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January 11th, 2016 Movie – Bermuda Tentacles

bermuda tentacles

I have to admit, the one aspect of my new hours at work that I do like is the fact that I get to watch a movie to start my day. An even better start to my day is when that movie happens to be a Syfy original movie. Now today’s movie is one that kept popping up as a suggestion by Amazon due to my past purchases. I had put off buying it for a while because I usually had something more specific in mind to buy when I would go on Amazon, but I decided to go ahead and put it in my cart a few months ago. Besides, it stars Linda Hamilton so I am curious to see how she does in an Asylum picture. So let’s see what is in store for us with today’s movie, Bermuda Tentacles.

The plot: Air Force One is flying over the Bermuda Triangle during a thunderstorm when a bolt of lightning takes out one of the engines and damages the plane, forcing President DeSento to be placed in the escape pod and jettisoned before the plane explodes. Chief Trip Oliver and his men are ordered to join Admiral Linda Hansen’s crew and rescue the President, though the Admiral is not happy about his being there and threatens to have him court martialed if he disobeys her orders. As Trip is heading back to his team, several giant tube worms suddenly emerge from the water and surround the ships in the fleet. After seemingly studying the ships in the fleet, the worms begin attacking the ships, killing dozens of men before they are finally driven off. Admiral Hansen orders a damage assessment of the fleet, then gives Trip his orders, where he is told that they have only 4 hours left to rescue the President before he runs out of air. Lt. Plummer, a naval scientist, recommends the use of an experimental sub named Prometheus and the Admiral agrees but wants to wait for a sub escort as the ship is defenseless. Trip and his team get their gear ready to board the sub but Trip doesn’t want to wait for the escort to leave. When the tube worms attack again, Trip and his men board the sub and they convince Plummer and the sub’s operator, Lt. Commander Barclay, to leave without orders. After the tube worms are fended off, Admiral Hansen radios the sub and orders them to return but Trip turns off the radio. Plummer asks what Trip’s history with the admiral is and he tells her about a past mission his team was on where his best friend and some his men were killed. Suddenly, the tube worms attack and one of them wraps around the sub, knocking Barclay unconscious. Plummer realizes the worms are attracted to the sub’s power and orders the power to be shut down, causing the worms to release the sub. After the worms leave, they manage to locate the President’s signal and Plummer navigates the sub into the Gulf Stream, which propels them to their destination. Back on the surface, the tube worms attack the fleet again and scientist Dr. Zimmer manages to get a piece of one of the creatures. In his lab, he is able to determine that not only is the creature merely a tentacle of a larger organism, but it is not a terrestrial organism. Meanwhile, Trip and the others find themselves in an underwater cavern and make radio contact with Admiral Hansen, who orders Trip to continue with his mission. As they continue through the cavern, they realize they are in an alien construct. Following the President’s beacon, they soon discover a graveyard of planes and ships and go on foot to continue searching.  Two members of Trips crew, Elfman and Rivas, are killed by some smaller tentacles and when they finally locate and rescue the President, a third member, Hondo, is killed by a floating, metallic orb. Making there way back to the sub, the rest of Trip’s team are killed by some more tentacles but Trip, Plummer, and the President manage to make it back to the sub. Realizing just how large the alien construct is, they try to make it back to the surface but as the tentacles close in on them, they overcharge the sub’s batteries in order to get the extra speed necessary to get them back on board the ship. Once on board, President DeSento orders Admiral Hansen to launch an attack on the alien construct, with Trip and Plummer filling her in on what they discovered. Suddenly, the alien construct emerges from the sea and begins firing on the ships in the fleet before it heads towards the U.S. The President orders the use of nuclear weapons but as the alien ship moves closer to the shore, Dr. Zimmer argues that he can’t fire a nuke as millions would die. Trip comes up with a plan to fly in and take out the alien ship’s power core and President DeSento agrees, deciding to use the nuke as a fall back measure. Armed with a specially designed warhead, Trip and his pilot, Captain Warren, fly off towards the alien ship as it gets closer to Cape Hatteras. Plummer figures out how long the alien ship takes to recharge between firing and tells the admiral when the best chance to fire will be. Admiral Hansen relays the information and tells Trip to wait until the next time it fires but Trip doesn’t want to as that would mean it would fire on Cape Hatteras. Admiral Hansen argues with Trip about it and Trip reluctantly watches as Hatteras is destroyed. They fly inside the ship, fending off the tentacles along the way, and just as the ship is about to fire again, Trip fires the warhead at the power source. At first, nothing appears to happen and the President orders the nuclear U.S.S. Maine to standby when suddenly, explosions rock the alien ship and send it crashing back into the sea. Captain Warren and Trip make it safely back to the Nemesis, where the receive a heroes welcome from everybody.

Steal an idea here, take an idea there, it might not be original but this was a pretty decent movie. The acting was pretty good all around, though I will admit that I never thought I would see Linda Hamilton in a Syfy original movie. The story was interesting in that there were so many nods to other sci-fi movies, such as Independence Day, The Abyss, and Star Wars, that it was hard to find the original portions of the movie, which mainly was the rescuing of the President. The special effects were surprisingly good, definitely better than some other original movies. The Asylum really stepped up their game with this one. Worth a watch if you have nothing else to do.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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