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January 15th, 2016 Movie -Dracano


About a year ago, while I was binge watching some sci-fi B-movies, I noticed how many of them had particular actors in them. One of those actors is Parker Lewis himself, Corin Nemec. I have quite a few movies that star him, and have reviewed one or two already on here, and I have always been entertained by them. So when I saw that he was starring in this movie, I knew that I would be buying it eventually. The fact that it involves dragons didn’t hurt either. So let’s see how he does in today’s movie, Dracano.

The plot: Volcanologist Simon Lowell is speaking in a college class about his new project, K.R.O.N.O.S., when his sensors start detecting an imminent eruption at a nearby volcano. With his daughter Heather and his colleague Carla Simms watching, Simon contacts his assistant Petra to confirm what’s happening and they begin to run the K.R.O.N.O.S. program to divert the lava. When K.R.O.N.O.S. is finished, Petra goes to leave but a massive tremor knocks her to the ground as dozens of large rocks are shot out of the volcano, one of them landing near her. As she gets up, she notices the rock beginning to pulse when suddenly, a dragon bursts from the rock and kills her. Some time later, Simon is preparing to talk to the school’s board of directors about K.R.O.N.O.S. but instead, he finds himself and Carla being placed on paid sabbatical as the board of directors felt that K.R.O.N.O.S. was responsible for the eruption. Outside the college, a news reporter Paige Summers is preparing to interview the university and berates her assistant/camerawoman, Brayden Adcox, when she brings her stories about Simon being used for a military cover up and large, winged carcasses being removed from the area. Later, Simon is watching the news where Paige claims he is responsible for the eruption that killed thousands and his former boss, Diana Fankhauser, lies and says that his experiment was not sanctioned by the college. After receiving threatening phone calls and people throwing things at his house, Simon and Heather pick up Carla and they head to his base camp so he can review his equipment and find out what really happened. When they get to the campsite, they find the equipment is gone but the cables are still attached to the underground sensors. Heather finds a strange, rock-like cocoon and calls her dad over when she hears something breathing inside. When some military choppers fly overhead, Simon has Carla and Heather hide as a group of soldiers show up and proceed to shoot the cocoon and the commanding officer, Col. Maxwell, tells Simon to leave. After they sneak through a military checkpoint, Simon and Carla are reviewing the data they pulled from the sensors and they figure out that there were more cocoons in the volcano, which caused the pressure changes in the volcano. When Heather says that she posted video of the soldiers killing the cocoon online, Simon has everybody turn off there cell phones. At a military base, General Hodges orders the websites showing the video to be shutdown and that an APB be put out for Simon. Maxwell believes that Simon should be brought in to help them but Hodges wants him detained for now. Paige Summers broadcasts a news report saying that the Army Corp of Engineers blames the eruption on Simon and that Simon and Carla are considered domestic terrorists. Hearing the report as they are traveling, Simon pulls over to consider there options and Heather points out an area of ground that is smoking. They investigate and Simon realizes that lava is flowing underground and that the nearby volcano is about to erupt. Two soldiers arrive and tell Simon and the others to get in their Humvee but before they can, the volcano erupts and dragons begin flying out of it. One of the soldiers is killed by the dragons before they manage to escape. At the news studio, Brayden shows Paige a video from an incident at a town fair where a dragon is seen flying overhead and she believes the military is covering it up but Paige dismisses it as they had covered the event and none of the witnesses said anything about a dragon and fires Brayden for pushing the issue. At the Army HQ, Maxwell is explaining to Simon what they know about the dragons, and how the eruption of Mt. St. Helens was a cover up as they were forced to nuke the mountain in order to seal the dragon’s nest. Hodges arrives and tells them that only a couple of dragons have made it to the surface but there are about 20,000 eggs in a lava pool under Mt. St. Helens as well as the larger cocoon which they believe to be the mother. They ask Simon to help them to seal the volcano and keep the dragons from escaping and Simon agrees but his daughter is upset about them killing the dragons. Meanwhile, Brayden is kicking herself for losing her job when she receives a mysterious message from someone online saying they have the proof she needs and tells her a place to meet them. When she gets to the meeting site, a car pulls up, throwing a folder containing top secret documents at her feet before driving off. Back at the HQ, Simon is unable to pinpoint a spot to use the bomb but when they notice the pressure building in Mt. St. Helens, he figures that using K.R.O.N.O.S. would be able to buy them some time as well as help determine a location for the bomb. Simon accompanies Maxwell and a small team into the volcano, where they begin planting the K.R.O.N.O.S. sensors. Meanwhile, Brayden calls Paige saying that she has the proof but Paige tells her the army came clean and she is doing a report about the evacuation of Portland, OR. During the news report, footage is shown of dragons attacking other cities but suddenly, dragons appear and one of them grabs Paige and flies off. Inside the volcano, the sensors are placed and Simon is able to determine where to place the bomb. Maxwell has Lt. Sparks get Simon to the surface but when a tremor occurs, Simon realizes that the tremor shifted the ground meaning the bomb is now in the wrong place. He goes back to warn Maxwell but Maxwell keeps setting the bomb and tells Sparks and Simon to leave while he and the rest of the team hold off the dragons. The nuke explodes but does not seal the chamber and the mother dragon is now hatched and beginning to make her way to the surface. Simon and Sparks make their way to the surface but another tremor causes Sparks to fall and injure his leg. Heather, hearing Simon calling out on the radio, drives back to the volcano and helps Simon save Sparks. They get back to the HQ, where they find the place surrounded by dragons and Sparks sacrifices himself to get Simon, Carla, and Heather back inside. Inside, Hodges tells them that they are planning to nuke the area to keep the mother dragon from escaping because once it does, they would have no way of being able to track or stop it. Simon comes up with a plan to use K.R.O.N.O.S. to cause an eruption and send the mother dragon flying out in a lava plume, allowing the Air Force to target it with heat seekers. The plume would also seal up the chamber and prevent any more dragons from hatching or coming out. Needing to drop the K.R.O.N.O.S. sensors into the volcano, Simon plans on using a dragon’s cocoon to drop into the volcano but he realizes that with all of the equipment, he is too big to fit in the cocoon. He tries to figure out a way to deploy K.R.O.N.O.S. remotely but Heather gets in the cocoon without telling him and is dropped into the volcano. As they wait for Heather to deploy K.R.O.N.O.S., Hodges is forced to order the nuclear strike under orders from the President. When K.R.O.N.O.S. is deployed, the pilots are able to target the mother dragon and choose to use sidewinders to kill it. As the dragon falls into the lava and dies, a cocoon is shot out and lands at the HQ. Hodges is ready to shoot the cocoon but Simon and Carla stand in front of it in order to save it. Heather’s voice is heard coming from the cocoon and they free her from it as Simon yells at Hodges for almost killing his daughter. Four months later, Brayden, now a reporter, is doing a follow up piece about the incident when a dragon appears and attacks her camerman.

This was a very entertaining movie Corin Nemec (Simon) was really good as was Victoria Pratt (Carla), Mia Faith (Heather), and Troy Evans (Hodges). The story was good and the writing had a lot of funny moments in it, such as Heather receiving a congratulatory call from the President and she asks him if he received her letter about the plight of the bird doves in Guam. There were some times where the story would go from one plot to another at odd moments, usually between what was happening with Simon and what was going on with Paige and Brayden, but that didn’t distract from the movie too much. The special effects were pretty good for a low budget movie and while there wasn’t much direct interaction between the dragons and people on screen but the dragons themselves looked really good. Definitely a movie worth watching if you are in the mood for something new.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5


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