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January 5th, 2016 Movie – The Angry Red Planet

the angry red planet

Yay, I have internet again. To be honest, the lack of internet was annoying to be sure, but it was not too bad since I had plenty of other things to keep me occupied, such as Fallout 4. The biggest issue I had was being unable to post stuff on here but I was smart and wrote the past couple of reviews in Word so I could easily upload them when I was able. Now I first of today’s movie from a rather interesting list I saw online. The list was about giant bugs in movies and they had the bat-spider creature in this movie on that list. Well being a fan of giant bug movies, I felt like that was as good an excuse as any to buy today’s movie, The Angry Red Planet.

The plot: At the Pentagon, a briefing is held where the assembled are told that they have picked up the MR-1, an experimental rocketship that was sent to Mars but believed to have crashed 61 days ago. When they are unable to make radio contact with the ship, the decide to try and bring it back to Earth by remote control. As the news begin reporting about the rocket’s return, they show footage of the four man crew that had flown the rocket to Mars; Col. Tom O’Bannion, Dr. Iris Ryan, Prof. Theodore Gettell and CWO Sam Jacobs. When mission control successfully bring the rocket down, they find that only two of the crew survived; Tom, who has an alien growth on his arm, and Iris. Tom is taken to the hospital for treatment, but the doctors have no idea what is on his arm and when they learn that the ships records are blank, they question Iris to find out what happened. Iris begins telling them about the flight to Mars, and how everything had gone smoothly until the landed on the planet. On the planet, they don’t see any sign of life and decide to go out and explore. At this point, Iris begins screaming and says that she can’t remember what happened. The doctor’s believe that using some drugs might help her recall her suppressed memories but run the risk of damaging her mind, but knowing Tom’s life is at stake, Iris agrees to it. After being given the drugs, Iris recounts how the four of them were preparing to head outside and explore when she sees a three eyed creature staring through the viewport, but the others don’t believe her. As they are exploring the jungle area outside the ship, Iris is attacked by a giant plant but Tom manages to free her while Sam uses a freeze ray to kill it. They decide to head back to the ship and they realize that something is blocking their attempts from making contact back with Earth. Tom decides that they will stay on the planet the full 5 days and continue taping all their reports. The next day, the make their way through the jungle to a more barren landscape, where they end up being attacked by a giant bat-spider creature but Sam is able to fend it off by using the freeze ray, which he named Cleo, to blind the creature. After returning to the ship, Tom and Theodore decide that they should leave Mars early, as Theodore feels that there is a greater danger to them that they haven’t seen yet. However, when they try to blast off, they find that some force is keeping them on the planet. Realizing that they were stuck, they decide to continue exploring and, while paddling a raft across a lake they discovered, the spot a city in the distance. Suddenly, a giant amoeba-like creature surfaces near them and they are forced to escape. When they get to the shore, the creature follows them and Sam uses Cleo to try and stop it but he ends up being absorbed by the creature. Inside the ship, they discover that the creature has engulfed the ship and that a part of the creature had managed to get on Tom’s suit, and begun to eat through it. Trying to figure out a way to drive the creature off, Tom decides to try and electrify the hull of the ship to kill the creature or at least drive it off. They succeed in driving the creature off but suddenly they receive a radio signal from the Martian Intelligence. The next thing Iris remembers is waking up to find the rocket heading back to Earth. She discovers Theodore slumped in his chair and after briefly speaking with her, he dies, the g-forces from take off apparently causing him heart failure. Iris goes looking for Tom and finds him asleep in his bunk, with a strange growth beginning to cover his arm. Back in the present, Iris helps the doctor figure out how to save Tom’s life and as she sits by his bed while he recuperates, Major General George Treegar shows up and plays them the tape which had the recording of the Martians, warning the planet Earth not to return to Mars or Earth will be destroyed.

You know, this wasn’t that bad of a movie. The acting was decent, with Gerald Mohr (Tom) playing the stereotypical playboy/hero persona, though Naura Hayden (Iris) wound up being the hero. I liked the story in this movie as you don’t even see the Martians, merely the various dangers that the wildlife and vegetation had on the planet, but you are left feeling like the Martians had controlled everything that had happened. Considering the limited budget, the special effects weren’t half bad but I am a little mixed about how they decided to show what the outside of Mars looked like. It looked like they ran the negatives through a red filter which, admittedly, looked neat at first but kind of gave me a headache after a while. I’m sure this was a hit back in the drive-in days. All in all, this is a decent classic sci-fi movie that is worth a watch.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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