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January 30th, 2016 Movie – The Dallas Connection

the dallas connectionPlease be better, please be better, please be better. I know that this is a low budget movie and all, but it could at least be a good low budget movie. However, I noticed that the quality kind of dropped with the last two movies. So a little hope that things improve isn’t a bad thing, right? I wonder if I missed out by not watching this movie when it first aired back in the 90’s. Then I realized that there were about a million other things to watch in 1994 so I probably didn’t miss much. Still, I might as well go ahead and see how bad today’s movie, The Dallas Connection, is.

The plot: In Paris, a female assassin named Black Widow kills her target, French scientist Jean Pierre, and is driven by her assistant Platter Puss to a waiting plane, flown by another assistant Fu, which will take her to Dallas, TX. Meanwhile, at a ranch in South Africa, another scientist, Peter Vandermeer, is leaving his house to fly to Dallas for a science symposium when he is killed by another female assassin named Cobra, who says that she will be in Dallas in the morning. In Hong Kong, Chinese scientist Dr. Sun Hee Wang is killed while playing golf by another assassin named Scorpion. Agent Samantha Foxx is called in by her boss, Nicholas Lang, and during their flight to Dallas, he briefs her and his assistant Tom on a new project called IWAR, which will place a satellite in orbit and, using an upcoming meteor shower to max out it’s energy, be able to pinpoint every weapon system used by terrorists in the world. Nicholas then informs her that three of the four scientists that worked on the project have been killed and the fourth one, Antonio Morales, is flying into Dallas. Nicholas tells her to have Chris Cannon and Mark Austin meet them at the airport and they will escort Antonio to their base when he arrives. The agents meet at the airport and, after meeting Antonio at the baggage claim, they head to their cars but are attacked by Cobra and Platter Puss, who do a drive by on a motorcycle. Nobody is hurt and they all meet at IWAR headquarters, where Nicholas asks if Antonio will help them capture the assassins by being used as bait. He asks Antonio and his bodyguard Ron to step outside while he speaks with his agents and they agree, but unknown to them, Ron places a microphone underneath the table before he leaves. Nicholas gives each of the agents (Samantha, Chris, Mark, and Tom) a necklace containing one of the microchips necessary for the satellite and assigns Tom and Samantha to alternate watching Antonio. That night, Antonio and Ron, with Tom following, go to Cowboys, which is owned by Black Widow and serves as a cover for her base of operations. The next day, Samantha takes over watching Antonio from Tom and joins Antonio as he heads to Louisiana to take in some horse racing. Meanwhile, Black Widow hands out some assignments to Cobra and Scorpion and Cobra heads to a practice track to seduce Chris while Scorpion heads to a nearby lake to do the same to Mark. The two assassins succeed in their mission and after rendering the agents unconscious, they switch the microchips in the necklace with a fake. Meanwhile, Black Widow, along with Platter Puss and Fu, break into IWAR headquarters, where she kills Nicholas while Platter Puss removes the microphone from the conference table and Fu kills Tom and gets the necklace from him. Samantha and Antonio arrive back at IWAR headquarters but as Antonio drives away, Samantha is knocked out and captured by Black Widow and her men. Mark and Lucas come to and after going over what happened to them, they realize something is up. Going back to the airport, they don’t find any evidence of bullet holes from where they were attacked the other day. Checking in with Lucas, they learn that both he and Tom are dead and head to IWAR headquarters to see if they can find anything. Finding the book of matches from Cowboys in Tom’s locker, they head there and learn from the choreographer who the owner is and that she is meeting Samantha there and the two agents quickly head out to save her. At Black Widow’s house, Samantha is lead inside where she sees Antonio sitting in front of a computer. Antonio collects the microchips collected from the agents but when he gets to the one that Cobra grabbed from Chris, the computer rejects it. Fu grabs Cobra and Antonio explains that they suspected Cobra was working against them, showing her the video of her supposed killing of the scientist in Africa but the scientist escaped the car before it blew up. Antonio then says that he cloned his microchip and using it, he now has control of the satellite. Black Widow knocks out Cobra and Antonio offers Samantha to come with him to Argentina but he refuses. Chris and Mark show up and Platter Puss shoots at them but Chris kills him. Antonio and Black Widow make plans to leave, leaving Fu, Ron, and Scorpion to deal with the Chris and Mark. Mark shoots Scorpion in the arm, then apologizes as he bandages her arm. He then faces off with Ron, who is holding Samantha hostage but when Ron pulls out a switchblade to use, he is shot in the back by Scorpion. Chris manages to kill Fu while Samantha kills Antonio and Cobra uses an explosive laced remote controlled speedboat to blow up the boat with Black Widow in it. Mark and Chris show up and Samantha explains that Cobra is part of the European branch of the agency then, while Mark and Chris, along with Scorpion, secure the house, Samantha talks with Cobra and learns how she managed to blow up the car without killing the scientist. At the house, the agents learn that Peter Vandermeer had safely arrived in Dallas and that Black Widow’s agents in South Africa and Hong Kong were picked up. As she is being led away by the police, Scorpion approaches Mark and says she will look him up when she gets things straightened out, prompting Samantha to try and punch her and hitting Mark instead. At their base, the four agents are celebrating and Chris reads a report that Dr. Wang was planning on joining with Antonio, so Scorpion actually did the world a favor when she killed him.

Ok, this was a little bit better so maybe the prayers worked. The acting was decent, though it is getting a bit tiring seeing the same actors playing different characters. You almost need a flow chart to see when the actor is a good guy or a bad guy in these movies. The plot was a bit weak, as it was somewhat the go to plot for a lot of cheap spy thrillers in the day, but the writing was pretty good and there were some funny lines in it. More explosions in this movie and while there was still no blood involved, you do get a good shot of a dummy being blown up and flipping in the air before the burnt corpse lands on the ground. Not the best movie but at least it was an improvement.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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