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Flashback Review: March 20th, 2014 Movie – The Babysitter

the babysitter

You know, I find it kind of funny that the movie I watched today is in the same collection as the movie for this past review. When I was looking through the list of movies on this collection, I was somewhat concerned because it seemed like every other movie was some sort of softcore porn movie and the rest were a mixture of various styles of horror movies. This particular movie is definitely in that first category and if there had been a pizza delivery guy involved, it would have been an absolute cliché for a porn movie. But I should quit commenting about porn clichés and go ahead and review The Babysitter (1969).

The plot: Candy Wilson has arrived at the house of George and Edith Maxwell to babysit for them and Edith shows her around the house while George finishes getting ready. After they leave, Candy invites some friends over and the proceed to have a party in the downstairs basement and manages to sneak them all out when the Maxwells return. Edith has George drive Candy home and after stopping for something to eat, the two end up bonding. When Candy asks about George’s relationship with his wife, she indicates that she would be open to starting something but he chooses to take her home. The next day, George is relaxing by his pool with his daughter and his friends when a radio report comes on, talking about an upcoming case involving members of a motorcycle gang that George is prosecuting. Julie Freeman, the girlfriend of one of the gang members in jail, is complaining to the other gang members that they are going to kill her boyfriend. When one of the members mentions that George’s daughter is gay, she comes up with an idea to blackmail George into setting her boyfriend free or she will tell the press about his daughter. Back at the Maxwell’s, George and Edith leave the house for the afternoon and their daughter Joan uses the opportunity to have sex with one of her friends, unaware that her other friend Julie is trying to take pictures of them. Candy shows up at the house and Julie witnesses the exchange between Candy and George. Julie calls Karl, the gang’s leader, and tells him about George’s daughter as well as George and Candy. George and Candy go swimming in the pool and end up kissing, unaware that Julie is taking pictures of them. George and Candy end up having sex and as George is lying in bed asleep, Candy leaves before Edith can come back. When George can’t concentrate during their bridge party that night, he ends up getting in an argument with Edith when they leave. As he is driving Candy home, the two talk about what is happening between them, which George reflects upon the next day, interspacing his conversations with Candy between happier memories with Edith. After snapping at Edith again, George calls Candy and the two continue their relationship over the next several days. Julie Freeman calls the Maxwell house and leaves a message with Edith, prompting her to question George about what the call is about. George calls the number and meets with Julie, who shows him the pictures of him she has taken of him and Candy. When George asks what she wants, she explains that she wants her boyfriend out of jail. When George tries to explain that he is up for murder, she says that she was there and it was an accident and tells George what happened. George tries to make her see how sadistic her boyfriend is but she is refuses to listen to reason and says that if the jury gives a guilty verdict, she will release the pictures and ruin him. George meets Candy for dinner and tells her what is going on and when he finds out that Candy knows her, he asks her for any information she can give him but she refuses and Candy decides to end their relationship and leaves. George decides to go ahead and try the case, getting the guilty verdict, then heads back to his office and types up his resignation. Meanwhile, Candy is listening to the news report and when she hears the verdict, she feels guilty and has two of her friends go with her and the grab Julie and torture her until she tells them where the negatives are. Candy then calls the police while her friends place marijuana around the house before they all leave. Back at the D.A.’s office, George finishes typing his resume and goes to see his boss, who tells him that he is not going to fire him and that the pictures will go no further than his office. He also tells George that Julie was picked up and tells him to go home and talk to Edith. At home, Edith is looking through all of the pictures when George comes in and when he sits down, she appears to want to work things out while elsewhere, Candy is out dancing with her friend Timmy.

Yeh, this movie was about what I expected; a lot of T&A spread out among a weak story. The acting was only so-so, with Patricia Wymer (Candy) definitely being the best out of everyone. George E. Cary (George) and Anne Bellamy (Edith) were also good but Kathy Williams (Julie) was pretty erratic. The plot was pretty weak and I think the producers hoped to keep people distracted by showing plenty of nude girls. Honestly, there wasn’t much going for this movie and it could have been better if they had a better story going.

Rating: 1 ½ out of 5


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