Flashback Review: March 28th, 2014 Movie – Batman: The Movie

batman the movie

It’s just a super hero kind of day as I review this movie I watched a while back. Now when I was a kid, I remember watching rerun of the old Batman TV show on TV, as well as catching the movie they ma

The plot: Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson were going for a drive when they receive a warning that the yacht carrying famed inventor Commodore Schmidlapp is in danger, they return to Wayne Manor and using the Bat-poles, change into their costumes as they enter the Batcave and race off in the Batmobile. Heading to the airport where the Batcopter is waiting for them, they fly off to the yacht’s last known position and Batman uses the Batladder to climb down onto the yacht. Just before he reaches it, the yacht suddenly disappears and Batman ends up plunging into the ocean. Robin raises Batman out of the water but a shark has bit down on Batman’s leg. Robin hands Batman a can of Bat-Shark repellant spray, which he uses to get the shark to let go of his leg, causing it to fall back into the sea, where it explodes. At Commissioner Gordon’s office, Batman holds a press conference to try and answer the reporters’ questions and assuage their fears. One of the reporters, Miss Kitka from the Moscow Bugle, asks Batman to take off his mask for a photo but they refuse, explaining that his and Robin’s identities are a closely guarded secret. After the reporters leave, Batman, Robin, Commissioner Gordon, and Chief O’Hara, learn that Catwoman, Joker, Penguin, and Riddler are all at large and realize that the four crooks have joined forces to commit the crime and Batman and Robin head back to the Batcave to try and find a clue. Meanwhile, Miss Kitka heads to a bar on the docks, where it is revealed that she is Catwoman in disguise and she meets with the other criminals, who have kidnapped Commodore Schmidlapp and tricked him into believing that he is still on board the yacht but it is stuck in heavy fog. At the Batcave, Batman and Robin find an illegal buoy, which they believe was used to project the illusion of the yacht to lure them into the trap. Using the Batboat, they head out to investigate the buoy, unaware that Penguin, Riddler, and Joker are observing them in the Penguin’s sub. Batman and Robin discover the projector unit in the buoy, then notice the sub’s periscope watching them. Before the can get away, Penguin activates the electromagnet in the buoy, holding the two heroes captive while Joker fires torpedoes at the helpless heroes. Batman uses his Bat-transmitter to send super energy waves at the torpedoes, detonating two of them early, but the batteries die before he can destroy the third one. When the torpedo explodes, the criminals believe they have killed Batman and Robin but unknown to them, a porpoise had swam in front of the torpedo, saving the two heroes from being killed. When they reach shore, they witness a missile being fired from the sky and two riddles are written into the sky. At Commissioner Gordon’s office, the crime fighters solve the riddles and realize that they point to Catwoman and Batman theorizes that the 4 criminal masterminds are out to take over the world. Meanwhile, Catwoman discusses the criminals’ plan to take over the United World Organization’s Security Council and how they need to get rid of Batman and Robin. Riddler decides to use each criminal’s strengths to lure Batman into a trap, with Catwoman posing as Kitka to seduce Bruce Wayne and use him as a bait for the trap. Kitka goes to see Bruce Wayne, showing him a note reportedly from the Riddler and Bruce Wayne decides to spend the evening with her to keep her safe, while Robin and Alfred keep watch in the Batmobile. Robin checks in with Commissioner Gordon and has him light the Batsignal, hoping it will cause the criminals to go ahead and make their movie. Seeing the signal, Kitka signals the other crooks and they capture Bruce Wayne and Kitka. At the criminal’s hideout, Bruce manages to trick the criminals into freeing him, then searches for Kitka but unable to find her, he makes his escape. Penguin comes up with a plan to trick Batman into taking him to the Batcave and uses Commodore Schmidlapp’s invention to dehydrate 5 of his goons, turning them into powder and placing them into individual test tubes. Batman and Robin return to the bar and discover a bomb there so Batman jumps down and grabs the bomb and races out to get rid of it, choosing to save the bar patrons in spite of their shady lifestyle. As Batman recovers, the pair are approached by Penguin, disguised as Schmidlapp, but Batman and Robin see through the disguise and decide to play along and see what Penguin is up to. Using gas to knock Penguin out, they take him to the Batcave, where the Penguin rehydrates the goons to attack the Dynamic Duo, but he accidentally uses heavy water to rehydrate the goons, causing them to be unstabel and disintegrate at the slightest contact. Penguin manages to get away but Batman and Robin follow him until they are accidentally knocked out of the sky by one of Riddler’s skywriting rockets. Penguin meets up with the other criminals at the United World Organization’s Security Council, and proceed to dehydrate the nine members, and place them in test tubes. Batman and Robin show up as the criminals are leaving but Catwoman stalls them by threatening Kitka’s life, allowing the crooks to escape. Batman figure out where they are heading and give chase in the Batboat, then use Batcharges to bring the sub to the surface, where the proceed to fight with the criminals and their henchmen. They manage to subdue the criminals but when Catwoman tries to get away, she trips and her mask comes off, revealing her identity as Miss Kitka to Batman and Robin. After calling in to have the criminals picked up, Batman grabs the test tubes containing the security council when Schmidlapp shows up and trips, breaking the test tubes and scattering the dust when he sneezes. Batman and Robin collect all of the dust and use their Super Molecular Dust Separator to separate the different particles into the individual containers. Heading back to the Security Council’s chambers, Batman and Robin re-hydrate the council but realize that the members now speak a different language than their native country and Batman hopes that this “mixing of the minds” will lead to more good than harm before the Dynamic Duo head out the window.

Batman: The Movie was well received by the critics, holding an 80% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The consensus among the critics is that “Batman: The Movie elevates camp to an art form — and has a blast doing it, every gloriously tongue-in-cheek inch of the way.” Producer William Dozier had wanted to do the movie while the TV series was running, to generate more interest in the show, but the studio didn’t want to cover the entire cost of the movie as opposed to only sharing the cost of the TV Show. Many of the characters from the show reprised their roles from the show with the notable exception of Catwoman, who was played by Julie Newmar in the first season of the show but due to scheduling conflicts, was replaced in the movie, and secodn season of the show, by Lee Meriwether. The movie was barely a success, as it only made $1.7 million off of a $1.5 million budget.

You absolutely can not help but laugh at how campy this movie is, which is why it is so much fun to watch. Every actor and actress were so good in their over the top performances that it is hard to list one as a favorite because they all did incredible jobs. The plot honestly felt like it was from and old school comic book, but filled with a lot more campiness. The scene with Batman trying to get rid of the bomb is definitely one of the funniest scenes to watch. The fight scenes were so over the top corny that they are just funny to watch, especially when you add the floating word balloons that would pop up when people would throw a punch or kick. Definitely a must see movie for any comic book fan, especially if you need something to watch and cheer yourself up.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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