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January 29th, 2016 Movie – Enemy Gold

enemy gold

So yesterday’s movie was the last of this series that I ever saw on TV and though I learned years later that more movies were made, I never cared much to try and watch them. In fact, the first time I saw this movie was when the box set showed up at my house and I decided to watch these movies in order. I admit, I was curious how the saga would continue with new agents and settings involved so I was looking forward to watching today’s movie for the first time. Afterwards, well….why don’t you read below and see for yourself with today’s review, Enemy Gold.

The plot: During the Civil War, some Confederate soldiers were ordered by General Quantrell to disrupt a Northern supply run and steal the gold that was being shipped. The men succeeded in their mission, but only two men made it out alive, the lieutenant in charge, and his sergeant. In the present day, Agent Becky Midnight heads to Dallas to meet up with agents Chris Cannon and Mark Austin and help them with a bust. They succeed in making the bust, killing two of the henchmen and capturing the drug dealer and his second in command, but before they can leave, the head of their division, Dickson, arrives. After berating the agents for making a move without a warrant, and Becky for not checking in when she got there, he suspends the agents and plans on bringing their actions up with the head of the Agency, Ava Noble. Returning back to their base, Chris calls Ava to let her know what is going on but she already knows, as she has been called in to a meeting with Internal Affairs, and says she will call them when she gets out. Santiago, the drug lord that owned the drugs, is sitting in a club that he owns when Dickson walks in. Santiago complains about the loss of the drugs in the raid and Dickson apologizes and, after going back and forth on how they have helped each other, he gives Santiago one of the Agency’s communicators so he can listen in on the agents conversations. After Ava calls them to let them know that the suspension is being upheld pending an investigation, the three agents go out to dinner, where Chris and Mark try to convince Becky to go camping with them in the forest where they used to search for Quantrell’s gold. Upon their release, the two captured drug dealers, Rip and Slash, go to Santiago’s club and say they will kill the agents for him but Santiago tells them that he has a professional coming in to deal with them. The assassin, Jewel Panther, shows up at the club and as she is meeting with Santiago comes in and, learning who Panther is, warns Santiago not to kill the agents as it would make things complicated for all of them. Getting their gear ready to go camping, Chris checks in with Ava to tell them where they are going, unaware that Santiago and his men are listening in. Hearing where they are going, Santiago has Rip and Slash track the agents in a helicopter while he and Panther follow in a 4WD. Meanwhile, Becky stumbles upon a skeleton and when Chris examines it, he discovers a journal written by the Confederate Lieutenant that leads to Quantrell’s gold. Deciding to make camp for the night, Chris calls in to check with Ava and learns that she is coming down there to talk to Dickson. Meanwhile, Santiago overhears the conversation and after Panther commandeers a boat from some park rangers, they continue after the agents. When Rip and Slash spot the agents at an old hunting lodge, Santiago orders them to watch them through the night and they will all meet up in the morning to deal with them. In the lodge, Chris reads out the last entries of the journal, which tells them where the gold is buried. The next morning, while Becky is using the outdoor shower, Rip goes to the cabin and steals her ATV and, after firing a couple of shots at them, leads Chris and Mark away from the lodge. As they race through the woods exchanging gunfire, Rip winds up getting killed by a low hanging branch and when Chris and Mark take a look at what happened, they see an old knife in a tree and realize they have found Quantrell’s gold. They then examine the body and, realizing that it was one of the drug dealers they busted, they quickly head back to check on Becky. Meanwhile, Slash confronts Becky at the lodge but as he is reloading, she uses a crossbow to kill him with an explosive bolt. Ava arrives at the Dallas office and starts to confront Dickson when she receives a call from Chris explaining what happened. After learning where they are, Ava heads out to meet them and Dickson decides to accompany her. Becky, Chris, and Mark uncover the gold but they are confronted by Santiago and Panther, who has them carry the gold back to the boat then tries to figure out what to do with the agents after he kills them. Ava and Dickson show up but Dickson reveals himself to be a double agent but as he is arguing with Santiago about the gold, Santiago shoots him. The four agents manage to grab their weapons and when Santiago and Panther try to escape in the helicopter, Ava shoots it with the crossbow and blows it up. With the recovered gold being placed in a Civil War museum, the agents are celebrating in a hot tub, where they learn that Ava is back to being the head of their division.

New characters, new people, same cheesy action fun. This was a decent entry into this series but there were times that it felt overly fake. The acting was good, with Alan Abelew (Dickson) giving the best performance in my opinion. The plot was ok, though at times it seemed a little weak, relying more on convenient happenings to further the story. The special effects were good in regards to the explosions but there were still a lack of realism to them in the sense that the blood and body parts you would expect to see flying simply were not there. Even when they guy was hit in the chest with an explosive bolt, you don’t see and blood but rather paper raining down when he exploded. The fuel storage building and helicopter I can maybe understand, but when a man is blown up by himself, there should at least be some blood shown in the fallout. A decent movie but not as good as the older ones.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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