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January 31st, 2016 Movie – Day Of The Warrior

day of the warrior

Sometimes I really think that there is simply not enough time in the day to get everything done that needs doing. So I need to get through this movie fast so I can get working on some of the other stuff I need to do. Well, I am almost done with this series of movies and to be honest, I am glad. These movies can be fun in a guilty pleasure viewing sort of way but over all, watching them back to back like this is a little tiring, especially these last couple. Now today’s movie is pretty interesting because aside from some recurring actors playing new roles (once again), there was a name in here that I actually recognized; not for his acting abilities, but his days as a wrestler. Yes, Marcus Bagwell, better known as Buff Bagwell, joined the ranks of Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, and Jesse Ventura to do a little bit of acting. I wonder if this movie was the extent that Ted Turner’s influence could get him back then. Anyways, here is today’s movie, Day Of The Warrior.

The plot: At the headquarters for L.E.T.H.A.L. (The Legion to Ensure Total Harmony And Law), agent tiger informs her boss, Willow Black, that their computer system has been accessed and information regarding some of their undercover operatives may have been accessed. The agents are gathering evidence against a crime lord known as Warrior, and Willow Black fears that he will kill them if he has the information. Unable to contact the agents without blowing their cover themselves, Willow contacts Washington before heading to Vegas to warn Scorpion and Shark while she partners Tiger with Tyler Ward to locate Doc Austin. Doc Austin is in South Texas,under cover inside Warrior’s smuggling operation, rescues one of the smugglers from some Mexican Federales who had crossed the border pursuing the smuggler. He takes the smuggler back to their base, where the leader, Manuel, has him killed then orders the base abandoned, but not before Austin is able to slip a tracker onto the van with the stolen artifacts. At the Warrior’s base, his second in command, Ron, brings in a police officer that was watching one of their operations and Warrior kills him. Later, Warrior receives a message on his computer about the information from L.E.T.H.A.L. and is happy, as he will soon know if anyone has infiltrated his operation. His contact in Washington, known as Hard Drive, puts him in touch with two hit men named J.P. and Chaz, who Warrior assigns to kill the agents in Vegas. Cobra, posing as an exotic dancer in Beverly Hills, heads to a jewelry store, where she makes an exchange for some uncut diamonds that were smuggled into the country but after she leaves, a masked man kills the smuggler and takes the payment with him. Willow arrives in Las Vegas and meets up with Fu, a martial arts trainer for the agency that is posing as an Elvis impersonator, and recruits his help in locating Shark and Scorpion since he knows the area. Meanwhile, Tiger and Tyler fly into South Texas and stay at a hunting lodge for the night, preparing to look for Austin in the morning. However, Manuel and his partner Kym arrive at their new base but, receiving a fax about Austin being a double agent, head back to take care of him. In Vegas, J.P. and Chaz, pretending to be porn directors, contact Shark and Scorpion and arrange a meeting with them. Willow contacts Jordan in Washington, who informs her that he is heading to Dallas and wants her to meet him there in 2 days and when she says she can’t as she must fly to Beverly Hills to loacte Cobra when she is through there, Jordan informs her that Cobra is “on her own”. In California, Cobra is sunning herself by her pool when the man that killed the diamond smuggler, disguised as a pool boy, attacks her but Cobra manages to kill him and get away. In Texas, Manuel and Kym arrive back at their old base and capture Austin but before they can kill him, Tiger and Tyler show up and save him, but Manuel and Kym get away during the gunfight. Shark and Scorpion meet with J.P. and Chaz and shoot some scenes for a porn movie but after they all leave, Shark and Scorpion go back to the building and, using footage from their hidden video camera, are able to get inside and discover Warrior’s secret movie bootlegging operation. As they are leaving, they find their way out blocked by J.P. and Chaz, who manage to wound both of them but before they can finish them, Willow and Fu arrive and chase the two men away. At Warrior’s headquarters, Warrior berates J.P. and Chaz for blowing his Vegas operation when Manuel shows up. Warrior is disappointed that he didn’t kill Austin but forgives him when Manuel tells him the artifacts are at a new location. In L.E.T.H.A.L.’s Dallas headquarters, Austin lashes out at Jordan, saying he was probably the one that leaked their information. With tempers flaring, they decide on a new course of action, with Austin and Tyler staking out Warrior’s house. Willow accompanies Austin and Tyler outside, saying she doesn’t trust Jordan or his aide, Dietrich, and Austin agrees with her and Tyler sticks a tracker onto Jordan’s car before they leave. Arriving outside Warrior’s house, they observe Warrior and Rob being driven to his house by J.P. and Chaz but unknown to them, Warrior is aware they are there and sends J.P. and Chaz to kill them. J.P. and Chaz use a bulldozer to smash the agents car and manage to wound Tyler but when they run out of bullets, they are forced to flee. After trying to get some information from Jordan, Willow calls Fu to pick her up after Jordan leaves but they are captured by J.P. and Chaz, who take them to Warrior’s hideout. Arriving back at their base, Cobra and Tiger tell Austin and Tyler that they haven’t heard form Willow, Fu, or Jordan in over two hours and they all decide to head to the cabin that the artifacts are stashed in to find them. Jordan and Dietrich head to where they are supposed to meet two Interpol agents but Dietrich reveals himself to be the mole and shoots Jordan in the chest. Manuel and Kym arrive, planning to give Dietrich a million dollar payout with a bomb hidden inside but Kym double crosses Manuel shoots Manuel, then she throws the bomb in his car and blows it up before leading Dietrich towards Warrior’s cabin. The four agents arrive and find Jordan, still alive thanks to his bullet proof vest, and he tells them where Dietrich was heading. At the cabin, Ron, Dietrich, and Kym begin loading the artifacts while J.P. and Chaz patrol the area. When the agents arrive, they get in a firefight and manage to kill Ron and capture the others then, after questioning Dietrich, learn where Willow and Fu are being kept and arrive there in time to save them from being killed by Warrior. While celebrating on a riverboat, Jordan informs them that Shark and Scorpion are both doing fine and the group toasts the success of their mission and their friend’s recovery.

That’s it. They have officially jumped the shark with this one. I tried to find some redeeming qualities to this one but there were very few to be found. The acting varied from being decent to bad. I was a little upset that they broke up the comedic pairing of Richard Cansino and Chu Chu Malave in these movies but partnering Richard with Cassidy Phillips, who played Platter Puss in The Dallas Connection, made for some entertaining segments and were some of the best parts of the movie. The plot was honestly pretty boring and pretty transparent as far as how things were going to turn out; not in the whole good guys win over bad guys way, but as far as who was double crossing who in the movie. A lot of the same bloodless explosions in the movie, but that was not the worst thing about this movie. The worst thing was the fight at the end of the movie with Warrior taking on Willow and Fu. That thing was just painful to watch, as in WCW 2000-2001 era bad (for any wrestling fans reading this). So yeh, definitely the low end of the spectrum with this movie.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5


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