s robots. Wanda uses her powers to incapacitate Cap, Thor, and Widow but Hawkeye manages to stop her from attacking him. Pietro rescues Wanda but she refuses to leave, wanting to use her powers on Bruce, who had stayed behind on the plane. Iron Man destroys Ultron, but not before Ultron tells him that he has the vibranium, then goes after the Hulk, using Vernoica (a mobile repair satellite) to keep his “Hulk-buster” armor constantly repaired as he fights the Hulk. After subduing the Hulk, Tony and Hawkeye get the rest of the team onto the jet and they leave and, unable to return to New York, Hawkeye heads towards his home, which was kept off the records in S.H.I.E.L.D. so nobody knows it or his family exists. Troubled by something he saw in his dream, Thor flies off to seek answers while the others all deal with what happened to them, with Tony and Cap arguing over what Tony had tried to do. Nick Fury shows up and speaks to the team and Bruce realizes that Ultron plans on using Helen Cho’s process to create a new body with the vibranium. At Helen’s lab in Korea, Ultron uses the scepter to control her mind and has her build a body, then breaks the scepters jewel to reveal an Infinity Stone, which he places on the body’s forehead. As he begins uploading his mind into the new body, Wanda is able to see his plans and is horrified by what she sees. Cap, Hawkeye, and Widow head to Korea and discover Ultron leaving with the body so they give chase, with Cap distracting Ultron while Widow tries to grab the body. When Pietro and Wanda decide to help Cap fight Ultron, Ultron leaves but captures Widow as she gets the body onboard their ship. Cap tells Hawkeye to get the body to Tony while he, Wanda and Pietro deal with a runaway train. At Avengers Tower, Bruce prepares to destroy the body but Tony shows him Jarvis, who had hidden inside the internet and was keeping Ultron from obtaining the nuclear launch codes, and want his help to upload Jarvis into the body. Cap and the Maximoffs arrive to stop Tony and a fight breaks out but it is broken up by Thor, who uses his power to bring the body to life. The android lashes out at Thor but then stops itself and apologizes. Cap questions why Thor brought it to life and Thor explains about the Infinity Stone and says that they won’t be able to stop Ultron with out it’s help. The android agrees with Thor and tries to convince them all that they must work together, which they do when they see the alien, calling himself Vision, lift Mjolnir and hand it to Thor. Heading to Sokovia, Thor and Bruce enter Strucker’s base, and Bruce manages to find and rescue Widow. Meanwhile, Ultron begins sending his robots to attack the city and the rest of the Avengers work on protecting the city when Ultron reveals his plan, using the last of the vibranium to power a device that will levitate Sokovia then drop it, causing an extinction level event. The Avengers work on evacuating the civilians and destroying the robots, helped by Nick Fury, who shows up with a helicarrier and Rhodey in his War Machine armor. The Avengers work on keeping Ultron and the robots away from the core, with Iron Man, Thor, and Vision combining their power to destroy Ultron but they only succeed in damaging him. Ultron grabs the Avenger’s plane and uses it to attack the Avengers, injuring Widow and almost killing Hawkeye but he is saved by Pietro, who ends up being shot instead. Ultron tries to escape but the Hulk, enraged that Widow was almost killed, jumps on the plane and throws Ultron out of it, sending him crashing into a bus where Wanda kills him. One of the robots reaches the core and sends the city crashing down but Iron Man and Thor combine their powers to destroy the city, saving the Earth. Widow tries convincing the Hulk to return but he turns off the communication and flies off while in a nearby forest, Vision confronts the last Ultron robot and after talking with it for a bit, destroys it. Thor leaves to find out more about who might be causing the Infinity Stones to appear while Iron Man and Hawkeye choose to leave the team for a while but Cap and Widow stay and work on training a new team consisting of War Machine, Vision, Wanda, and Falcon. Meanwhile, somewhere in space, a vault opens up to reveal a glove, which Thanos puts on and says he will do it himself.

Avengers: Age of Ultron didn’t have the same effect on the critics as the original movie, only earning a certified fresh score of 75% on Rotten Tomatoes. The critics’ consensus was that it was, ” Exuberant and eye-popping, Avengers: Age of Ultron serves as an overstuffed but mostly satisfying sequel, reuniting its predecessor’s unwieldy cast with a few new additions and a worthy foe.” There was a lot of focus made on Pietro’s character, as the character was also in the most recent X-Men movie, meaning that two different studios had the same character in their respective films but played by different actors. While not as successful as it’s predecessor, the movie was still a box office success as it would earn over $1.4 billion off it’s $280 million budget, making it the 7th highest grossing film in history.

This is a great movie to watch, very enjoyable, but there was one thing that bugged me but I will get into that in a bit. The acting was really god in this movie and actually did show work in showing a bit more of each Avenger’s character. James Spader did an amazing job as the voice of Ultron, and kind of stole the show in the scenes he was in. The story was good, the changes in character’s origins not really bothering me that much. I actually liked the idea of Ultron being a Stark invention gone mad since that would kind of be Tony’s worst nightmare. The action scenes were about as over-the-top as you could hope for in a movie with this cast of characters and did not disappoint and the special effects did a good job of adding to that excitement. My only complaint about this movie is that it didn’t really seem like so much of a stand alone piece but more a device to set up future movies. Tony and Cap’s various arguments on how to handle things is setting up the difference of opinions that will lead to Civil War. Thor mentions that 4 Infinity Stones have been found but he should only have known about 3 of them at most, so his learning that the Power gem was found, and his leaving to find answers just foreshadows the Infinity War. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed this movie, but those things just kind of left me feeling like more could have been done without all the foreshadowing.

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5


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