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February 11th, 2016 Movie – 976-EVIL 2

976-evil 2

Yesterday I commented about how I tend to pre-order movies on Amazon. Well, when I pre-order movies, I tend to also purchase whatever is in my cart as well. Well a recent Amazon purchase included a 2 disk set of 8 horror movies. Now I got this set because it was a cheap way to get a couple of movies I wanted so everything else on it is just bonus movies. Today’s movie, 976-EVIL 2, is one of those bonus movies.

The plot: At Slate River College, a college girl is doing some late night swimming at the gym when she is startled by a nearby phone ringing. Later, as she is showering, the lights begin flickering and a strange man appears in the locker room. She tries to escape and ends up on the theater room’s stage, where she falls onto part of the set. The janitor, who had passed out drunk in the seats, hears her screams and witnesses the man killing her. The next day, a biker named Spike stops at a strip club for some food and as he is watching the performer, she tells him to “go back”. Suddenly, the pay phone on the wall starts ringing, but he is the only one that can apparently hear it, so he goes over to answer it. The call is from a daily horrorscope that mentions his friends all dying but the biker hangs up the phone and rides towards Slate River. In Slate River, the police have arrested Mr. Grubeck, the college dean, on suspicion of being the serial killer. When Robin stops by the precinct to see her father and sees Mr. Grubeck being led off in handcuffs, Robin sees images of her friend being killed when Mr. Grubeck grabs her hand, . When Robin comes too, she doesn’t believe that Mr. Grubeck is the killer but her dad says they have a witness and evidence that he did it. Mr. Grubeck is being questioned and refuses to answer but demands his lawyer and phone call. When he gets the phone, he dials the number for the horrorscope, saying that this wasn’t supposed to happen, and the voice at the other end says he will receive the power he desires. Later, Spike gets into town and stops at the local diner, where he ends up sitting at the table with Robin. The two talk for a bit before Robin has to leave and afterwards, Spike notices a card for the horrorscope that Robin dropped and puts it in his jacket. That night, Mr. Grubeck is in his cell when he suddenly begins to convulse and when he stops, he learns that he has the power to astral project himself, which he uses to leave the cell and head back towards the college. At the college, Spike finds Robin and asks her about the card and if she has called it, then when he tells her about his experiences and how he started seeing visions, Robin tells him that she saw visions too when Grubeck touched her hand. At a nearby motel, the janitor Turrell is in protective custody when he suddenly sees Grubeck standing next to him in the mirror. Turrell tries to run and sees the body of one of the cops guarding him with his throat slit. Grubeck appears and drags Turrell into the road, where he is killed by an 18-wheeler, then appears in Robin’s bedroom and calls out to her. Suddenly, Grubeck is woken up by one of the deputies, and told of Turrell’s death before he is escorted into a room to speak with his lawyer, where the D.A. tells him that she is seeking the death penalty in their case. Meanwhilke, Spike breaks into Grubeck’s house and learns that Grubeck has repeatedly called the horrorscope when the phone suddenly starts to ring. When Spike hangs up on the call, he finds himself locked inside the house as various items try to kill him but he finally manages to escape. Spike goes to see Robin and shows her Grubeck’s phone bill and convinces her to break into Grubeck’s office to search for clues. While she is in there, the phone rings and when she answers it, the horrorscope is on the other line and she receives a shock followed by a vision of D.A. Lawler getting in a car wreck and Grubeck standing over her. Robin wakes up in the nurse’s office and after trying to convince her father that someone was going to die, she leaves. Meanwhile, D.A. Lawler is driving in her car when she answers her car phone and hears the horrorscope on the other end. When she hangs up, the voice suddenly starts speaking to her from her radio and then her car suddenly begins driving itself, crashing into other nearby cars. After Robin is struck by the car, and sees Lawler pleading for help, she follows the car and witnesses it crashing into an electrical generator. After Robin gets out of her car, she sees Grubeck appear out of the flames and approach her, saying that they were meant to be together and he is working on making sure it happens. Robin tries to convince Sheriff Stone and her father of what she saw but when they don’t believe her, she ends up talking to Spike. After showing him a note she found in Grubeck’s office, Spike goes to a bookstore called Lucifer’s and speaks to the clerk about astral projection. Meanwhile, Robin goes over to her friend’s Paula house and after playfully arguing over what to watch, Robin goes to fix some popcorn. Suddenly, Paula sees a commercial with Grubeck as the star and suddenly finds herself transported into the movie, where she ends up being killed. When Robin finds the body, she sees Grubeck and he picks up the phone and mimics her voice to call the police and frame Robin for Paula’s murder. Spike shows up and tries to fight with Grubeck but is unable to touch him. After Grubeck leaves, Robin and Spike leave the house and Spike says he has a plan, saying he will have Grubeck chase after him which will allow Robin to kill his physical body. Riding his motorcycle to the precinct, Spike calls out to Grubeck and when Grubeck appears in an 18-wheeler, Spike drives off with Grubeck following behind him. After they leave, Robin enters the precinct and discovers that all of the officers there have been killed. Meanwhile, Spike continues leading Grubeck away from the precinct then turns around and tries to use some dynamite to blow up the truck but Grubeck brakes, causing the trailer to veer into the other lane, and Spike ends up wrecking as the truck explodes. Back at the precinct, Robin grabs a gun and heads to Grubeck’s cell but before she can kill him, Grubeck wakes up and attacks her, telling her that Spike is dead, but she manages to escape. Driving to where she was supposed to meet Spike, she calls out for him but when she realizes that he isn’t there, when Grubeck appears and demands that she tell him she loves him. Suddenly, Spike who is near death from his wreck, manages to astral project himself to where Robin is and punches Grubeck, causing him to fall off the cliff onto the rocks below. Spike the kisses Robin before he disappears into the sky. Later, Robin is talking with her dad when Sheriff Stone shows up and asks Robin who killed Grubeck. When Robin says that Spike did, Stone replies that Spike had died in a motorcycle wreck and has Robin arrested for Grubeck’s murder. As the ambulance and police cars drive away, a nearby pay phone suddenly begins ringing.

This right here is a good example of some of the cheesy fun that 80’s and early 90’s horror movies gave us. This isn’t necessarily a good movie but it did keep me entertained. The acting was pretty decent for the most part, though at times some of the characters seemed a little wooden. The plot was a little weak and not very original, and I don’t just mean because it was a sequel. The special effects weren’t the best but did make for a couple of funny moments, such as the end where Spike disappears into the sky. Is it a good movie, no, but if you like some cheesy horror movies, then you will probably enjoy this one.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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