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January 23rd, 2016 Movie – Picasso Trigger

picasso trigger

Stupid Weather. Why do you have to try and screw up my plans for today. I bought my family tickets to the Georgia Aquarium for Christmas so we could have a day out with the whole family. But now, those plans might be put on holddue to your need to bring snow and ice to Georgia once again. That does not make for a happy camper on my part. On a somewhat funny, coincidental note regarding the aquarium, today’s movie revolves around a painting of a triggerfish. So I might as well kill some time before learning if my day is cancelled by watching Picasso Trigger.

The plot: In Paris, Salazar receives a video tape from Miguel Ortiz, thanking him for his help and saying he will soon kill the agents responsible for his brother’s death. Salazar heads to a charity event, where he donates a painting called the Picasso Trigger to the city of Paris. After briefly talking to a woman in attendance, who comments on the humor that the painting’s title is also his code name, Salazar leaves the event and is almost immediately shot in the chest. The head of The Agency, L.G. Abilene, calls Travis Abilene in Hawaii and tells him the news, warning him to be careful. In Las Vegas, two cops are keeping tabs on Schiavo, who is being investigated for human trafficking, and complaining about how they are being replaced by two girls from The Agency, who happen to be undercover as dancers at the L:as Vegas hotel they are in. Glen, one of Schiavo’s henchmen, has a homing device planted on the two cops and as they are heading back to Palm Springs, he follows them in a helicopter and blows up their car with a bazooka. In Molokai, Miguel is eating at Edy’s and as he is leaving, has his bodyguard send a pair of leis over to a couple at a table. Edy talks to the couple before they leave but as they go walk on the beach, they are killed by two men, who signal Miguel to let him know they are dead. Donna and Taryn are vacationing on a boat in Maui and decide to go snorkeling. While they are swimming, the two men that killed the couple on Molokai show up and, after receiving a call from Miguel, they use a remote control plane to blow up the boat, which Donna and Taryn saw from the safety of a secluded cove. L.G. is riding his horse on his ranch in Dallas when his ranch hand is killed when his jeep explodes. Knowing the explosion was meant for him, L.G. calls Travis and tells him to head to Dallas and pick up Pantera, the agent in Paris that was watching Salazar, and meet him at a nearby lodge. Meanwhile, Donna and Taryn hitch a ride into town, where they catch a train to where their plane is parked. As they fly back to Molokai, they contact Jade and let him know what happened and he says to contact him when they land. Travis meets with Pantera, who turns out to be an old collegeĀ girlfriend, and they head to a bar to reconnect, but while they are there, Travis notices two men watching them. The next day, they meet up with L.G. and show him a newpaper with a headline saying the agents involved in the Ortiz case have been murdered. When they notice the two men from the night before, L.G. and Travis use a speedboat to get them to follow them, while Pantera follows them in a barge and ends up shooting one of the pursuers, after Travis repeatedly misses, and L.G. kills the second one. L.G. heads back to Washington, while Travis assembles a team of agents to deal with the situation. Meeting in Las Vegas, Travis goes over the information they have and their suspicions that Miguel is trying to gain control of Salazar’s criminal empire. He then hands out the assignments, having Jade and Edy tackle Toshi Lum, Salazar’s Far-East contact, Kym, Patticakes, and Juan stay on Schiavo and Glen in the hopes of catching their boss, Charles Patterson, while Donna and Taryn deal with Miguel and Pantera and Travis head to Salazar’s home. Donna and Pantera argue about the assignments and , when they are alone, Donna tells Travis that she doesn’t trust Pantera. Taryn chooses to fly ahead to Molokai to meet with a friend of hers so Travis has Donna fly back with him, where they decide to join the mile-high club. As they are getting dressed, and Donna uses a lighter hidden in her watch to light a cigarette, Travis remembers something and looks at the photos of Salazar’s death, noticing that the watch was on the wrong wrist. Arriving in Honolulu, Donna and Travis head to the Professor’s house, where he gives them some custom weapons for Donna and Taryn to use. That Sunday, the agents make their move on their respective targets, with Jade and Edy taking out Toshi and his men, and Kym, Patticakes, and Juan kill Patterson, Schiavo, and Glen, but Kym is wounded during the fight. Donna and Taryn take out the two men that tried to kill them, then split up to take out Miguel. Miguel hears about his associates being killed and heads back to his house. One of Miguel’s guards sees Taryn and starts shooting at her before ducking back inside the house so Taryn uses a remote controlled car filled with explosives to blow up the house, then shoots the guard that comes out. The original guard manages to shoot Taryn but she was wearing a bullet proof vest and shoots him when he gets closer. Miguel tries to make a break for it on a dirt bike but Donna shoots a spear carrying explosives into his bike, killing him. Travis, sporting a fake cast and crutch, meets Pantera outside Salazar’s house and heads inside, where he finds Salazar still alive. Salazar explains how he set it up so that L.G. would have his agents do his dirty work for him. Using the gun hidden in the crutch, Travis tries to shoot Salazar but Salazar is protected by a sheet of bullet proof glass, and he uses a missile attached to a security camera to try and kill Travis. Pantera enters the house to see if Travis is all right but as they kiss, she attempts to kill him but Donna, who had been given some information by L.G., shows up and kills her. The two agents chase after Salazar, who attempts to escape on a hovercraft but Donna uses an explosive laced spear to blow up the hovercraft. When Donna wonders about who the man killed ion Paris was, and comments about the real Salazar being dead, Travis suspects that Salazar might still be alive and, programming a miniature rocket to track his pacemaker, he fires the rocket, which streaks back towards the house and kills the real Salazar for good.

Not as good as the last movie but this was still pretty fun to watch. The acting was ok, with the dialogue really making up for the lack of skills in some people. They tried to have a little more complex plot in this movie but while it did make for a lot of seemingly odd timed cut-aways, the attempt to make the movie more serious actually made it funnier to watch. The special effects were just as bad as the last movie, and while the explosions did look good, it was really funny watching the dummies fly apart. Yet another guilty pleasure that can be fun to watch.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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