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January 27th, 2016 Movie – Hard Hunted

hard hunted

I get the whole “actor/actress playing a bad guy in one movie and a good guy in the next one” bit, I do. However, what I don’t get is having the same character played by two different people, with no real explanation for the difference. Let me explain, In the last movie, Kane was played by Pat Morita and was an oriental crime lord. In today’s movie, he is played by Geoffrey Moore and there is no explanation as to the race change. Granted, Lucas is played by a new actor as well but that is not as big of a difference. Oh well, it’s a minor gripe but it did distract me a bit from enjoying today’s movie, Hard Hunted.

The plot: While traveling on his yacht off the Hawaiian coast, Kane has his men retrieve a box attached to a signal buoy. Opening the box, Kane pulls out a small, jade Buddha, which he tells Silk is the key to wealth and power but while he goes down to put the statue in his safe, Silk writes a hidden message on her wine glass for the maid Mika, telling her where the statue is. On Molokai, Edy has resumed her cover of hotel manager, while Shane and Ava work as radio DJ’s at a station built into the hotel, which they use to send coded messages to the agents in the area. On the yacht, Mika breaks into the safe but one of the deck hands sees her and she is forced to kill him. She then jumps overboard and is picked up by Cole on his sailboard. Arriving back on land, Mika tells Cole that her cover has been blown and to take her to the airport. During the drive, she calls Ava to tell her what is going on and Ava tells her to head to Arizona to meet with Donna and Nicole. In Washington, Lucas is in a meeting with some top officials concerning a nuclear trigger that was smuggled out of China and they believe Kane either has it or soon will. During the meeting, he receives a call from Edy, who tells him what has happened and he says he will head to Arizona as soon as he can. Back on the yacht, Kane learns that the Buddha has been stolen and Mika is missing. Cole sails to the yacht, revealing that he is a double agent, and when Kane learns that he let Mika leave with the Buddha, he orders Cole to be killed but spares his life when Cole tells him where Mika is headed. Kane contacts a man named Raven, who uses a miniature gyro to attack Mika just as she reaches Donna and Nicole. Raven kills Mika and when he doesn’t find the Buddha on her, he goes after Donna and Nicole. A police car notices the attack and calls it before Raven kills them, but he is forced to leave when reinforcements show up. Donna and Nicole head to the airport and when they can’t reach Lucas, they leave a message with him and head back to Molokai. Raven informs Kane what happened and Kane tells him to bring his helicopter to Hawaii. On Molokai, Bruce and Shane head to the hangar to wait for Donna and Nicole but are surprised to see Cole there as well. When Donna and Nicole arrive, Nicole heads inside with Bruce and Shane to let Edy know they have arrived while Donna secures the plane. However, a group of men grab Donna, recovering the Buddha that Mika had hidden inside her bag, and leave while one of them stays behind and is killed while trying to kill Nicole and the others. Kane contacts the plane and after taunting Donna, he orders his men to drop her out of the plane. However, Donna fights back and winds up blowing up the plane with a grenade, but not before she grabs a parachute and is able to jump. Landing on a nearby island, she hits her head on a rock, knocking herself unconscious, and is found by some men and taken to their camp. When Kane sends Cole to the island to find Donna, Silk manages to sneak away and contact Ava to tell her what is going on. Lucas arrives in Molokai and after learning what is going on, he sends Nicole and Bruce to get Donna but tells them that the Buddha is the top priority as Kane must not be allowed to get it. On the island, Donna wakes up with no memory of who she is and finds herself captured by a man named Pico and his associate, Skip, who both work for Kane. Cole shows up on the island to grab Donna but Donna manages to grab his gun and attempts to escape before she is knocked out by Pico. Meanwhile, Kane hires two men, Wiley and Coyote, to kill Lucas and Edy but the two men botch the job and are captured when Lucas blows up their hovercraft. In the camp, Cole attempts to steal the Buddha but Pico captures him and has him tied up along with Donna while he figures out what to do with them. Nicole and Bruce arrive on the island and approach the camp but when Bruce tries to quietly take out one of the guards, the guard fires off some shots, alerting Pico and his men. Cole uses the distraction to overpower the guard watching them, then he grabs Donna, as well as the Buddha, and makes his escape. Nicole follows them but they get away on a jet ski and she is forced to go back, where she saves Bruce before Pico kills him. Raven arrives in Hawaii and Kane has him go to the island to retrieve the Buddha, but when he gets there, he finds everyone in the camp is dead. On another part of the island, Cole attempts to seduce Donna and convince him he is on her side but, when the next morning, Donna hears Ava on the radio and regains her memory and kills Cole. Nicole and Bruce find Donna but they are soon attacked by Raven, who shoots Bruce in the leg. Landing his gyro, Raven confronts the three agents and orders them to drop their weapons and give him the Buddha. Returning to his gyro, Raven contacts Kane, who tells him to kill the agents but Donna grabs a grenade launcher that Bruce had dropped when he was shot and uses it to blow up the gyro. Kane witnesses this and wants to go on the island and kill Donna but when he sees Lucas and Edy arriving with reinforcements, he decides to leave.

Maybe I am a little jaded (pun not intended) but I didn’t care for this movie as much. The acting was ok, although the recasting as Kane still bugs me. They did have Al Leong in this movie, who always does a good job when he plays a villain. The plot honestly seemed a little weak to me and really felt like it was one of those “throw it on the wall to see what sticks” kind of ideas. The special effects were decent in their explosions but you don’t really see any dummies getting blown up. That was a little disappointing. Oh well. You can’t win them all.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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