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January 28th, 2016 Movie – Fit To Kill

fit to kill

Alas, all good things must come to an end. This is the last movie in the series to feature Agents Donna and Nicole defending Hawaii from evil doers. This was also the last movie in the series that I watched in it’s entirety because I didn’t know who was in it. See, if you are looking at a movie title on the cable guide, they usually list one or two of the actors in it, or at least they used to. Do they still do that? Anyways, I could always tell it was one of these movies because underneath the movie title, they would list Dona Speir, who plays Donna Hamilton, but without her name, I would have no clue. So here’s to a last memory of late night, high-school movie watching with today’s movie, Fit To Kill.

The plot: During a training exercise, Donna and Nicole easily beat Bruce and Shane, but as they are heading back to the checkpoint with Lucas, they are attacked by a remote controled helicopter controlled by one of Lucas’ men. Lucas calls out for all of the agents to come to the checkpoint, where he berates them for not staying vigilant and taking the training exercises seriously. Lucas has a meeting with all the agents and informs them of their new assignment, to help provide security for a wealthy Chinese businessman named Chang during an event he is planning. Meanwhile, Kane and Silk are in Vegas when a woman named Blu Steele breaks into their suite and attempts to kill Kane but she is caught and Kane chooses to talk business with her. Knowing that she was hired to kill him after his loss of the nuclear trigger, Kane offers Blu Steele to accompany him to Hawaii to get back at Donna, who was the one to destroy it. While Ava meets the representatives from the Russian government, Donna, Nicole, and Bruce meet with Chang, who tells them why they were requested. During WWII, a famed Russian diamond was stolen during a Nazi attack on Leningrad and through the years, it wound up in Chang’s possession and he wishes to give it back to the Russian government. Donna, Nicole, and Bruce go over the guest list and learn that Kane is scheduled to attend and look forward to seeing him there. Meanwhile, Kane arrives in Maui and sends Blu Steele to go retrieve some equipment from one of his contacts but after she pays him, she uses the remote controlled helicopter he sold her to kill him. During the party, Donna runs into Kane, who manages to convince her to a dance. When the song is over, Kane heads upstairs and Donna follows him upstairs, where Kane attempts to seduce her but as Kane kisses Donna, Blu Steele takes a picture of them, then knocks Donna unconscious. Kane and Blu Steele steal the diamond, then Kane has Blu Steele drug him while she passes the diamond to Kane’s yacht captain, who places the diamond in the helicopter, which they then pilot back to the yacht after they leave the party. At the party, the Russian diplomat is upset about what happened and Lucas question’s Kane, but Kane says that Donna can account for his every move. The next day, Kane hires two men, Evel and Kenevil, to kill Lucas and Edy but as they admire Kane’s necklace, they accidentally pull it off and Silk offers to go to town to fix it but Kane gives it to his captain to get it fixed. When they notice the tracer is moving, Nicole and Bruce follow the tracer while Donna keeps an eye on his boat. In town, the captain heads to a jewelry store only to see it is being robbed and the necklace is taken from him. While Lucas and Edy have a picnic on the beach, Evel and Kenevil use a remote control car to try and kill them, but when a bystander uses a short wave radio to try and find some music, it messes with the car’s signal and sends it back to their tent, where it explodes. Nicole and Bruce follow the transmitter but instead of Kane, they find the jewelry store robbers and are forced to kill them. Meanwhile, Donna is keeping tabs on Kane’s boat and notices that he isn’t wearing the necklace but before she can do anything, she is captured. Agents working for Kane’s associate, Po, sneak aboard the ship and kill Kane’s crew, while Blu Steele, knocks out Silk and takes Kane prisoner. Po comes on board and Blu Steele hands him the diamond, but Po reveals that it is a fake and has Donna and Kane tied up. As the boat travels back to Chang’s place, Kane tells Donna that he stole the diamond from Chang because his father was the German officer that originally stole the diamond and after befriending Chang, Chang killed him and his wife to get the diamond. Arriving at Chang’s, it is revealed that Chang knew who Kane was all the time and had arranged for Po to capture and kill him and Donna in an attempt to embarrass the Russian and American governments while delivering the diamond to the Chinese government. When Kane informs Chang that Po is not a member of the government, Po and his men kill Chang and his bodyguard, but Bruce and Nicole arrive and start killing Po’s men. Kane and Silk manage to escape while Donna uses the commotion to switch the real diamond for the fake. Blu Steele grabs the case with the fake diamond as she and Po board Kane’s yacht and attempt to sail away, with Blu Steele using the remote controlled helicopter to cover them. Lucas and Edy arrive and use their own helicopter to destroy Blu Steele’s and after Lucas is shot, Donna takes control of it and blows up the yacht. Later, Donna and the others celebrate a job well done while Kane sits in a life raft with Silk and contemplates what to do next.

Not my favorite movie out of this series, but I enjoyed it. The acting was good and they actually tried putting a bit more character development into Kane by giving the back story as to his motivation to becoming a crime lord. I also liked Chu Chu Malave (Evel) and Richard Cansino (Kenevil), as they have made for a funny couple of scenes in the last three movies. The plot was decent and the writing had a lot of funny lines and innuendo as well as some serious moments. The special effects were decent, with some bigger explosions in this movie instead of the usual one person blowing up like in the past. A good way to end a run of movies for those involved.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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