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February 2nd, 2016 Movie – Malibu High

malibu high

At times, the last batch of movies that I reviewed can be fun to watch, but I am glad to be watching something different for a change. So what’s on tap for today. [Shakes head in despair] Ok, so I get to watch a movie from the Drive-In Cult Classics box set. So more than likely, another movie that revolves around a girl taking her clothes off. Well, I can’t win them all so I might as well get this over with and watch today’s movie, Malibu High.

The plot: Kim Bentley is having a rough morning as her mom harps on her for attitude and failing grades. Catching a ride to school with her friend Lucy, she sees her ex-boyfriend Kevin, who had dumped her for his new girlfriend Annette, whose dad is rich. In her classes, one of her teachers talks to her about her grades, saying if she doesn’t pass her class she won’t graduate but she seems to not care. Returning home, she gets in another argument with her mom, saying her concern with cleaning instead of her husband was the reason her dad wound up killing himself. Attending a dance with Lucy, they leave early when Kim gets tired of seeing Kevin with Annette and after buying pot from the local pimp, Tony, they head back to Lucy’s place to get high. While smoking pot, Kim decides that starting tomorrow, she is going to change things in her life. The next day, Kim seduces her teacher and arranges to meet with him after school. As she is leaving school, she gets in an argument with Annette and punches her in the nose, then talks with Tony and arranges to meet with him later that night to discuss working with him. After sleeping with her teacher to help get her grades up, Kim meets with Tony and agrees to start hooking for him. After six weeks, Kim starts blackmailing her teachers into giving her A’s for sleeping with her. At home, her mom is getting concerned about whether she will graduate as well as the job Kim says she has. One day, a man named Lance approaches Kim, saying he is in the same business as Tony, only for a more exclusive and richer clientele, and offers Kim a job working for him. Kim initially refuses but after meeting with Tony, and his refusal to give her a larger cut of the money, she agrees to go work for Lance. On her first job with Lance, she is shocked when he brings out a bunch of bondage gear and tries to tie her up, and she is forced to stab him with an ice pick to get away. Heading back to Lance’s place, she tells him what happened and he says he will take care of things for her. The next day, Lance gives her a gun, saying that the way she talked about killing the guy sounded like she would make a great hit woman. Learning how to use the gun, Kim’s first target turns out to be Tony, who she takes pleasure in killing. At school, Kim is called into the principal’s office, who says he knows how she has been getting her recent grades and plans on speaking with her mother before he expels Kim. Kim tells him to stop by that night, knowing her mom will not be home, and when her principal shows up, she causes him to have a heart attack and die. Kim moves in with Lance but when he mentions the trial is coming up for the man setup for killing Tony, she gets nervous and worries that the same thing might happen to her. Some time later, Lance gives her a new assignment, that happens to be Annette’s dad, Harry Ingersol. Kim agrees to the job and kills Harry at his beach house but when Annette, Kevin, and some of their friends show up, Kim kills Annette and is forced to run. Kevin chases after her and ends up cornering her on the beach but when she threatens to kill him, she ends up being killed by some police officers who arrived at the scene.

This was a slow, boring movie to watch. The acting was ok considering this was just another 70’s exploitation movie. The plot was pretty basic and just plodded along. The movie did try to get some character development going with Kim, but all it really did was just make her seem more shallow than anything else. If you are a fan of 70’s exploitation, you might enjoy this movie, but it is definitely not for me.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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